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The invariableness of the results through such enormous series of ages cannot but impress the mind, when duly considered, with the highest idea of the preservation of continuity. But in some instances, especially in the more ancient formations, the series of forms present a more fragmentary ap- pearance. At intervals in the course of this series of some appa- rent breaks close and continual connexion, there are real or ap- in the series. It is not my intention here to descend into any such pole- mical disputes.

Aqueous The popular apprehensions as to the nature of ge- deposits. Such remains were only occasionally imbedded "rari nantes in write my essay south park gurgite vasto" and thus afford no ade- quate representation of terrestrial life. Even marine remains are far from affording a complete memorial of the inhabitants of the ocean. At all events, it is a hazardous process to frame theories on the absence of such remains. Submer- Exceptions may, indeed, be conceived in cases where, instead of being formed by sedimentary de- ESSAY III. Again, all the formations which geology has All need help with essay writing deposits local and traced were simply local and occasional deposits, occasional only. Equally local, too, was the diffusion of organic forms. Alleged Again, it is alleged that the change from one tween the great group of formations to another, at least in formation? But, granting that between the write my essay south park periods of form- Lapse of time be- ation of the upper and lower groups referred to, tween suc- sessive de- great changes in physical arrangements took place, it posits. If an interval of unknown and incalculable length intervened between two recognisable formations, and write my essay south park during all this vast time circumstances did not allow 346 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION.

Analogy In a word, in all those geological periods during with those oases when which we can trace a continuous and gradual succes- deposits are are con- sion of formations without marked or violent inter- tinuous.

If, then, in certain other cases, we find apparent interruptions in the order of species, apparent write my essay south park breaks in this orderly succession, or between such deposits of so different a character, periods inter- ESSAY III. Again, in another in- stance we find two different epochs, at which species or even genera exhibit a like wide difference. Of the interval we know nothing: we have either no intermediate beds, or an azoic mass.

The obvious inference from analogy is, that that interval was probably as long, and was marked by as gradual changes, as the former, though circumstances have prevented their being exhibited to us.

Break in I then, we find, a bed containing certain species, succession.. The wide organic difference between two contiguous beds would only mark the longer interval of time between their deposition. In confirmation of the ideas thus suggested, I have great satisfaction in citing the testimony of two very distinguished men, each delivered from the chair of the Geological Society. The first I will quote is a single passage from the anniversary address of Mr. Horner, who, amid a variety of other able remarks bearing on the present subject, ob- serves. Home gical periods, there appear to exist no clearly defined boundaries between them in reference to the whole earth.

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The terms we employ to designate for- mations can only be considered as expressing the general predominance of certain characters, to be used provisionally, as a convenient mode of classi- fying the facts we collect, whilst that knowledge is accumulating, which in after ages will unravel the complicated changes that belong to the successive periods into which the history of the structure of the whole earth may be divided. Even those who believe in a primeval azoic period will hardly sanction the supposition that there has been any repetition of azoic epochs since the first life-bearing era commenced. And if so, and if there were always sea and land since the commencement of the first fossiliferous formation, we are warranted in assuming that both earth and water had their floras and their faunas. This passage by aspect and type of one stage in time into another, is but scantily indicated at present in the uppermost manifestations of palaeozoic life, write my essay south park and the lowermost of the mesozoic.

The missing links will sooner 352 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Continuity Speaking of the tertiary formations, Sir C. Appeal to But supposing the existence of such apparent general principle of gaps or breaches of continuity granted, and that we uniformity and con- failed to explain them by any such theoretical sug- tinuity. So strong is the inductive assurance of this, that we may safely allow any such apparent exceptions to await their solution without in the least influencing our opinion of the soundness of the broad principle of the continuity of physical causes : a principle of that truly philosophical character which no excep- tion in detail can subvert, or render, in some form, inapplicable or unfruitful.

No inductive inquirer can bring himself to be- NO real in- terruption. NO sudden Thus enough has probably been said to show how or inexpli- cable completely fallacious is the inference that in such agency ne- cessary, cases as those referred to, because we find an appa- rent interruption in the observed series of organic remains, therefore we are to conclude a real inter- ruption in the order and continuity of organic exist- ence. And still further from all sound reasoning or rational analogy must be the inference that, when we find in a superior bed, animal remains seemingly disconnected with those in an inferior, the actual origination of those distinct species was, therefore, in any way of a sudden or peculiar kind disconnected with the preceding order of things, or the orderly progress of natural causes. Continued Throughout all the immense periods of the of physfcaT P r i me val earth in its manifold mutations, the re- inon?

Thus in the inorganic world we trace the same slow and gradual elevations and depressions of con- tinents which we actually witness going on at present. We find the evidence (so beautifully illustrated by the researches of Sir C. Lyell), even back to A A 3 358 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Continued But the unchangeableness of mechanical laws is changes in the organic always found under continual changes of outward world. But however little we know of the laws or causes introduc- f , tion of new 01 these changes, one thing is perfectly clear, the species re- gular, not introduction of new species was a regular, not a casual casual.

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