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Half of the students, in Phase 2, (10 of 20) reported that their teachers made the effort to teach them how to write. They reported that these teachers provided guidelines, handed out rubrics, and were write essay service available to professional essay help provide assistance if students were willing to ask for help. These teachers set standards that they wanted their students to reach and provided the guidance necessary to help them accomplish their writing goals.

The teachers also provided writing models and outlines when preparing students for the provincial exam.

The students found these aids to be very useful because they fostered writing growth.

In contrast, a few (6 of 20) students criticized the apparent lack of teaching standards they witnessed in high school classrooms throughout grades 10 to 12. They reported that some students could pass courses without doing any work.

For example, one student observed that she missed a week of school without falling behind the other students. The students felt that comments written on papers did not help them improve their writing that the teachers did not seem to be aware of what they should be marking, that the marks received did not indicate to them either the things write essay service they did well or the things that needed to be improved. The students also commented that, by the time they got to Grade 11 and 12, it was UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 226 assumed that they would already know how to write an essay. It was their perception that their teachers gave them no meaningful writing instruction at all. I found the students who were interviewed for this study were very articulate in their assessment of the teaching they required from their classroom teachers.

Six of the fourteen students wanted teachers to provide clear expectations and enough direction that they understood what they were expected to do for each assignment. The students (12 of 14) predicted that the kinds of writing assignments they were asked to produce in high school would not be the same as the ones that would be required in university. In addition, eight out of fourteen students articulated the need for teachers to explain why students received the marks they did on their assignments. According to the eight students, this was not immediately clear when they received their papers back. They also expressed frustration that the allocation of marks was often not clearly explained, and that the rubrics that were used to mark papers were not provided before the assignments were due. The eight students said that sometimes they would get back their marked papers with a rubric but, at that point in time, the information was less useful to them. The students help to write research paper were left wondering why the teachers did not give out the rubrics before the assignments were completed as a guide to the writing process.

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As can be expected, students (8 of 20) reported higher levels of overall satisfaction with their teachers when they perceived that the teachers clearly articulated their expectations and provided them with explicit directions when completing their written assignments. In contrast, students (6 of 20) were less satisfied with the teachers they had in high school whom they perceived as not making an effort to explain to them what it was they were looking for in their assignments.

These students reported that they felt they should not be left to guess what it was their teachers wanted. They also realized that they could not depend on their fellow students to UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 227 help them with write essay service online essay proofreading assignments since their peers were often having difficulties as well. This finding has far-reaching implications for instruction, particularly at the university level where students are often already struggling with difficulties related to the new expectations of university instructors, course content, their own learning styles, and outside influences. The findings of this study are consistent with the literature concerning instructor expectations that has been articulated by a number of researchers. Carroll (2002) found that students struggle with instructor expectations in university due to a lack of clear and explicit direction.

It appears that students want and need clear, explicit direction from their instructors if they are to feel confident in completing assignments in high school and first-year university. Length of Written Assignments It was the perception of the students in this study that they did not do enough writing in their English Language Arts classes. They reported that the assignments were too short to be useful and, as a result, students were not able to explore any type of writing in sufficient detail.

When I was interviewing the students, I was write essay service write essay service left with the impression that the lengths of the writing assignments in high school were seen as being unworthy of serious attention by the students. Even those students who wrote between three to five pages expressed a disdain for the UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 228 assignments. The overall perceptions of the students seemed to indicate that the amount of writing they had to do in their high school English Language Arts classes was not sufficient. The kinds of writing reported on the surveys, while not necessarily fill in the blanks, did tend to be still heavily weighted towards short answer questions. Virtually all of the students surveyed reported that they had to write short answer style questions in their English Language Arts classes.

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