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In addition, the significant role of the supporter as a pro voca teur of critical thought is examined in detail.

Of Memos, Conversations and Audio-tapes "In a morass, Watson? At least we have plenty of material, if we can only use it. What evidence could be found within this data to verify that collaborative planning had improved the writing process and promoted critical thinking? Examination of the data did reveal that a most significant and dynamic process was taking place. These papers were evaluated in seven categories: clarity of central theme, validity of evidence, depth of explanation, argumentation, depth of research, adherence to instructions, and standard written English. Although not every stu- dent achieved great success in each of these areas, there Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Processes, and Assignmems 43 were significant results who can help me write an essay for the group, as a whole, in each of these four categories. Although concepts of leadership varied within the group, all of the students attempted to place their concept into a compre- hensive, integrated structure, creating a rationale for their argument. VALiDrrv of Evidence Data was factually accurate and based upon a sclid description of circumstances and polidesadoptcd by various leaders, supporting individual contentions as to which leader was the more effective. Students made a concerted effort to analyze the situations faced by the leadcrsin question. The validity of their selection was universally upheld by the thorough manner in which they applied the selected criteria. Evidence from the Memos Examination of the response memos written by the students at the end of each session appears to indicate that collaborative planning had a positive contribution to the success of the project. The com- ments about what took place during the sessions were almost universally positive. The audio-tapes do reveal that the students have developed a con imand of the terminology of the Black- board Planner. The frequency with which they dealt with audience, key point, text conventions, and topic information specifically indicates a familiarity with the structural process underlying the Making Thinking Visible Project. Oneconsistent negative conrunent, however, must be noted.

Many students felt somewhat inhibited by the pres- ence of the tape recorders. Realizing that I would be listening can i buy a research paper to the tapes, their conversations were a bit more rcstraincdandforxTul, perhaps a result of, asDonintimatcd, not wanting to illustrate their lade of preparation or lack of mastery of the material. The Reigate Puzzle After examining the audio-tapes and discovering who can help me write an essay that they did not contain that which I sought, it occurred to me that perhaps I wasaskingthewrongquestion.

Iwas looking for confirmation of my preconceived notion that the process of collaborative generation of ideas was traceable from conversation to text. I was using the 44 tapes and mennos to verify this hypx)thesis. In the process, however, I had overlooked the most signifi- cant question: for what purpose were the students usirg the collaborative sessions?

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If collaborative planing is a tool to be used for the improvement of thinldng and writing, then it must be exanuned from a utilitarian standpoint.

Given that the students were utilizing the concepts of the Blackboard Planner, the question then becomes for what purpose were they using these tools?

Earlier observations had revealed that essential components in the collaborative process were clarity of thought and expression on the part of the planner and critical listening skills on the part who can help me write an essay of the supporter. What was the plan- ner seeking from this session, and how did the sup- porter provide the planner with that which was de- sired? Approaching the audio-tapes with this utilitarian question in mind opens a window on the dynamics of collaboration. Once students have accepted that col- laborative planning can be a beneficial process, they begin to approach the sessions with very specific goals in mind.

Although each student had somewhat divergent goals in the sessions, a general pattern can be discerned from examining the tapes.

Planners approached the sessions from one of three particular viewpoints: those who believed they had a firm grasp of leadership and sought confirmation from a supporter for the validity of their argunr?

It might be said that the success of the sessions was dependent upon: (1 ) clearly articulated goals and needs on the part of the planner, and (2) the capacity of the supporter who can help me write an essay to provide that which is deemed neces- sary by the planner. The role of the supporter becomes very distinct within this framework. Generally, the students as- sumed roles as clarifying supporters, confinnational supporters, and problem solving supporters. By far the most evident type of r jpporters in the first collabora- tive session were the confirmational and clarifying supporters. Little attempt was made to generate new ideas, per se. You got to, like, compare them to your criteria - like on leadership. Brian: You got to compare them direct - like on each aspect. Although the dialogue may leave much to be desired, the importance of the insights gained by Alice cannot be discounted. Collaboration and niE Provoking of Critical Thought "Come, Watson, come! A comprehensive analysis of critiral thinking skills was developed by Rachel M. Lauer, director of the Straus Thinking and Learning Center at Pace University in New York. Observe what is going on (WIGO) inside and outside our heads. That is, we must perceive objects, iacts, events, feelings, issues, an J need as they come and go in the patterns, sequences, trends of personal and group life, in the home, workplace, conwnunity, or media. Evaluatc meanings and interpretations of whatev er is gping on. That is, we must who can help me write an essay be able to draw inferences and predictions, formulate opinions, recognize feelu develop value priorities, identify causes and effects, make and test generalizations, induce and deduce, seek regularities and laws, formulate and test hypotheses, reflect upon resul tsand re-evaluate, etc.

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