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It is the question, whether or no the Church has yet succeeded in propounding a true u theory of belief.

The interpretation, again, of the Bible must needs vary with the opinions, and temper, and knowledge of the age. And the present Church, under whatever form represented, must needs consist of men, who do not by reason of their Church position rise above humanity, and who therefore see with the eyes of their age, and judge according to the idola with which that age surrounds them. Does it not follow, either that there must be, besides these, some visible and continuous present Divine informant, if we are to have a truth in religion at all above opinion, or that we cannot attain to such truth? Neither a living Pope nor an open Bible are an adequate answer to this question.

The former leaves us still to mere moral evidence, even granting that there was such evidence, to establish his right to be the required oracle. Nor does the present Church at large, even omitting the divisions that impair its autho- rity and silence its voice, claim more certainly, although more plausibly, the privilege of formal infallibility. But essay custom writing if there be thus no living Divine informant, is there, for that reason, no philosophically tenable ground for religious faith at all? Is the voice of God not brought to onr ears, because there are no audible accents of that voice speaking to our physical sense of hearing from a visible Sinai? In a word, there is that which does seem, as it has seemed, surely, to the Ee- formed Church of England, to be a philosophically sound "theory of belief," in fundamentals, viz. Here is the sufficient foundation for a belief, that shall rest your essay writer upon a truth above opinion, and be correlative to a Creed and not to a mere philosophy. The evidence of the Christian Church cf all times and places, — omitting 406 IS AN ABSOLUTE, NOT A RELATIVE, STANDARD. But, old-fashioned as the words may sound in the ears of modern intellect, the Bible, as interpreted by Catholic consent, does appear, never- theless, to be the very instrument fitted to the very need with which we are here concerned.

Moral evi- dence of course it is, and not demonstrative. But it is moral evidence which, practically, and to a temper not blinded by moral defects, precisely performs the office of lifting the mind above the conditions of the time, your essay writer and of bringing it in contact with the uncoloured truth. It is moral evidence which rests upon an ulti- mate Divine informant, mba essay review service and checks itself by a con- tinued reference to recorded Divine words. And a large view of Church history will shew, that on the whole, and for its main purpose, it has actually an- swered the end for which God gave it. It was a strange thing, he said, that men should risk their lives in battle : — "....

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It was great pity, So it was, that villainous saltpetre should be digged Out of the bowels of the harmless earth, Which many a good tall fellow had destroyed So cowardly V He also informed the bleeding man that there was an excellent recipe for the healing of his writing essay services wounds : — ". This, he is well aware, is only a portion of the work to be done, with regard to the subject before him. He has therefore attempted to deal with that other part of the argument in " Lectures on the Inspiration, and on the Interpretation, of the Bible, delivered at Westminster Abbey. Hotspur knew by experience that war was not a pleasant trade, and he felt some of its evils at that time. But, human nature being what it is, it did not seem to him a strange or surprising thing that men should fight. He knew that they have passions and lusts, and if he had read the Epistle of St. Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members c? The author of the Essay before us will not, it is hoped, resent the comparison of the first six pages of his Essay to the discourse of the courtier at Holmedon. The Essay opens thus : — " It is a strange though familiar fact, that great differences of opinion exist respecting the Interpretation of Scripture d. Is not this very like the lack-a-daisical languor of the courtier in the play? It is a sad thing that such differences should exist. Pity it is, that the saltpetre should be dug out of the earth which has supplied the material for this controversial warfare.

True, very true it is, that there are differences, and have been differences, and ever will be differences in the Inter- pretation of Holy Scripture. But let us look them honestly and courageously in the face. Is it " a strange thing," is it " an extraordinary phenomenon," that there should be such differences? It is your essay writer not more strange and extraordinary that there should be controversies concerning the meaning of Scripture, than that there should be wars and fightings among us. All these machinations of the Enemy of Scripture are perfectly familiar to every student of Church-his- tory, and will not seem strange to any child who reads Scripture itself. At the Temptation in the wil- derness, the Devil quoted Scripture against the Divine Author of Scripture". Peter tells us that even in his own days there were " differences in the interpretation of Scripture," and that " unlearned and unstable men " wrested some things in St. Ire- nasus and Tertullian, even to the present age, the same Evil Spirit which stirred up the first false teach- ers to corrupt the sense of Scripture, has been always at work in prosecuting the same design. Therefore no one need be surprised or staggered by the fact, that there are great differences in the interpretation of Scripture.

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