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In the process of reflecting, I grew more conscious and empathctic of the vulnerability students experience in sharing their writing with me. The nature of this particular conference is representative of others throughout the course of the semester. First and foremost, writing conferences such as the one with Muna, were conversational and primarily about writing. However, an undercurrent of writing conferences is helping students gain self-esteem as writers, but doing so through scaffolding or graduated instruction, as I hoped to have done with her and others. In the absence of analytic rubrics, I maintain anecdotal notes to document student progress.

Initially, I wrote anecdotal notes in a semester-long reflective journal. Given the abundance of emerging software, web-based resources, and digital tools to support instruction, I also play-tested a few iPad applications to keep records of my writing conferences with students. One of these applications currently in use is Explain Everything, which functions as a small interactive whiteboard on the iPad wherein a user creates a screencast of a tutorial or instructional video to teach a concept, explain a problem, or draw a diagram. The narrated screencast can be exported by way of social Gair Slaying the Writing Monsters 449 media, email, Dropbox, or a Safari link. Since my introduction to this screen-casting tool, other apps designed specifically for reading and writing assessment were unveiled, which I continue to playtest for utility. One of these is Con fer, an electronic conference notebook that is helpful in organizing conference notes and tracking student progress. I can also upload data to a spreadsheet making it easier to code and look for patterns across conferences. Through these one-on-one semi-structured conversations, I am able to tailor the writing process so that writers feel successful in the larger endeavor.

During the exhibition, authors and their invited guests float around the room and take their time reading the assortment of books featured proudly on table-top easels. A stack of comment cards is placed beside each book so that authors can receive feedback other than my own. These instances are videotaped and serve as sources of visual data or artifacts that candidates may subsequently add to their digital portfolios. It is by trusting the process in the writing workshop that such stories can emerge. And, in what ways might the experience in the writing instruction course shape your view of teaching writing?

For instance, Maddie comments on her commitment to and investment in the project, alluding to the intrinsic rewards that can come from project-based learning: The most satisfying aspect was the way my book turned out, and how I worked on my book all semester. The late nights and all the changes that I made to it were well worth it, because in the end my book came out exactly the way I wanted it to turn out. In the process of building her narrative and gathering historical material from her parents to shape it, the writing experience was authenticated for Ajsa, suggesting the importance of motivating students by planning writing assignments that enable meaningful connections: I have never been asked to do a project like that... Ellen looks back on the experience of writing her book and surrendering to the process.

Similarly, Simone saw value in the writing experience despite her frustrations with aspects of writing her book. She learned to navigate the terrain which resulted in not only an appreciation of the circuitous process that stretches a writer, but a book that may one day connect her to her family in ways unforeseen: I was visited by every writing monster we talked about in class but I made friends with them and succeeded!

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It was where can i find someone to write my paper a worthwhile project because after some trials and tribulations I created something that I treasure that is part of me and will pass on to my grandchildren someday. Ruby recollects her earlier schooling experiences and reinforces the idea that assessment should be individualized and respond to the needs of each writer. As a teacher, Lauren intends to draw on her own struggles during the writing process as opportunities for teachable moments to inspire writing that is both purposeful and meaningful: I will use my own reluctance and my final outcome to inspire kids.

I will also encourage students to really think about what means something to them rather than write just to write which is what where can i find someone to write my paper I was doing at first. I want them to be proud of their writing and I want them to be able to show it off and I want them to leam that it is not going to be perfect the first time.

That it takes mistakes and changes throughout the writing process before they get to the final product. Drawing on a random selection of ten highly rated conferences, they coded for effective tutoring strategies that were organized into three categories including instruction, cognitive scaffolding, Gair Slaying the Writing Monsters 451 and motivational scaffolding. For instance, Mackiewicz and Thompson describe the most frequent strategies applied by tutors to help writers achieve their goals: telling (instruction entailing targeted advice), pumping questions (cognitive scaffolding entailing prodding for ideas), suggesting (instruction), and showing concern (motivational scaffolding) (p. In their study, the analysis of discourse in particular, helps to better frame, analyze, as well as validate my approach in scaffolding struggling writers through the writing process.

We cannot simply stand on our favored side of the bridge and worry or fume about the many who have not yet where can i find someone to write my paper passed over. A bridge must be well anchored on both sides, with as much respect for where it begins as for where it ends (p. In subsequent reiterations of this work, I endeavor to continue to draw across disciplines and make interdisciplinary connections to deepen my understanding of the behaviors of the reluctant writers discussed earlier in this paper and further inform my preparation of the next generation of writing college application essay writers teachers for the K-12 classroom. Through this approach I hope that my students will find the time to reflect on their own writing so that they may, in turn, anticipate the needs of the learners with whom they will be working. I also hope that my experience with anxious and reluctant writers serves a paradigmatic or illustrative purpose that may inform other academicians and professionals in their respective fields, in the best interest of students. Despite my best efforts, in the last two years state- mandated teacher certification requirements such as a new (and highly contested) field assessment known as edTPA, three new where can i find someone to write my paper exams, more rigorous accreditation standards, and a move toward Common Core State Standards (CCSS)—a Washington driven national K-12 curriculum—have significantly shaped the work that my colleagues and 1 do with teacher candidates. In response to raising the bar for accreditation, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to utilize our classrooms to nurture creativity and innovation, open minds, search for understanding, and engage constructivist practices such as those described herein.

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