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Therefore, the implementation of the scheme differed somewhat across the 12 areas. Overall, however, the EPD experience was chiefly characterised by two elements. Firstly, there was an underlying principle that second and third year teachers would have involvement in decisions regarding the use of EPD funding to address their own professional development needs. Secondly, there was a commitment to mentoring: in 11 of the 12 LEAs, it was intended that EPD teachers would have a mentor. In subsequent years, both second and third year teachers and mentors were included. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 The impact of the EPD scheme 3.

In the first year, the level of impact reported by teachers was notable, with 61 per cent of teacher survey respondents stating that EPD had affected their overall professional practices to a considerable degree. By the final year, when asked to score the overall effect of EPD on their professional practices, more than three- quarters of teachers felt that EPD had impacted on them to a considerable degree. Further, in their survey, teachers were given a list of possible outcomes and asked to rate the extent to which EPD had where to buy college research papers affected their practice in these areas.

What becomes apparent when looking at this list of highest-rated impacts is that the EPD scheme did not only benefit teachers, but that also the positive effects radiated outwards to those they taught and worked with. For all the specified outcomes on which teachers were asked to comment, the proportion registering that EPD had affected their practice considerably rose markedly - on average by around 12 percentage points - between the first and third year of the pilot.

That these impacts were extensive, rose over the duration of the scheme and were reported by the majority of participants, serves to underline the substantial successes of the EPD scheme in contributing to the professional lives of teachers early in their careers. The outcome of enhanced confidence that teachers gained from taking part in EPD seemed particularly instrumental in fostering further impacts. Instilled with higher confidence levels, teachers reported having implemented new teaching practices and of being able to pursue their chosen career paths, and these, in turn, helped teachers feel more content in their chosen profession. In the final year of using essay writing service the pilot, three-quarters of teachers surveyed registered that EPD had considerably affected their ability to where to buy college research papers contribute to their colleagues and the school. In a further enquiry, over half of the mentor survey sample in the third year of the pilot identified a wider impact of EPD within the school, with mentors who were headteachers or deputy heads most frequently expressing this view. Virtually all of the impacts described where to buy college research papers were positive and included the following. EPD spurring others to consider more keenly their own development and the opportunities available, or changing systems for provision of professional development within the school. Impacts on the management and structures of the school occurred since the pilot gave teachers opportunities to enhance directly both academic and pastoral aspects of school life for their colleagues and pupils.

The outcomes teachers derived from EPD activities increased their confidence, improved their practice and gave a clearer idea of their preferred career path, which then served as the vital step towards teachers becoming more active within the school and, beyond that, to further impacts at a whole-school level.

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For teacher survey respondents, this was the highest ranking outcome in 2004 from a list of 12. This is a notable finding and it confirms that EPD was not solely benefiting participating teachers.

To some degree though, where to buy college research papers the outcomes experienced by mentors themselves were more variable than those experienced by teachers and schools. This could be explained by the characteristics of the mentoring sample - predominately long-serving, senior members of staff with previous mentoring experience - and the manageability issues associated with the role. Over a range of 12 outcomes, EPD teachers best essay writing service canada registered a higher level of impact in every case, with statistically significant differences between their ratings and those of the comparative teachers. Considered in terms of the 96,000 teachers early in their careers in England (DfES, 2003), then this difference of 1 1 percentage points might be seen to represent a sizeable number. Through the statistical analysis of the teacher survey data (including the use of multivariate techniques), scrutiny of the interviews conducted in case-study schools and a comparison of the experiences of the EPD and comparative samples, the following key characteristics emerged as pivotal in generating outcomes from EPD. For third year teachers, the relationship was less influential, though remained valuable in terms of how teachers related to their careers: their commitment, their morale and their desire to develop professionally. Effective practices in Early Professional Development The research investigated how the factors found to be instrumental in achieving outcomes from EPD operated in practice. In doing so, the intention was to highlight the elements found to work well and any associated issues. In the vast majority of cases, the EPD teacher and their mentor had planned the professional development activities together. In a smaller number of cases, the EPD teacher had been entirely self-directed, without significant input from their school. Thus, allowing teachers their autonomy was not of detriment to schools, rather, EPD teachers were mindful of school needs, and ensured that their professional development activities would also profit their colleagues and their school. VII EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Thus, both the teacher and the school played a vital part in transposing effects from one to the other. Around three-quarters of all teachers involved in the scheme had a mentor each year. There was evidence that to gain most from the mentoring relationship, teachers should have involvement in selecting their mentor and have the additional support of regular meetings. However, the manageability of the role was a central issue for mentors each year.

Seven out of ten mentors reported experiencing some degree of difficulty with the time or workload involved in undertaking their role. This was of concern, particularly since the mentor was found to play a critical role in helping both teachers and the school derive outcomes from EPD.

Effective training for mentors was found to alleviate some of the issues surrounding workload. Where EPD was particularly successful, LEAs took an inclusive approach - involving schools and teachers so that they felt fully informed about and involved in the scheme.

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