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The first two skills, listening, and speaking, come naturally in the growing child but conscious effort must be made to teach and learn how to read and write. It is a fact that not everyone who reads can write hence, the writing skill write my math paper has been seen as the most complex skill among others. The absurdity of essay writing scenario in Nigerian secondary schools is further aggravated with the stated objectives in the syllabi and what actually goes on in the essay-writing classroom coupled with widow dressing approach given to the objectives by the textbook authors.

The Product Approach to the teaching of essay writing which the English language teachers are using makes the teachers to overtly depend on the textbooks. Vanessa (2004) opines that, guided or controlled method (from Product Approach) does not allow students to write independently. Therefore, this research sought to see how the Process Approach, which gives independent frame of mind to writers to write, based on experience, and imagination could - (i) help the students to satisfy the requirements of both the examination and teaching syllabuses, (ii) help them to satisfy the global demands for writing, (iii) prepare them for academic life in tertiary institutions and (iv) make the essay-writing class an exciting academic forum and turn both teachers and students around for a rewarding academic life. Theoretical Framework Language learning is sandwiched between two basic theories which act as the springboard of how and why language is learnt. Whatever approach or method that may come up sprang from the Behaviorist and Mentalist theories of language learning. On the global perspective, every other approach can be traced to these theories. The skill of writing had been subjected to many theories in the bid to develop the skill of writing in the students. Proet and Gill (1986) itemized the earlier theories on how students learn to write as follows: (a) The Theory of Frequency (b) The Grammatical Theory (c) Error Correction Theory Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education 17 www.

Nevertheless, research has shown that frequency alone may not sustain development in writing.

Yet, Oden (1999) says research on writing has however revealed that this teaching of grammatical structures has not improved the writing skill of students. Yet classroom experiences write my math paper show that incessant corrections frustrate students as well as bore teachers. This theory focuses more on form than the actual substance of writing. Learning of sentences, paragraphs, clauses and other mechanics may not address the conceptual form in writing skill. Statement of the Problem There had been many complaints on the poor performances of students write my math paper in the Essay Writing paper at the senior secondary school level as evident in the work of Kolawole (1998), Odeh (2000) and A (2008). Analysis of WAEC and NECO (2007) results support this long time discovery.

Okedara and Odeh (2002) opined that over the years, the problem of poor writing skill has persisted and that this revealed that the traditional method of teaching writing (product approach) was ineffective. Flence, this current prevailing circumstance and the different opinions on the nature of writing make investigation into ways of developing the writing skill for better performances inevitable. Oluwadiya (1992) in her research work came out with a disquieting discovery: She says many teachers in Nigeria are not aware of the shift from the traditional writing approach (the product- approach) to the Process-oriented Approach.

The researcher, therefore, carried out a scholastic review of the current texts in circulation at the secondary school levels in Ekiti and Ondo States, it was discovered that, the authors of the recommended textbooks feature the product approach in their English Language textbooks in circulation and English Language teachers have been employing the Product approach to teach the students essay writing.

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Therefore, the researcher employed the Process Approach to observe its effects on the writing skill development of the students. Specifically, the purpose was to examine the plausible influence this writing approach would have on second language writing skill development.

Awareness of this among language teachers may assist the language teachers in the teaching of Essay Writing for better performance.

Research Hypotheses In order to answer the questions raised on this study, the following null-hypotheses were tested at 0.

HOi There would be no significant difference between the pre-test scores of the students in the Control write my math paper and Experimental groups. H0 2 There would be no significant difference in the post-test scores of the students in the Control and Experimental groups. HO 4 There would be no significant difference between the Pre-test and Post-test scores of the students in the macbeth essay help Experimental group. HO5 There would be no significant difference between the Pre-test and Post-test scores of the students in the Control group. Scope of the Study The study covered two states in the southwestern part of Nigeria.

The predominant Language in these states is buy essay papers cheap Yomba Language which is one of the three major languages spoken in Nigeria.

All the students have English as a second language. The students were all in boarding house, which guaranteed their appropriateness for experimentation. The sampled schools are in the respective state capitals.

The two schools had been presenting students for final examinations for more than two decades. Factors Militating Against Second Language Acquisition 2. Juxtaposition of the Basic Approaches -Product and Process 4. Composition Writing in English Language by Second Language Learners. Hence, that it is new does not make its newness the only factor that affects the acquisition of the language but there are other factors.

Language acquisition is dependent on a few numbers of notions. This includes the notion of a critical period in language development which refers to the period when the human organism is said to be sensitive specifically to a definite aspect of language acquisition. Neuro-physiological theory addresses the lateralization of the brain.

Psychological factor: the psychological composition of an individual is another important determinant in acquisition and performance in language. This is broken down to cognitive, intellectual functioning experience, attitude, motivation and cultural factors. How aptly to reason and engage in intellectual activities, what gears the learner towards acquisition and the importance of the knowledge of such language in the society is addressed under this.

Environmental factors like auditory input, stimulation, semantic input and syntactic output for example, if an individual manifests high degree of learning retardation as a result of certain environmental factors, learning a new language becomes an herculean task.

Moreover, the cultural aspect may hinder or enhance learning. For example, in some cultures, parents - especially mothers are said to talk to their female children very constantly. Female children under such a culture perform better linguistically than their male counterparts.

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