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Assume you are writing for an audience with knowl- edge of the subject that is inferior to yours. At the same time, be aware that your job is not to report what you already know about young people in the Eastern bloc but to find out more through research. You are free to choose between an - 26 - Writing about Growing Up behind the Iron Curtain argumentative or an exploratory paper.

Consider using per- sonal experiences and stories in your projects. For this assignment, as for all other course projects, I invited the class to explore rather than to argue, to complicate instead of asserting a fixed position. As I continue to reflection what I learned from teaching this course, I realize that most students enjoyed the ability to connect book material with their own life stories.

Some did not expect to be given this opportunity, especially with the research paper. The students writing research paper help figured that since they knew their own lives best and were allowed to write about them, they could base their writing almost exclusively on their own life experiences and marginalize analysis of the texts. Rather than submitting one large portfolio with all their - 27 - COURSE DESIGN work at the end of the semester, students were required to put together miniportfolios containing the work done in the process of writing a specific essay. In a pocket folder, they submitted the preliminary and final drafts of the essay, all the response jour- nals, and some in-class writings done in the process of writing a specific essay.

I also required a one-page process memo in which students were asked to describe how they wrote the essay and to evaluate their own success and growth as writers. Benefits of portfolio assessment have been discussed else- where, and it is not my purpose here to contribute to the writing research paper help discus- sion. In relation to my course, though, it is worth pointing out help with papers that portfolios allowed students to see their work of the previous several weeks as a whole and trace their own progress. Including reading responses and in-class writings in the portfolios helped students see the connection between the drafting of an essay and the smaller writing assignments that were often used for inven- tion purposes.

I consider process memos important because aware- ness of writing processes, strengths and weaknesses, and successes and failures is a sign of a mature writer. Typically, students de- scribed their drafting and revision habits, identified and discussed strong and weak points, and offered comments and evaluations of their participation in the revision workshops.

Larson contends that the function of student writing should not be mere transmission of knowledge that is already available but generation of new knowledge. Obviously, reading is a powerful way to generate it.

The FSU first-year writing program envisions the multiple sections of Writing about Topics as a collection of courses from which almost any student can select something she or he is al- ready interested in.

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But sometimes, when schedules or other con- straints do not permit students to sign up for the section of their choice, they end up in a course that focuses on a topic that looks unfamiliar coursework moderation to them.

On the first day of my Iron Curtain course, several students were worried about their ability to do well in the class given their lack of knowledge about its subject. With read- ing, discussion, and writing, however, many of these students were able to generate new knowledge on the basis of existing knowledge. Some were even surprised by their ability to write about a topic that only several weeks before appeared unfamil- iar. My encouragement to use personal experiences in learning probably helped many students become interested in the reading and the writing for the class.

The approach to reading and writing I used in my course aimed at achieving several goals. I wanted to help the students see that new knowledge does not appear out of a vacuum but is usually based on existing knowledge. I also wanted them to be- come better readers by bringing their views of the world into their interpretations of texts. Finally, I wanted them to treat writ- ing not merely as a way to transmit information but also as a means of generating new knowledge. The next time I teach ENC-1145, I would like to take a broader approach, calling the course Writing about Culture and Identity. I want the class to look at how our environments and communities shape our lives and ideals, without necessarily fo- cusing on one culture only. I expect students to generate many descriptions and evalu- ations of cultures, subcultures, and societies they call their own. Next time I teach this course, I will also be sure to emphasize continually to the students that this is first and foremost a writ- ing class and not a course in history or sociology. The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers. Reading as Rhetorical Invention: Knowledge, Per- suasion, writing research paper help and the Teaching of Research-Based Writing. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. The Presence of Others: Voices and Images That Call for Response. While most of the students are traditional in terms of age, a high percentage consists of older, returning students. The course I pri- marily teach — English 2400: Advanced Composition — fulfills a university-wide third writing course requirement and is one of four choices offered by the English department.

Other choices include Critical Approaches to Literature, Technical Writing, and Modern Familiar Essay. Because most of the other colleges on campus also offer advanced writing courses related to their ma- jors, Advanced Composition usually attracts arts and sciences majors who choose this course over the other three, perhaps be- cause it provides the most direct extension of their first-year com- position courses.

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