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They feel fully assured that all the main arguments are such as would be subscribed by all the writers, while on unimportant and avowedly open questions any dis- crepancies, if there should be such, might be reason- ably allowed in a volume written on the plan thus adopted. The will someone write my essay for me Publishers take this opportunity of tendering their thanks to the several writers who so readily accepted the task imposed on them. To the Bishop of Oxford, not only for the Preface, but for advice and assistance also in making the necessary arrangements for producing such a volume. To the Eaclcliffe Observer, and the Eeader in Geo- logy in the University of Oxford, they are also in- debted for two valuable letters. They insert them in the volume because, although unreasonably, the " Essays and Reviews" obtained the title of " The Oxford Essays. The importance of its subject, the gravity of the occasion which has called it forth, the weighty names in the catalogue of its writers, all combine to demand for it the full attention which preface or recommendation might solicit for an ordi- nary volume. Diocesan engagements compelled me to postpone my work to an approaching period of comparative leisure. It is then of the general object only of the work that I can speak. As to which let me say,— first, that its object is not so much to reply directly b 2 iv PREFACE. Eather, the re-statement of old truths of which it consists is a declaration that the fresh-varnished ob- jections which have called it forth are neither new nor profound. Further, there is no allowance here that the views which have called it forth are open questions or fair subjects for discussion between Christians, still less between Church of England men. Such difficulties are to be set at rest in any mind rather by strengthening the deep foundations of the faith, than by the laboured refutation of every sepa- rate, captious, and casuistic objection in which re- pugnance to all fixed belief of dogmas, as having been directly communicated by God to man, is wont to vent itself. That such objections to revelation should appear in this day, and should clothe themselves in the fresh garb which they have assumed, will not seem will someone write my essay for me strange to thoughtful minds. Not, indeed, that it is other than a very narrow philosophy which would con- ceive of them as a mere reaction from recently re- PREFACE. Much more true is the explanation, which sees in it the first stealing over the sky of the lurid lights which shall be shed profusely around the great Antichrist.

For these dif- ficulties gather their strength from a spirit of lawless rejection of all authority, from a daring claim for the unassisted human intellect to be able to discover, measure, and explain all things. The rejection of the faith, which in the last age assumed the coarse and vulgar features of an open atheism, which soon de- stroyed itself in its own multiplying difficulties, in- tellectual, moral, civil, and political, has robed itself now in more decent garments, and exhibits to the world the old deceit with far more comely features.

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Tor the rejection of all fixed faith, all definite revela- tion, and all certain truth, which is intolerable to man as a naked atheism, is endurable, and even seductive, when veiled in the more decent half-concealment of vi PREFACE. The human soul in its greatness and in its weakness crying after God, cannot bear to be told that God is nowhere, but can be cajoled by the artful concealment of the same lie under the assertion that God is everywhere, for that everything is God.

The dull horror of annihilation is got rid of by the notion of an absorption into the infinite, which promises to the spirit an unlimited expansion of its powers, with the misty hope of retained individual consciousness. The man is not to be swathed in the comeliest bands of his infancy. Thus no prejudice is to be shocked, no holy feeling rudely wounded, will someone write my essay for me no old truth professedly surrendered. Bather, mighty revelations are to be looked for amidst the glowing feelings with which the past is fondly recognised and the future eagerly expected. Such a state of the human mind may be traced with more or less distinctness, during this century, every- where in Christendom.

The conflict between such a system and all true viii PREFACE. For dis- guise it as you will, it is simple unbelief.

The dissolution of Be- velation is the denial of God. The struggles and strifes of the last thirty years have been the inevitable consequence. The passionate re-assertion of the old truths, with all the evils which have waited on that passion, as well as all the immeasurable good which has been the fruit of the re-assertion, — all of these have been themselves the consequence of the widely-acting influence to which the human mind has of will someone write my essay for me late been subjected. Short-sighted men have looked at these things with their narrow range, and believed that the scepticism which on the one side has been evolved in the struggle, was the fruit of that energetic assertion of the truth which was itself but one conse- quence of the unbelief with which it was striving. As well might they believe that the causes of the existence of some naked promontory which has had its sharp and rocky point defined by the great current it has long breasted, or of that mighty ocean-like flow which sweeps against it, are to be found in the bois- PREFACE. Two distinct courses seem to me to be required by such a state of things. First, the distinct, solemn, and if need be, severe, decision of authority that assertions such as these cannot be put forward as possibly true, or even advanced as admitting of question, by honest men, who are bound by voluntary obligations to teach the Christian revelation as the truth of God.

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