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First-year students come to campus with a wide range write my paper canada of critical reading and writing abilities. Nearly all, though, are subject to the prevailing cultural condition known as Minnesota Nice, which requires politeness in all exchanges, even at the expense of hon- esty or critique. Here I wish to make a case for using the condition of anonymity as one means of encourag- ing accuracy and minimizing the social risks of student responses. Some instructors of composition have expressed frustration with the lack of sophistication and rigor in peer response (e. Paul Johnson Winona State University Critical Reading and Response component of writing pedagogy.

But even more important, the peer response activity I discuss here — a directed draft workshop — is one well grounded in contemporary compo- sition theory: more focused than mere peer review, the draft work- shop reinforces the social constructedness of writing. It provides student writers with diverse readers, reminding them that conven- tions, expectations, and support must inform successful writing. Simply put, successful peer response requires preparation and practice. Yet the activity takes place in a richer context of discourse than that brief description allows. Again, to be able to craft purposeful critiques, students must be taught and guided in the practice. Well in advance of each workshop, I guide students in a whole class activity through a rigorous critique of at least one draft (either from my own files or from a current student volunteer). First, students have the opportunity to practice the critique without pressure. Third, the session allows me to acknowledge the complexity of writing purposeful critiques while providing a model of response that is critical yet polite, evaluative yet purposeful.

To assume that any group of students will know how to do so without guidance or prepara- tion is foolhardy, and the practice helps students prepare for the work of the workshop itself. Once students are practiced in the craft of critique, and once they have completed drafts of their own to post, they are ready for the workshop. Students post their drafts under their own names — so that they are obligated to provide a good-faith critique — but the critiques are posted under pseudonyms that I provide students. Although one might question the validity of critiques written under such unusual circumstances, the use of pseudonyms proves - 198 - write my paper canada Critical Reading and Response particularly useful in a number of ways.

Why not, one might then wonder, simply have students post without names at all? But the pseudonyms seem to have other effects as well: writing under a name encour- ages some consistency in their response, as well as providing an identity for the writers to respond to if and when they have ques- tions about some portion of the critique. The workshop forum allows the writer to reply to the respondent and the respondent, again, to the writer.

I typically set aside class time for assessing the results.

For students, then, the workshop is an activity carefully woven into the fabric of the course and their own writing. More often than not, students credit the workshop critiques with providing a clear sense of how their work is read.

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Even if the activity yields little change in the presentation version of the paper itself, the critical thinking workout of writing and considering responses is itself invaluable. When that happens, student writers miss out on what a good workshop can provide them.

Nearly to a person, my students tell me that their anonymity proves helpful when writing their custom made term papers responses.

After reading your analysis, I agree that sexual harass- ment in schools is widely overlooked. The most authoritative statement is the survey taken by the Ameri- can Association of University Women Educational Founda- tion, because it shows how widespread the problem is, and how such a great number of kids are affected. The least authorita- tive statement is definitely when you disagree with Nan Stein, because you show how authoritative Stein is, give a quote, and then disagree with the quote without giving any evidence supporting your disagreement. Readers would find that least authoritative also, because the opposing side to your argu- ment is presented with more evidence than your side.

The fact that the subject exists is supported well, but the fact that it is worth consideration is very shaky. Also, it would be very good to show the effects that sexual harassment has on the students — this would show its worth. You provide examples, which makes it interesting, but more facts and sta- tistics would be more convincing. From what I understand, you are writing about how sexual harassment is common in many schools, and widely over- looked. However, it is one of the most widely accepted and overlooked crimes that is plaguing school systems across the United States. I think the thesis should be given its own paragraph with other sentences supporting it — that would tell the readers what, exactly, you are analyzing.

Because it is certainly possible to imagine implementing a pseudonymous exchange of papers in the classroom followed by written comments, Luddites and technophobes might wonder why such a workshop should be conducted online. After all, although most college students in the twenty-first century have come to view Internet access as a basic right (not unlike library privi- leges), not all instructors have the technical prowess or institu- tional support to create an interactive forum. First, the public nature of the fo- rum tends to discourage most halfhearted efforts: lackluster posts are on display, next to the strongest of efforts, plainly visible to students and instructor alike. Second, the workshop is accessible to students from a number of locations at home and across cam- pus, a feature that seems to appeal to most students today. The mere condition of ano- nymity, even if carefully constructed and protected, is no panacea for write my paper canada a poorly motivated student, a poorly designed assignment, or a poorly orchestrated workshop. So whether or not the work- shop is conducted anonymously, the activity is still subject to the same kinds of concerns as any response to student writing, which we know to be determined by an array of contextual factors.

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