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Personal Respw ise 9 ERIC x 27 140 Writing Strand: Writing Themes B and C IDIOMS Idioms are figurative expressions.

They represent one concept in terms of another, and therefore, may be interpreted as being analogous. Research evidence is inconclusive as to how idioms are processed (longer, different and perhaps additional processing or retrieval from where to buy research papers online the lexical memory as one unit). Idioms are integral to everyday conversational language and should be addressed in English language arts programs.

Students should be helped to enlarge their knowledge of these interesting, colourful and often humorous units of language. Use the context in which the idiom is used, whenever possible, and encourage students to investigate the original meaning of the idiorn.

Usage - Give the students a variety of opportunities to use common idioms in class. Ask students to make a poster illustrating some idioms they hear often or enjoy using themselves. Organize where to buy research papers online teams to act out literal interpretations of assigned idioms for their opponents to guess, as in charades. Application - The new knowledge of idioms needs to be applied outside of the class. Hove the students compile a list of idioms they hear on TV or radio, and in the conversations of parents and friends.

Writing Strand: Writing Themes B and C SLANG AND JARGON Slang and jargon are used every day in casual conversation and on the job. The expressions are often colourful, humorous and often defy grammatical analysis. Therefore, slang and jargon may be difficult to inferf rom context. Many of the strategies for determining the meanings of idioms apply equally well to teaching slang and jargon.

Have students list the slang and jargon associated with their occupational program, and prepare to share these expressions with the class.

Look through the classified advertisements of the newspaper (e. Brainstorm for slang and jargon commonly used in the school. Discuss whether parents and others readily understand these terms. Have students give examples of how they use expressions associated with this sport. Various sources have recorded the following CB conversations between two truckers, breaking the silence of the long, lonely night. You got a picture taker in a plain brown wrapper at two-o-one marker. The writer uses the right amount of detail (not too much or too little) to make the important ideas clear. It seems as if the writer wrote just to get something down on paper. ORGANIZATION Ideas, details and examples are presented in an orderthat makes sense.

The writer has tried to present ideas and details in a way where to buy research papers online that makes sense, but the order may be unclear or may not work well. Too much extra, unneeded information may get in the way of important ideas. Ideas seem tossed together, and the paper is hard to follow. STYLE The writer is very sincere, irdividualand honest. Writer tries to deal with the to pic, but does not seem to get very involved.

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The reader can almost guess what the writer will say next. The writer seems to -nakeno effort to deal seriously with the topic. The writer chooses words that get the message across, but only in a very ordinary way. The writer struggles with a limited vocabulary and has a hard tirr. SENTENCE STRUCTURE Paper is easy to read and understand. Most sentences are understandable, but not very smooth or graceful.

Sentence flaws make this paper hard to read and understand.

WRITING CONVENTIONS (Grammar, Capitalization, Punctuation, Spelling Paragraphing) There are no glaring errors in writing conventions and the paper is easy to read and understand. However, there are enough mistakes that the reader SOMETIMES has difficulty concentrating on what the writer is saying. There are go many errors in conventions that the reader has a very hard time just getting through the paper. Some parts may be impossible to follow or understand. A long paper may be written as just one paragraph OR the writer may start a new paragraph with almost every sentence. Complete the COPS chart below to evaluate the work. Express your opinion about this item: Writing Strand: Reading e READING PROCESS I Pre-Reading 1. Anticipating meaning through prediction of the intention, content and structure of a selection 3. Experiencing the selection in a variety of ways: - independent - guided reading - listening 2.

Predicting, confirming, changing or rejecting predictions 3. Responding creatively through generating questions hypothesizing and sharing interpretations rereading selected passages presenting rehearsed oral readings making oral and visual presentations using discussions based on student-prepared questions retelling the story or parts of it dramatizing a story episode working out order of details determining meaning of individual words reading a whole paragraph to follow directions, providing a title for the paragraph using dozure procedures studying word meanings and structured features in context writing in a variety of formats examining features of style examining literary techniques 5. Schedule Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (USSR) or Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) time in the English language arts program. Teachers may share their reading preferences with students in an effort to indicate to students that reading can be a great pleasure.

Some readers may become frustrated with too much time spent on independent reading.

Examples may include: - comic cartoon books with characters students find entertaining, such as Garfield, Peanuts, B. Students must exchange a book from home that they have read and would recommend to others with a selection from the exchange shelf.

Suggest a different title for the selection you have just read. Try to capture the sequence of the selection in your title, but keep it short: 2. What did you find especially interesting or surprising in this selection?

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