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In the excerpt, the conversational turns are labeled and num- bered.

Clay is a perfunctory supporter, never taking time to ask for elaboration, to probe and challenge, or to offer his own suggestions. Qay is not even an active listener, and he does nothing to support Avery in moving beyond his superficial approach to the assignment.

S23 Qay W24 Avery S25 Qay W26 Avery S27 Qay W28 Avery S29 Qay W30 Avery S31 Qay W32 Avery S33 Gay Um, what is the reader goir. Because root beer is good, and I feel everyone else should like it, too. What kind of language is appropriate for this audience? As he suggested questions, which they do not adapt to their goes through the superficial motions of being a sup- particular situation although they have been taught to porter.

He appears to have no purpose other than getting through with the list of questions. In contrast to the disinterest of unengaged supporter, engaged supporters demon- strate their interest and attention by listening carefully and encouraging the writer to explain and clarify the plan. Typically, engaged suppx)rters encourage the writer to explore the plan by asking questions that require elaboration.

W6 Paula The decline in the market share, by showing them the market share graphs. W9 Chuck Okay, how do you think your audience, how do you expoct your audience will react to that? What will be some of their reactions, and how will you deal with those?

Example 2a: Excerpt from a collaborative planning session with an encaged supporier Unlike Qay in Example 1 who is unengaged and reads a lock-step seriesof questions. Chuck is an engaged supporter who invites response. In the brief excerpt in Example 2a, he encourages Paula to consider the sup- porting evidence she might use (S5) and pursues issue of evidence by asking her what the evidence "has to do with—? He urges Paula to elaborate, providing specific questions ,.

What will be some of their reactions, and how will you deal with those? He asks her to establish connections between the rhetorical elements she is considering. Chuck continues, in Example 2H, by urging Paula to clarify and elaborate her positions, but he does not add his own views.

In an interview after the proposal was completed, she commented that she wished hersupporterhad "told her more," helping her identify writers for research papers the weaknesses in her plan and suggesting ideas for a stronger, more feasible solution.

Forexample,Chuck does not prompt Paula essay editor service to identify any problems with her recommenda- tion for moving from cardboard to plastic (e. Nor does he prompt her I o consider alterna- tives. In short, although Chuck is an engaged sup- porter, Paula wants a supporter to be involved in contributing to the development of critical essay help her plan.

It was then that I spent the longest time thinking about this paper.

I began to question whether my evidence could support my ideas.

How are you going to usei, uh, follow that argument? Intervening turns clarify what Chuck is asking Paula to talk about. W38 Paula I think plastic would be cheaper and, um, cleaner, not as messy ripping and — S39 Chuck Uh-huh.

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Intervening turns focus on the resistance her plan will meet in this family-owned business.

Example 2b: Excerpt from a collaborative planning session with an engaged supporhsr also began to brainstorm other possible recommendations. Clearly, then, working with a supporter helped Paula, but for her it seemed to be a starting place that helped her to focus and articulate her plans and reminded her to keep her probably negative readers in mind. After the collaborative planning session she continued to examine her plan, evaluating what she and Oiuck had discussed. Typically, an effective supporter (writers for research papers engaged and involved) often initially takes the role of an engaged supporter, allowing the writer to assume the authority of the session and set the agenda, and then integrates the role of an involved supporter by contributing and challenging.

Example 3 shows two college students working on the same assignment as Paula and Chuck. The writer, Jason, is a senior working with his graduate- student supporter, Darryl, on a proposal for his busi- ness communication class. Darryl is an involved sup- porter who CO n tribu tes and challenges as they consider the audience for a report to recommend that the com- pany change the way its products are packaged. The excerpt, which has been edited to eliminate repetition and elaboration, begins with the writer, Jason, on turn 6 of their collaborative planning session. Not all involved supporters are as skillful as Darryl. The excerpt in Example A, (next page) from their second collaborative planning session, has been edited to delete some of their detailed elaborations and off-topic comments about lunch. They doit for themselves, but they are doing it for everybody.

I mean why do you think he chose to starve himself rather than do other things?

S42 Lisa Yeah, you could fit macbeth essay help that into your research, too, somehow. S48 Lisa They can do it for themselves, too, though? You could include that, and maybe you could include toward the end that maybe anybody could be like Gandhi if they wanted to. S58 Lisa Why do you think Gandhi chose that method of change.

I mean why do you think he chose to starve himself rather than do other things?

And he just wanted to show people that you know, everybody could be independent. Engaged supporters provide a second (or even third) voice, an external perspective that helps the writer gain control 0 ver the wri ting task and make decisions abou t rcl e van t rhetorical elements. In this section of the essay, I review selected studies that deal with collaboration in writing to order to discuss the repertoire of verbal moves and scaffolding sequences that supporters use. In the first subscctio n that follows, 1 define kinds of verbal move and then cite scudies th at include supporters who use this move in some col- laborative writing task. Verbal moves in collaboration Identifying the verbal moves supporters use, re- gardless of the kind of collaborative writing activity they are writers for research papers engaged in, gives us a way to examine any collaborative interaction.

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