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The questions in the respective Planning Black- boards will enable the planner to move from Windows 3 and 4 write my paper please to Windows 1 and 2, The assistance of a good write my paper please supporter facilitates this movement. The supporter, through questioning, active listening, and re-question- ing is able to help the writer focus write my paper please on various design and rhetorical elements in planning writing.

In talking with the supporter, the planner has to verbalize his or her thoughts and this can lead to nuiking other connec- tions and generate other thoughts and directions. It might, then, be helpful for both the planner and the supporter to understand the metacomprehension diagram in Figure 2 as they plan. They would begin to get a picture of their respective levels of understanding of both the assignment and of their own processes.

Such an understanding would layer another level of dimen- sionality on the planning session and ultimately on the piece of writing itself. Talking about the texture of a piece of writing is more than just a pun. The texture of writing comes from the interweaving of idea, form, purpose, and convention. This lamination occurs as the text is passed from writer to reader, with each adding his or her own respective layers. As the writer concentrates on the reader as well as on the writer, on a purpose beyond a grade, on text conven- tions that apply to the purpose, he or she laminates the final text. The reader, then, brings to the text his or her own concerns, thus adding more layers to the text. These questions and the skillful techniques of the supporter would help the planner to move from Windows Three and Four to Windows One and Two. The supporter also gains from this interaction because heor she might have some stirring of an idea for his or her writing as I good essay writing company show later in this paper. I tried to use several ap- proaches in presenting the concepts and terminology associated with collaborative planning. Figure 3 shows the various approaches I used in presenting collabora- tive planning to my classes. There were no particular reasons behind the various approaches as I merely wanted to see what would work and what would not. As with collabora- tive planning, the program works best with partners, with the supporter asking the question and the planner responding orally before typing in the response. The writer is able to move into the different plan- ning areas by clicking on whatever button he or she chooses.

In Composition I, an elective open to write my paper please Juniors and Seniors, I had writers with a range of writing abilities and seriousness of purpose. Some were in the class to improve their writing, while others were there to satisfy an elective requirement. One of the foci of the course was to get writers to use concrete and sp)edfic detail or images or any one of a number of devices to make their papers more sub- stantial. Some of these writers interpreted using detail as nothing more than using another layer of generali- zation or adding superlative adjectives.

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Several of the writers in Composition I and the Advanced Place- ment English class merely went through the motions of using collaborative planning. As a result, their plans were weak and unsubstantial.

Obviously not all heuris- tics are suited for all writers, but writers need to find those that will allow the development of substantive plans. For thisassignment, they were to develop an article for a magazine which catered to high school students who knew nothing about anything. Each writer was to select a topic which he oi she knew intimately and write an article for this magazine. As the writers worked their way through the questions under the different planning areas, they did so with varying levels of involvement. Some answered the questions perfunctorily while others went beyond the literalness of the questions.

Some responded with only rote, textbookish answers.

For example, in re- sponse to the question, "Explain what sort write my paper please of things readers will see in your paper and find interesting," the following two writers responded with different levels of involvement. To the question "What do you plan to do to get the kind of reaction you want from your readers?

AH spelling and mechanical eriors appear in the drafts. Sports are a great foctor in many peoples lives today. Athletics such as football, soccer, basketball and swimming are time consuming and take a great deal of concentration andahrd work. Most atheletes understand what it takes to be a winner, and do their best work to their fullest potential. People who do not have the greatest athletic ability often are great achievers because of their desire to win and do the best they can.

Sports is a commitement just like work, "You only get out what you put in. Some in the way we look at things others in the way we think. When onesees a VW bus, the first things one thinks of is the hippie.

When one sees a tye-dye, the first thing one thinks of is the hippie. They roam around America in there VW poptops in groups going where th.

JJ, on the other hand, operated in both Window One and Two. His planning was more detailed and was focused on the assignment rather than on the questions. For this assignment, the writers had to describe their bedrooms in detail in order to capture the mood of the rooms.

We read the "Cask of Amontillado" and looked at how Poe used specific and concrete detail to create and sustain certain moods. The writers selected two words that best described the mood of their bed- rooms. In their writing, they were not to use these words, but had to use detail to convey these moods. During this planning time, they had to tape record their sessions.

The following dialogue between Michele and Louann illustrates a naturalness in the way Michdit handles the role of supporter.

Michele: What are some ideas that a reader would expect you to say about your topic?

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