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Then in listening to the taped protocols of Anje and Todd, I found this relationship underscored and developed. These two sets of dialogues also suggested two addi- tional metaphors for me to use in analyzing a planning session: mirror and window. A mirror exchange is one in which the interaction between the planner and supporter allows the planner time for consideration, reflection and reconsideration. The following dialogue between Michele and Louann illustrates the concept of a mirror exchange. Michele: That soinoone else will have to know what? Louann: To describe the room without telling the two words.

A dialogue is a window exchange when it is transparent enough to allow the planner to see both sides of the wall and to who will write my essay get a clear vision of the "out- side" of his or her mind or to see concerns about the paper beyond the immediate question or topic of con- versation.

It may also open up some concerns or questions for the supporter concerning his or her own paper. This exchange between Anje (planner) and Todd (supporter) illustrates the idea of a window ex- change. I would describe this as a window exchange because Anje is expressing some trepidation over her last assignment in which she tookarisk.

Thisisoutside the immediate concern of this assignment and of the question Todd asked.

While it has some bearing on the current task, it is still outside that task. Earlier in the year, I had asked the writers to take risks with their writing. I tried to create an atmosphere wherein this could happen, for example accepting a poem instead of a traditional essay. The mistake she nude in the eariier assignment was that she incorrectly assessed the quality of three different short stories. At times, this may lead the discussion away from the topic and side-track the planning session. This is what happens to Todd in an exchangq below when he gets an idea for his own paper and Anje acts as a supporter at that point. Unlike the first example I gave, this is not side-tracking. These concerns are within the context of the paper, but not who will write my essay within the context of the current question or discussion. I told them that both were respected stories, but critics valued one more than the other. They were to choose which was the better story and to defend their choice. For this session, I gave the supporters a list of possible questions compiled by Rebecca Burnett of Carnegie Mellon to use in the planning session. We ERIC Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Processes, and Assignmenis 55 talked about the responsibilities of both the planner and the supporter. Todd, in his role as supporter, did not vary from that list often.

What is evident, however, is his logical selection of questions that keeps Anje moving through this initial planning stage. There are times when the two are within the same segment.

In breaking the session into segments, I tried to keep a consistency of thoughts together rather than to break each exchange into either a mirror or window exchange. In Segment 1, Anje defines what she sees as a difference between a technical analysis and a creative approach to the assignment. While Todd did not ask questions beyond the prepared list, he was still asking reflective ques- tions which are the heart of collaborative planning.

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Anje, as I mentioned above, wrote a poem ir stead of a traditional essay for one of her assignments. She incorrectly as- sessed the quality of three short stories against a given rubric.

In her mind, she is equating the risk with the nrdstake and in so doing is actually operating in Window 4 of Figure 1. She thinks she knows what went wrong with the pafxjr, but her equating the risk with the mistake shows that she docs not. Todd also does not know this, so order custom papers he is unable to move her into Window 1 concerning this confusion.

This segment is both a mirror and a window exchange. He then leads her to reconsider this by asking if there might be an alterna- tive. Because he is getting her to think about her organization, the exchange is a mirror.

Segment 3 Todd: What is your purpose in writing this piece of writing? Benedict if I come up with something completely off the wall and interesting that I decide will work better. This segment starts as a window exchange as Anje mentions her concerns about getting a better grade than the last time. It then becomes mirror ex- change as she is led to think about her audience. The inference I make here is that she will use a more staid reader for a less than risky approach. This is a case, as I mentioned earlier, where a window can open for the supporter as well as for the planner. Segment 5 Todd: What things docs your reader need buy cheap papers online to know? Again, what starts as who will write my essay a nrdrror exchange moves to a window exchange. It becomes more and more evi- dent that Anje is allowing her concern over the bad showing she did on the last paper to put constraints on her planning. Todd: Is that approach appropriate for your key point?

I think if I can be creative in at least one element of. The concern about risk-taking again surfaces and Todd taunts Anje about it. In this segment, she h its on the possibility of changing her reader and then allows herself some latitude to take a risk. She tests out the idea of writing a short story, rejects it, and reaffirms her the help essay prompts initial decision to write a traditional essay. She leaves open the possibil- ity of risk taking within this framework, however.

She was a dynamic writer who wa s not afraid to take risks with her writing when she felt comfortable with it. One thing that must be noted, however, is the way he chose his questions to keep a direction going with Anje until he felt it was time to move on. Collaborative Planning: Conceits, Processes, and Assicnmenis 57 Todd was also a dynamic writer who took risks. During the school year he went through a self-percep- tion change. He had some setbacks with a few papers and changed this image of himself. Towards the end of the year, he realized that if he wanted to write he would have to take those setbacks and grow from them. Throughout theyear, then,hemoved into Window 1 of Figure 1 regardinghisperceptionof himself asa writer. As I mentioned earlier, I was attracted to the Making Thinking Visible project because it resonated a chord I had from my reading in the field of physics.

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