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Form is a factor in legibility only up to a certain point. The samples from Quality 4 to Quality 9 show a steady increase in legibility, but from Quality 9 to Quality 18 legibility is practically the same. For practical purposes, one can say that improvement in form or general merit as meas- ured by the first five steps in the Thorndike scale denotes a closely corresponding increase in legibility, but beyond that, there is no such corresponding increase. Quality 9 upon the Thorn- dike scale is just as effective as Quality 17. To spend much time and effort in the attempt to have classes produce writing of quality much above 9 seems, therefore, to be largely a waste of time and energy. The amount of time required to bring classes to a very high standard in qual- ity in the last two years of the elementary schools would be quite sufficient to teach correct typing at an equal rate of speed. He discovered that children in the last two grammar grades write considerably better than adult women teachers customarily do. Apparently, very few teachers find it worth while to maintain a high standard in their writing, although they have a greater need and incentive to do so than most people. As noted previously, as soon as people leave school, they promptly forget the formal writing of their school days and develop a hand which, though perhaps poorer in quality, seems adequate for their purpose. This being the case, there appears to be no real reason at all for attempting to reach a very high standard in handwriting. Even those who demand a pleasing hand as well as legibility, paper writing help online should be satisfied with writing of Quality 12 or 13. To go further than this is to demand a temporary increase in beauty, of no practical value and at a time cost to the child which should render it pro- hibitive. In his survey of the schools of Madison, Starch has shown that legibility increases tremendously through the first four years of schooling, but after that remains practically station- ary.

During the same period form improves correspondingly, j but continues to improve after no increase in legibility is noticeable.

This is due to the fact noted before, that all writ- ings of Quality 9 or better are approximately the same in legi- bility. Since the maximum of legibility is reached at the end of the fourth year of teaching, it is only reasonable to dis- continue formal lessons in writing at that time. The average writing of school children at the end of the fourth year is ade- quate for its purpose — it can be read as easily as the best penmanship of the last year. To continue instruction in writ- ing beyond that period simply implies a fundamentally wrong view of the place of writing as a school subject. Let it be treated as a means to an end, but not as an end in itself. These arguments must be conditioned by a further factor. In other words, is ease of production suffi- ciently advanced to warrant discontinuing instruction in writ- ing?

The eighth grade shows little gain over the seventh. An analysis of the factors upon which speed depends shows that they are three, viz. A good writing movement can be taught in four years or less. As a matter of fact, the type of movement will have be- come habitual long before the expiration of the fourth year of school life, and will be modified only by the increasing matur- ity of the child.

There is, therefore, no reason why the for- mal teaching of writing should continue beyond this period so far as acquisition of good movement is concerned.

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In the discussion of the writing habit, it was clearly shown that the greatest help to the acquisition of an automatic writ- ing habit is the continual use of writing in original composi- tion, as such practice forces the mind to deal with the thought to be expressed, and so gives the muscle-sense a chance to take control of the movement. If this be true, the acquisition of speed will follow more quickly from the everyday work of the school in all subjects than from formal writing-lessons, 92 which tend to hinder the automatization process by the very- fact that in them attention is centred on the writing. That this is true, and not merely a theoretical conclusion is shown by the following table, which shows the results of a test con- ducted by Dr. Of these schools system A and B teach no fixed system, and de- vote no time to penmanship as such. D spends 75 to 100 minutes in these grades on penmanship, E 60 to 90 in grade 7 and 60 in grade write my paper in 3 hours 8. It is at once apparent that A and B have developed fast writing of fair quality at no time-cost whatever. C at a small time-cost shows practically the same results as A and B. The other systems have developed form at the expense of speed, particularly G. The average quality of A, B and C is quite adequate, being well above quality 9 on the Thorndike scale. Formal instruction in writing will improve quality,! Further, the improvement in quality usually write my paper in 3 hours is only temporary, as adults do not maintain the standard reached through school instruction.

The one or two hours a week spent now in formal writing lessons in the four upper grades of our schools could be used far more profitably in other work. Further, too often formal writing lessons are actually injurious, condemning the pupil to a slow and ineffi- cient rate of writing which will be a handicap to him through life, unless he develops a style and speed in later life which will prove more adequate for his purpose. At the best, it is a sheer waste of time when time write my paper in 3 hours is most valuable. On the other hand, very often the brightest pupils are among the poorest writers. One would expect to find a very low degree of correlation between hand-writing and general ability. That this is true, the following investiga- tions make abundantly clear.

GeselP examined 1,260 specimens of writing submitted by grades I.

Each of 105 teachers submitted four groups of three samples each representing : (1) The three best writers in the class. He concluded from his investigation that there is a high positive correlation between accuracy of handwriting and in- tellectual ability. Thorndike, however, claims that who will write my essay GeselFs figures really show a correlation of only about. Accuracy coursework writing uk in Handwriting as Related to School In- telligence and Sex. The investigation dealt with the papers of 1,100 boys. He found a lower correlation between handwriting and other abilities than between any other pair of subjects. He found that the correlation between scholar- ship grade and quality of handwriting was zero. For 22 from the worst third, the median grade was better than B —.

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