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May it not be for our own Nation, leading so prominently the van of civilization, at length to teach the truth in this also, — that, while learning to do the work which is proper to them, all wise States must leave to the Chris- tian Church, in all its parts, the task of doing its own work, more and more unimpeded? Our " National- ism " in Eeligion can only be real, when it is con- scientious.

And Conscientiousness, as we have seen, is individual. But why may not the " Toleration" of the nineteenth century, and the Individualism of the first, or second, or third, here at length coincide? Articles," any more where can you buy resume paper right, in virtue of ADJUSTMENT DEMANDED.

It will not be expected that, in reply to this en- quiry, a disCUSsion aS tO the truth Of the Hereditary claim. It would not only be out of place, but interminable.

The Church of the Monks of Bangor, the Church of Augustin, the Church of Theo- dore, of Dunstan, of Stigand, of Becket, of Warham, of Parker, of Andrewes, of Laud, of Pearson, Wilson, Butler, has gone through all the National phases of all our generations, and has preserved, through all, the same Creeds of the Ecumenical Councils, the same Canonical Seriptures, the one Baptismal Rite, the one Eucharistic Consecration in the ancient words of the first Liturgies, and an unbroken Hierarchy. A multi- tude of questions may be ingeniously raised as to ail these, but they are irrelevant here. No one can pretend that the cle facto Church of England is, or ever has been, in the position of a where can you buy resume paper sect forcing itself, ah extra, on the Nation.

It has come where can you buy resume paper down with the Nation, through all its varied fortune, and shared its destiny. Of course this does not prove that she ought to where can you buy resume paper have perpetuity 264 THE IDEA OF THE NATIONAL CHURCH. The idea of a " Parliamentary Ee vision" belongs to the past. The idea of "relaxation of subscription" by the authority of the Crown, is of the past. The adjustment of the future must be based on higher principles, or it will be re- jected as no fit religious settlement for a people which has outgrown the folly which could recognise the Se- cular as Divine. She has certain local peculiarities also, some of them restraining her use of that Eevelation, and among them this, — that she is not free to act as a corporate body, as all other reli- gious bodies around her are.

She is hampered by accidents of her historical position from which she ought, as a spiritual body, to be free as the first ADJUSTMENT DEMANDED.

The advance of educa- tion, civilization, science, social economy, and law, all warn her that "old things are passing away. The sooner the State learns, that to treat the Church as an unspiritual body is to make her worth- less as an instrument even of Civilization, — the better it will be for the Nation. The Spiritual Freedom of the Church is her right, and it can neither honestly nor safely be with- held. That can only end in the most hopeless National Infi- delity. And let her not be bound to the cowardly political traditions of the least spiritual era of our history. The State may fairly be enquired of by us, 1 "Why e As, for instance, in the licences issued to non-conformists by archidiaconal and other courts — which confuse the consciences of those who receive, as well as of those who give them.

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What means this subtle sort of homage to our spiritual character? Divine Eevelation being true, must deal with the intellects no less than with the passions and interests of mankind. But this means not the mere action of isolated in- tellect, apart from all the corporate and social con- ditions of the mind f.

But let us be reasonably understood, and we can recognize no danger in claiming for the Church of Christ all the freedom which He bequeathed, and we believe that that alone will secure the harmonious develop- ment of all the spiritual nature of man. Perhaps the hardest fact to be encountered, and the most humiliating, is that the lowest forms of Puritanism are still popular with the ignorant multi- tude and therefore with their politicians, and by them even identified with Spirituality. Indeed many an act of heroism would cease to be noble, were it not for the Personal responsibility of the hero. Bishop Berkeley in his day chastised some such — g. But in becoming equal to the requirements of the 2. Ecclesiastical, age to come, the Anglican Church will have to conform her Ecclesiastical System to new posi- tions.

Only, if she be a Church, — really and spiri- tually so, — she must be free to do it. Not " Church Bates" only, but (and far more) the " comprehensive mea- sure" which has been threatened as to our Eccle- siastical Courts, has been postponed time after time.

May it not seem as if designed to give us space for reflection? At present, if any question be referred to Ecclesias- tical Courts, sympathy is evoked for the persons con- cerned, as if they were victims of antiquated oppres- sion. Yet how loud is the outcry raised if scandals, either religious or moral, are unchecked by authority!

Then let purely spiritual be separated from mixed questions, before any measure is adopted as to Courts Ecclesiastical. Since the con- flict, to which Christianity is to be called in these days, must be a more vital one than it has yet known, is it too much for the Church to ask to be allowed where can you buy resume paper to meet it with her own weapons, and in her own way? And if then she carries with her, as she will, the individual convictions of the great mass of the thought- ful laity of England, the idea of even ruling "by a majority" for a while, is not so unfamiliar, as to forbid the expectation that even on that ground the Church will yet receive a "National" homage and support. Of course, if men regard Eeligion only, or chiefly, as it tells on this world, they must soon Useiessness of ,. The great doctrines of our future happiness or ruin, re- ward or retribution, belong to the foundations of all Moral responsibility. But even to the mere politicians of the present hour it may not be useless to point out the impossibility of their dealing much longer with h Essay, pp. Once let it be understood that there is nothing supernatural in the " Eeligion of the nation," and, as Eomanists well know, its days are numbered. A sacred book (dis- obeyed in more than half its rules) will not save it.

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