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Generates ideas through prewriting activities, such as brainstorming, discussing, personal experience and incidental reading. Selects a topic based on audience and purpose, such as interest, assignment, etc.

Gathers data from a variety of sources, using numerous methods. Evaluator Performance Comments Sources - libraries, community members, media. Organizes data , using a suitable strategy such as outlining, semantic webbing and mapping.

Writes a draft with an appropriate introduction, develops the topic, using personal experience, examples, supporting details and develops a suitable ending. Writes on one side of the page, using double spacing. Evaluates the product and Process by re- examining the procedures and the resulting product. Writing Strand: Writing Theim A WRITING POETRY Teachers are encouraged to teach poetry within the context of the themes rather than as an isolated skills unit. The role of the teacher is that of a sensitive, stimulating, guiding reader. The intent of poetry is to produce a mind picture for the reader and to provide the opportunity for self-expression. Poetry teaching, then, should focus on the expression of emotions and thoughts, rather than on the mechanics of poetry. The poetic forms addressed below, write my nursing paper in ascending order of difficulty are: Free Verse,? Students must not repeat a lina or phrase they have used previously.

Repeat this activity one or two more vimes with different topics. The topic selected will largely influence the humorous or serious nature of the resulting free verse poem. Further descriptive words and phrases may be required at this point. Solicit a number of verbal descriptive words and phrases from students on a wide variety of topics, one topic at a time. A variation is to group students, assign a topic and recognize the group that produces the largest number of descriptive words and phrases. Encourage them to choose a subject that is important to who can write my essay for me them. Remind students that a poem of any length, must express a complete thought. The waves escape violently from the sea And recede to leave the shore empty. From black violence unforgiving, A boy, who is still of the living. Though her ragings and turmoils remain, To save a precious life, she did tame. Students enjoy writing limericks about themselves, each other and teachers. Encourage this, provided ridicule of any nature is avoided.

HAIKU AND CINQUAIN This poetic form, which originated in Japan, has two styles, the three-line Haiku and the five-line Tanku (often call Cinquain).

The three-line Haiku often answers one question with each who can write my essay for me line, as the following example indicates. The subject of the poem is in the first line, predicate in the second line and a time in the last line. Display a sample of one style on the overhead and read, or invite students to read.

Complete a Haiku with your students using the overhead projector. Turn to samples in the textbook and read these together. Emphasize that artwork is an integral part of Haiku poetry and that a Haiku poem is incomplete without including artwork. The artwork often consists of uncomplicated sketches. Sleek sailboat Sliding on water Crossing the finish line first. He had a perfect record, not one fall, Till this gal put his back against the wall. It started when they met, awhile ago, She got to meet ttfike cause of her ego. They talked for a while then went on a date, And before he knew it, she was his mate.

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He felt like he was locked up in a cage, Meanwhile his wife flew into a rage. Well, a mean mass of man he came to be, People paid lots for a glimpse to see.

The man of power, the 6 foot tower, He soon became the man of the hour. Mike returns to the ring, he looks and winks, As he climbed on in, to fight Michael Spinks. As Tyson hit hard Spinks saw the end, And Mike got more cash for his wife to spend. Well, this is the ballad of Mike Tyson, Whose foes were scared he would slice and dice them. His wife had money quite a large amount, She took his bucks, put him down for the count. The king of the ring, the dude named Don King, Told Mike to leave and get back his ring. She caused him money and she caused him pain, Well, she almost drove the poor man insane. Robin Givens is gone out of his life, He learned his lesson and lost his wife. High School Edmonton March 20, 1989 135 2 2 Writing ERIC Strand: Writing Themes A and B During the prewriting activity, students need to focus on the writing variables. The structure of a RAFTS assignment can help students make decisions regarding the purpose, form, audience and tone of their writing. Teachers are encouraged to construct assignments for the students and show students how to brainstorm posi bilities for writing. The RAFTS assignment provides students with: R - a role from which to do the writing. The role may be as intimate as the self or as impersonal as an inanimate object. Students need to write for audiences other than the teacher. Variation in audience provides for diversity in the form and level of language used. Students need to experiment with a variety of formats which may range from lists to reports.

Topics need to relate to the role and audience selected. S - a strong verb which aids the student in vocabulary selection and setting the tone of the writing. Assignment Format As a role, to an audience , write a format about a topi c who can write my essay for me using a strong verb. Students or teachers may alter the order of the RAFTS variables.

Sample variables for RAFTS: Role mechanic sales clerk alien Audience drivers consumers humans Format commercial news report cartoon Topic car care damaged merchandise dishwasher Strong Verb describing persuading analyzing Resources Alberta Education, Curriculum Branch. The Writing Process Using the Word Processor, 1988, pp.

Alternatively, provide the author and title, and have the students locate the books on the shelves. The activity works well in any theme where students need to seek additional information from that available in the English classes. The Cornell note-taking system will assist students in organizing facts and ideas and identifying key words and phrases. Record - Record notes on the longer right-hand side of the page. Write on every second line, which will allow you to make additions later. Reduce - After class, reduce notes to key words, which are written in the left-hand summary column. Recite - Test yourself (out loud or vlently) by folding the page so that only the key word summary is exposed.

Use these key words as cues to help retrieve the information written on the right-hand side of the page. Think of ways the information in the notes links with what you already know. Self-test at least once a week for the next four weeks, and then regularly until exam time. Two simple configurations, which will help in forming an outline for the writing activity ihead, are offered as examples.

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