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It has developed a program to articulate a noncredit insurance course with a business degree using a curriculum from the American Insurance Institute that is certified by the American Council on Education. It is part of a two-year sequence along with several credit courses, including a general business course, business law, and English composition. The data systems for the noncredit division are designed for credit programs and do not meet the program needs. The Institutional Research Department does not have a lot of involvement with the noncredit division. The write my essay service division is working with the Information Technology Department to gain access to extracts of data on Excel spreadsheets to allow for better management of the information. The students enrolled in noncredit classes evidence a range of needs. Employees who are involved in customized training tend to be in manufacturing and production. The need for credentials among noncredit students is varied.

Cumberland County is located in a rural part in Southern New Jersey.

The primary industry in the area is health care, with some glass manufacturing and food production. The college leadership feels that the more continuing education moves away from leisure courses, the more it will be understood by academics within the institution and the community.

Central Piedmont Community College Charlotte, North Carolina Program organization. The leadership of Central Piedmont Community College has encouraged an integrated model of organizing credit and noncredit programs.

The other noncredit programs are located in the corporate and continuing education (CCE) division, which is overseen by the dean of business and industry. CCE serves more than 28,000 students among its self-supporting, state- supported, and grant- supported programs.

The college has a centralized enrollment function, and students can register online or via a telephone.

It is highly involved in outreach to over 3,000 local businesses. State FTE funds (occupational extension) are used primarily for courses taken by students who can least afford to pay tuition, such as certified nursing assistant, and bank teller training.

Tuition for noncredit instruction is based on what the market will bear, but allows the program no more than a 20 percent profit (based on state guidelines). Further, it tailors classes to help students prepare to take industry exams and works with write my essay service local employers to develop certifications that have meaning and value for employers. The college decides whether to offer a course as noncredit or credit based on business needs, as well as on student demand and what the market will bear.

The college does not have any formal mechanisms in place write my essay service for articulation between noncredit and credit programs, but would like to have them and is considering articulation models at other colleges. All noncredit students complete the same enrollment forms as credit students, allowing the college to collect adequate information on CCE students to report to the state. Student transcripts include noncredit courses along with academic courses. There is no precise information on the employers that the noncredit program serves, but it does considerable work with the financial services industry since it is a big part of the local economy. The program also works with some high-tech manufacturing companies and with hospitals.

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CCE is a full partner in the college, and the academic deans work closely with the business and industry dean. The college has grown tremendously in the past 15 years: from where can i buy research papers one campus to six. Its corporate training center has 12 state-of-the-art classrooms. Craven Community College New Bern, North Carolina Program organization. The noncredit fast custom essay programs have been going through tremendous changes. Part of the motivation was to reduce the amount of administration in the college. Other goals were for the noncredit programs to help with recruiting students into credit courses and for more full-time faculty to become involved in teaching noncredit courses.

The college is still working on several issues related to the noncredit division, including changing perceptions within the college write my essay service about the value of noncredit education. Noncredit programs draw significantly on FTE funds from the state, although reimbursement is not at parity with credit education. As noncredit gets increased funding and reduces the differential with credit, it will be given a higher priority and valued more by credit faculty. While the noncredit programs are profit oriented, administrators see their goal as serving the community as well as not losing money.

The state has an approval process for starting a new noncredit course that takes about a month. The college does not have any mechanisms for transferring noncredit courses to credit courses or for articulating both types of courses. The college plans to switch to a new data system in July of 2007. The students served in the noncredit programs are preparing for jobs or upgrading their skills. Many are sent by employers, particularly manufacturers. The noncredit programs also serve a growing population of retired persons. General context: The college has gone through some extensive changes in its administrative structure over the last several years, reducing the number of administrative positions and increasing the number of full-time faculty. Lorain Community College Elyria, Ohio Program organization. The vice president of academic affairs oversees both the credit and noncredit programs of Lorain Community College (write my essay service LCC). The director of the Corporate and Community Outreach Division has direct access to the college president, since he reports to both the president and the vice president.

The college has a very integrated system, not in funding but in its education delivery system. The noncredit system is decentralized vis d vis the academic areas but centralized to the public in terms of sales and marketing. Credit faculty are engaged in noncredit education, but are often assigned classes as an overload or part-time assignment. The Corporate and Community Outreach Division is spinning off an Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute, a one-stop resource to support the successful development of entrepreneurs, employers, business startups, and nonprofit organizations. It will include both credit and noncredit programs. The economy of LCC was narrowly based in manufacturing and collapsed during the last decades. Now the economy is based on new startups and is more focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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