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These adjustments must be considered by the teacher of writing both with a view to facilitating the best and easiest move- ment, and also with regard to their effect upon the health of the child. Fur- ther, the question which essay writing service is the best of fatigue, important in all pedagogical dis- cussions, must be considered in reference to the writing act. The following method of holding pen or pencil has been widely adopted in recent years, and its use has given good results. The pen should be held between the thumb and sec- ond finger.

The tip of the thumb should be at least one inch from the pen point. The second finger curves across the under side of the penholder so that the holder rests against the first joint.

The tip of the index finger rests upon the upper surface of the penholder somewhat nearer the point than the tip of the thumb. The thumb and index finger are slightly curved, the second finger is curved to a greater extent. The third and fourth fingers act as a point of support for the active fingers. In this way it is possible to control accurately the move- ment of the pen, as the index finger presses which essay writing service is the best downwards, the thumb to the right, the second finger upwards and to the left. The slight curvature of the thumb and fingers permit suffici- ent flexibility to ensure accurate letter formation. If the fingers are not sufficiently curved, their flexibility is lost, and it is impossible for them to carry out adequately their task of letter formation. Too great a curvature necessitates a very tight grip upon the pen and the result is a cramping which pre- 55 vents fast writing and is very fatiguing. It is due to a too violent contraction of the muscles which flex the fingers, and in ad- vanced cases is almost incurable. Many people adopt other methods of pen-holding as alter- native positions to use when fatigued. Perhaps the most com- mon alternative method is to grip the pen between the first and second fingers, with the thumb resting against the left lower surface of the pen-holder. This position does not per- mit such fine adjustments of the fingers, and throws a greater burden upon the arm.

It does not necessitate so much muscu- lar effort (which essay writing service is the best by the fingers to hold the pen in place.

This ac- counts for the fact that this position is decidedly restful after one has written a good deal in the other way. Such shifts of position should be practised only by the proficient writer. When the writing habit is being formed no alternative movements or positions should be tolerated, for they can result in nothing except the disorganization of the movement or position, and must prove a great hindrance to the best custom essay writing service progress towards automatization. The position of the wrist is determined by two require- ments. The first is that the hand must be placed in such a position that it can readily slide over the paper upon the fing- ers which support it.

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Consequently, the usual working rule of teachers calls for a level wrist, as that keeps the side of the hand free of the paper and facilitates easy sliding by the little finger as the arm carries out its task of forming the ground-work of the letters and carrying the hand across the sheet. A level wrist, however, causes considerable muscular strain, and is more fatiguing than a slight inclination to the right, which is just as effective. Too great an inclination is apt to permit the hand to rest on its side in such a way that finger and arm movements alternate instead of occurring simultaneously. The second requirement is based upon the necessity of pronation to maintain uniformity in slant. Since 56 pronation implies a gradual levelling of the wrist as the hand crosses the paper, it is obvious that a level wrist at all times is not an adequate prescription. A slight and varying inclin- ation to the right is better, as it allows pronation and is less fatiguing. It was argued in the discussion of the writing movement that the best thesis writing services arm movement with rest was the best and the least fatiguing of writing movements.

The forearm should rest wholly or almost wholly upon the desk or table, so that it can move up or down and rotate easily upon the muscle-pad below the elbow. If the elbow projects more than an inch or two over the edge of the desk, the advantages of this movement are lost, for then the arm must swing from the shoulder. This was shown to be a fatiguing movement and should be excluded. The left arm should be placed in such a way that neither shoulder is elevated or depressed more than the other. In this way curvature of the spine, due to unequal elevation of the shoulders, is prevented. Turning now to the body, we buy custom paper shall outline briefly the re- quirements of good posture both which essay writing service is the best from the standpoint of easy and fluent writing and that of hygiene. The function of the body in the writing act is to furnish a solid support for the arm.

The position of the body which best enables it to carry out this function will be found to be the most hygienic also. The child must sit well back in his seat so that his body is securely placed.

Sitting on the edge of the seat causes an unsteadiness which hinders the arm in its task. The feet placed flat on the floor add to the steadiness of the body by giving additional support. Unless the seat projects a few inches under the desk, there will be a tendency to lean forward, as the child is too far from his work. The modern school desk complies with this requirement. Even under the best conditions, most children show a ten- dency to a forward bending of the body with the back rounded. This causes the lungs and stomach to be compressed, prevents 57 deep breathing, interferes with digestion and the circulation of the blood.

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