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As a result of the analysis of the interview order papers online data, Chris was ascribed to the argument and Frank to the arrangement conception. Paragraphs 3 and 4 go on to outline the principal legislative measures of the Restoration Settlement enacted by the Cavalier Parliament. Chris goes on to sketch out his view of the essay question, identifying five sources of friction categorized in two groupings. This framework explicitly maps out the sequence adhered to in the remainder of the essay. First, Chris discusses areas of conflict which arose from ambiguities in the Settlement: finance (paras 6, 7 and 8), the armed forces (paras 9, 10 and 11) and suspending and dispensing powers (para 12). Second, write my paper for money he deals with areas of out-and-out conflict: the religious controversy (paras 13-15), and foreign policy (para 16). Nevertheless, it is misleading to think of the relations between Charles and the Cavalier Parliament as one of constant friction, because there were many issues that caused no friction and long write my paper for money periods of give and take and relaxed relations in which the process of government functioned quite well. But for the purposes of this discussion I shall concentrate on areas of conflict, even though this may give a distorted impression of relations between King and Parliament.

As we shall see, all but one of the sources of these conflict areas were inherent in the Restoration Settlement. There were areas of ambiguity in the Settlement which led to friction over finance, the use of suspending and dispensing power, and the armed forces. I shall deal with each issue in turn by considering its relation to the Restoration Settlement and by tracing its development during the life-time of the Cavalier Parliament, although it will quickly be seen that all these issues overlapped and affected one another. The areas of ambiguity in the settlement, that is: finance, the write my paper for money armed forces and the prerogative rights of suspending and write my paper for money dispensing power and of determining foreign policy were areas that left room for a consider- able development of royal power.

However, when the Crown attempted to enhance its power by exploiting these ambiguities and by exercising its prerogative rights, which though not formally confirmed by the Restoration were assumed to have been maintained, Parliament rose to the challenge, attacked and usually prevailed.

Nevertheless, the conflicts of the 1660s and 1670s did not spark off another civil war since they were all kept at the political level and the Restoration Settlement held together despite two changes of dynasty in 1689 and in 1714 because Parliament had become the lynch-pin of government. Furthermore, returning to a distinction he had made in paragraph 5, Chris states that religion was the only one of the five areas where specific Restoration legislation directly led to conflict. Chris ends with some general observations about the constitutional maintenance of the royal supremacy and the containment of the conflicts of the period.

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Having summarized this essay, we can analyse it by trying to assess how far it reflects a conception of essays as argument in relation to the three sub-components of the global definition. Chris clearly takes up a distinctive position or point of view on the essay question. He responds to the first part of the question by identifying five main sources of friction which he categorizes in two groups, and he responds to the second part of the essay question by seeing all five areas as to some extent inherent in the Restoration Settlement, but with the area of religion seen as a special case. The essay thus mirrors a concern with essays as integral wholes. Introduction, main text and conclusion share the same organizing principle, which is founded upon the interpretive position which write my paper for money Chris advances. References to relevant data are subsumed within each point raised, and thus become the evidence which substantiates each of these points. The opening four paragraphs are the single exception, but since they are described as providing the background to the constitutional arrangements of the Restoration Settlement, their evidential status and their relation to the main concerns of the essay are clearly specified. The paragraphs which succeed it represent an implicit structure which is adhered to throughout the essay. Paragraphs 2-32 follow a clear chronological order beginning with the Convention Parliament in 1660 and ending with the dissolution of the Cavalier Parliament in 1679. At intervals throughout the essay, a small number of paragraphs (paras 3, 18, 27) set earlier or later paragraphs within a broader context.

Paragraph 18, for example, foreshadows the topics of foreign policy, religion and money which are prominent in succeeding paragraphs. The result, by 1678, was a strongly Anglican, anti-Catholic religious settlement with a uniform Anglican Church based on the Book of Common Prayer, and the end of religious toleration. There is little to indicate that Frank has taken up the distinctive position or point of view characteristic of a conception of essays as argument. Similarly, the second part of the essay question is only touched upon in the final sentence of the essay, where a connection is posited between one area of friction and the Settlement, but no assessment is made of how far the former was inherent in the latter. There are intermittent references throughout the essay to areas of friction (religious toleration, for example, and foreign policy) but these do paper writer services not provide a framework underpinning the essay. The structure followed is a chronological one in which specific parliamentary measures or sets of events mark out the route the discussion follows.

A concern with essays as integrated wholes would not, of course, be invalidated by a chronological sequence if there were also an attempt to relate the chronological account to the focal issue of the main sources of friction and their degree of inherence in the Restoration Settlement.

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