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She feared asking questions or voicing an opinion because of not wanting to sound stupid.

The collaborative planning sessions she came tc value be- cause they provided her with a response that she could not obtain elsewhere. This taped session occurred about the time that Stacey was initiat- ing changes in her behaviors, and the following excerpt illustrates, on one hand, her tentative move towards an exploratory questioning using pieces of the blackboard planner and, on the other, her pull towards the old behaviors when she turns to me not in the role of supporter, but as teacher in the banking model to dictate to her.

I want to show them why American education should change, so I give examples and my own experience. In the next class, Stacey returned to show me a detailed informal outline that listed all of the key points that she wanted to make along with relevant points from one of the essays. Stacey differed from Kim and Dale in two critical ways. First, she nmdified and changed her approaches to reading and writing, adding strategies to her reading like answering questions and summarizing that allowed her to restructure the meaning. She, too, like the others was working 25-30 hours a week and taking thirteen credits, so the additional allo- cation of time meant sacrifices in other areas of her life. This willingness to commit additional time was the sec- ond difference between her and Kim and Dale. A comment she made on the May questionnaire in response to a question about what she had learned that would be of use to essay on helping poor people her in her other classes marked progress she had made: "I have learned to think on my own, to express my ownopinions. Vicky and Joanne: Flexibiutv in Problem Solving Pedagogy I write about these students as a symbiotic pair since, from the first week of the course, they influenced eachotherasleamersextendingtheircollaborationbeyond the group work in the dass to calls to who will write my essay for me one another at home to discuss readings and drafts. They had much in com- mon: Vicki had graduated in 1975, a year before Joanne had earned her G. Both sat in the front of the room and both took an active part in class discussions, often initiating a line of inquiry. For both, the classroom was the only place where this verbal exploration could go on since neither came from homes where this kind of discourse took place, as the following f?

I feel free in class to discuss issues of the readings. Vicki had been taught the five- paragraph essay and the point-by-point formula for writing comparison-contrast papers that Debbie had operated with in the first semester. As voting rules, she listed "never use 1" and "always wolte four paragraphs.

As she said, she learned early in the term to analyze the task before she planned her paiDer. The plan she brought tocollabora ti veplanning sessions wasa detailed informal outline with bitsof the essay written out. Shedropped her prescription about numbers of paragraphs and made paragraphing part of revision: "I start writing, see how it sounds, then divide into appropriate paragraphs".... Because of the focus in that course on control over error, she entered 100 believing that revision was proofreading.

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It was the combination who will write my essay for me of reading the chapters in her hand- book on the writing processand her work with Vicki that lead her to reconstruct her view of revision.

Both began with the strategies that characterized nearly all of the students in the class— read once and highlight or underiine.

But both from the beginning already showed themselves to be more active readers with Vicki writingsummariesand Joanne wri ting marginal notes and questions.

What each added were notetaking and answering questions in the textbook even though they were not assigned. I observed only her adaptability in her planning strategics. Through Joanne and Vicki, I saw the shifts each had to make in strategies and attitudes that were the underpin- ning for their behavior in the collaborative planning sessions. Per- haps one reason for their willingness was the who will write my essay for me intrinsic reward each experienced: both wrote of their growing confidence in themselves as thinkers and writers. The following excerpt from a collaborative plan- ning session with Joanne as the planner and Vicki as the supporter illustrates how the two went beyond the concern with topic information that characterized the sessions of Dale and Kim and emphasized write my essay for me no plagiarism the interre- lationshipbetween audience, purposeand textconvcn- tions. Vicki: What I wanted to ask you about what you were writing. Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne : Vicki: Joanne: Vicki: Joanne: Compendium.

But I like some of (he ideas that you have in there. I vondered if you were going to add some- thing like that.

Do you want to put any quotes or statistics in here? But statistics might be a good idea, could be very, very good. So, I would just skim it and miss something I was supposed to understand. In her experiments with newly acquired words, she often uses words tha t are inappropriate either for reasons of register or seniantics. Vicki who has discussed this with her in prior sessions illustrates in this session the impact the diction would haveon thebehaviorof a reader. This vivid instantiationof theconceptofaudience worked fbrjoanne who was gradually learning how to balance her drive to expand her vocabulary against the needs of an audience reading her paper. Conscious that her preoccupation with words distract herreader from the pointsshe wanted lomake,she testsat the end of theexcerpt whether shehas given enough emphasis to the suggestions she wants to make to parents. Vicki suggests a way to make the suggpsdons more emphatic, a suggestion Joanne uses in her final paper. This excerpt typifies the dynanruc between the two when they switched planner-supporter roles. The emphasis each put on purpose and audience in the col- laborative who will write my essay for me planning sessions resulted in essays that went beyond the schema and knowlcdgedrivenpapersof Dale and Kim. Each attributed her improved attitude about writing to the influence of the other, and each gradually increased the time they spent preparing for the planning sessions.

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