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It breathes life and motion into what was before like an object seen in the mass under shade.

The very boast of that writer, — that his book will be serviceable to all denominations of Christians, because the rent between sects does not go down to the foundation, which it is his work to lay, — shews plainly enough how vague that foundation is, which is the extent of his results. Setting aside, then, all ques- tion respecting the exceedingly imperfect historical and patristic knowledge of the time and of the school, (although Lardner, at any rate, cannot be called igno- rant of the latter subject,) it is plain that a living knowledge of the meaning of Scripture, though con- sidered only in its literal and direct sense, will pre- sent to the mind a far more profound and exact con- ception of the Gospel and write my essay south park of its origin, whether for the purpose of evidence or of devout thought, than any amount of bare outward proof of the barren gene- ral proposition that " Christianity," a word connoting many complex and disputed ideas, rests upon the tes- timony of witnesses who could be " neither deceivers nor deceived. Apart from the profanity which seems almost inse- parable from the bare argumentative statement of the case, the mind is taken off for the time from religious thinking itself to the mere historical proof of the facts upon which religious thought may be exercised, which is of course in no sense religious thinking at all. A rational mind must indeed have reasonable ground for believing. There is a legitimate function to be dis- charged by evidential reasoning. There is a strength in such evidence which occasionally may be useful to confirm the faith even of a believing mind. But it is not the task on which a Christian temper would choose habitually to employ itself. A " conventional case," and u unreal matter," and a " factitious thesis," imply that the argument thus stigmatized falls to the ground alto- gether, unless upon some one or more groundless assumptions. And if the Essay, as I believe, means simply the former of the two, then one cannot but feel it unwise to fling out harsh- sounding words upon the sensitive mind of the religious public, all alert as it is at the present moment, and with considerable pro- vocation, to find heresy wherever it can. Two or three hard words, which find in the facts a partial justification, are bestowed, in passing, upon Paley : has not the Dalilah of a neat historical who can i pay to write my essay for- mula tempted the Essayist to sacrifice Laud and his school to an antithesis? In a brief sketch of the successive " theories of belief" which have prevailed among Christians, it was needful so to describe each as to bring out the link of connection which led to its successor.

And the Caroline divines are sum- marily characterized as having substituted the autho- rity of the National Church for that of the discarded Church Universal of pre-Eeformation times : and this LAUDIAN "THEORY OF BELIEF. The only supposition that will justify the second is, that they resolved it into the decree of the existing Ca- tholic Church assumed to be represented by the Pope, or at the outside by the professional paper writing services Churches in communion with the Pope.

And surely the Caroline divines were so far from assuming either of these suppositions, that they unhesitatingly deny both.

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Nay, did any man ever assert for any national Church as such the attri- bute of infallibility, or the right of concluding the faith of its own members by its own simple testimony, which implies infallibility?

Or did any English di- vine of the Church school ever so give up his own cause, as to allow the identification of the Church Catholic with any of the half-dozen forms under which the Eoman Catholic controversialist claims infallibility for his own part of the Church? An experimental Christian life will give him an internal evidence of that which first comes to him on external and historical grounds. And then according to his measure he will have true faith. He will at length know his Saviour, not because others have told him, but for himself. The case of the Samaritans in the fourth chapter of St. John was the favourite type, taken from older divines, and employed to enforce the view thus laid down. Her office was external, intro- ductory, evidential, needing their own act to bring it to a completion. She could only repeat what she had been told, and testify to her own expe- rience.

Here is no- thing surely of a "substitution of the voice of the national Church for that of the Church universal. And so stated, there is assuredly no suicidal surrender of the Eeformation to Eome in the adoption of the principle. And quotations to the point may custom essay toronto be found ready collected in an " Anglican Catena" (" Tracts who can i pay to write my essay for the Times," vol.

And then we have, next, the Church, the Church Catholic, the Church from the beginning, brought before the believer by the voice of the Church present, but with no claim of formal authority with- out appeal, even for the former. And the office of the Church so understood is introductory, corrective, educational, regulative, interpretative, possessed of a moral authority proportioned to the universality who can i pay to write my essay and antiquity, and other corroborative circumstances, of the testimony given, but not claiming to be the formal and ultimate ground of faith. Jeremy Taylor, perhaps, can scarcely claim rank as a Laudian di- vine, although in his later works he may be mostly so reckoned, and his departures from that school at any time were partial and occasional only, how- ever extravagant. Otherwise, his Due tor Dubitantium would supply us with a precise testimony. But none can doubt the right of Archbishop Bramhall, the Irish Laud, to represent that school. And his decla- ration of faith on the subject (in the Address to the Christian Beader, prefixed to his "Beplication to the Bishop of Chalcedon") is as exact as it is instructive.

Birst the " Catholic oecumenical essential Church," to which he " submits himself implicitly" until its testi- mony be given, and " in the preparation of his heart seeing that his u adherence is firmer to the infallible rule of faith, i. As well might the Archbishop be called a "rational- ist," because he concludes this very declaration of his "theory of belief," by bidding his opponent in the end to " follow the dictates of right reason. The condition of religious feeling in the pre- sent English Church is a more delicate subject. But when we come to interpret and criticise this language, the question must be first answered, to what extent is it intended to reach?

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