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In this context, I first developed the procedure in which students worked in pairs and read their texts aloud for each other. The listening student not only heard the oral version but also silently read along with the author.

Each time the author devi- ated from the text, the listening student nudged the author to make her or him go back to the spot in the text where she or he had read something different from what was written. Bartholomae theorizes that students often have a more highly developed notion of oral language than they do of the written code. This activity helps students understand that they know much more than they think they know about producing error-free prose SUPPORTING PRACTICES and that with help they can learn to identify the problems in their texts write my essay students and offer alternatives that work better.

Noam Chomsky (1965) introduced the twin con- cepts of competence and performance to explain this pheno- menon. At any rate, having students read their writing for each other, reminding each other when their reading deviates from their texts, is a good way to help students become more aware of what they write and how to learn to proofread their own work.

This is also a useful practice because it allows a whole class of students to work with one another on proofreading and editing without having to depend on the teacher. I first used this tech- nique when I taught a pre-basic writing center course for stu- dents who needed additional help in passing basic writing. Kirby and Liner suggest setting up an editorial board to edit and proofread student writing.

Their write my essay students suggestions include grouping some of the best proofreaders and editors with some of the least proficient, since it is a great learn- ing experience to be on the board.

An editorial board can be used in several different ways, depending on your classroom and the way in which the course is organized.

If students are produc- ing a set of formal papers they must take through the entire writ- ing process, then it might be appropriate to set up an editorial board for each paper. If evaluation occurs only at the end of a course using portfolios, then perhaps there could be an entire class session set up for one or more editorial boards. For those classes employing a workshop approach in which students choose topics and work at their own pace, then perhaps the editorial 218 ERIC Getting Textual: Teaching Students to Proofread and Edit board could be invoked as needed. Classes that organize students into groups that produce zines or other publications could act as their own editorial boards or switch writing with other groups.

I have used editorial boards in all of these ways and find that they work well, giving students with less knowledge about language conventions a strong context within to learn. However a writing course is organized, there are ways to structure editorial boards. They not only are flexible, but they also furnish students with autonomy and real reasons for focus- ing on language conventions.

Several years ago a friend of mine worked on writing with middle school students from the I Have a Dream Program in which selected students are promised a full ride in college if they complete high school graduation and col- lege admission requirements. The task facing these middle school students was to produce custom paper service on computer (this was in the late 1980 s) a newsletter that could be shared with a German gymnasium class.

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The initial version of the newsletter contained many lapses from American Edited English, which the middle schoolers ini- tially said was fine with them. Working with Individuals So far most of the procedures I have suggested involve working with students in groups within the context of responding to stu- dent writing or in the course of having students practice their way out of the need for extensive proofreading and editing. Although the methods I propose have been quite successful even with students who have learning disabilities and need to produce error-free prose for proficiency examinations, it may be that it will take some writers years to be able to successfully proofread and edit their own texts. Writing center and other tutorial contexts are perfect environ- ments for working with students individually on their proofread- ing and editing. The first step involves having students compile an inventory of the language convention problems most frequently found in their texts. Remember, one of the main things instruction in proofreading and editing should give the student is a systematic approach to proofreading and editing.

One problem with more traditional approaches to cor- rectness is that students are often inadvertently given the mes- sage that they have to work on everything at once. Once the teacher and student have prioritized the list, the instructor should ask the student why she made the choices she did in the text. The instructor should help the student with a nonjargon, no-frills version of how to correct the specific prob- lem. If a student is write my essay students having a problem with sentence boundaries, for example, the instructor should write my essay students find out what the student thinks a sentence is made up of and how the student would correctly punctuate it. Once a student has compiled a list of the language conven- tions he most needs to focus on, he should be instructed to read his paper once all the way through for each of the proofreading 220 Getting Textual: Teaching Students to Proofread and Edit and editing problems he wants to focus on.

Focusing on one or two problems not only makes it easier for students, but it also allows them to make more rapid progress. Once students see that they can indeed proofread and edit their own writing, they are motivated to continue the labori- ous effort required to produce correct prose. He was dyslexic and could have petitioned to be given a venue other than the timed essay to demonstrate his proficiency as a writer. But he thought he was smart enough to pass the exam like everyone else. Conclusion The hire someone to write my essay practices and activities described here and the theories write my essay students that inform them should be helpful for teachers and students working on proofreading and editing. Certainly, no other aspect of learn- ing to write is as stressful and debilitating for students and teach- ers. While some of what I propose might seem easy or simplistic, all of these activities take much effort from both students and teachers. All one has to do is recall the pervasiveness of errors in published texts to understand what a complex task it is to ask students to produce several errorless papers in a single semester. On the other hand, I have seen students who had trouble producing a single comprehensible, literate message learn to write intelligent and insightful prose.

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