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Betty in her comments about her perception of her current high school English Language Arts class reported Like what should i write my paper about for grade 12, 1 am so lost. I think the grade 12 teacher wants us to feel like. So he just gives us like no guidance and we are just left in the road... I think he tries to focus on us being free, but it is too free. Similarly, Marilyn found that: I have this teacher for chemistry, and she gives us no direction, and when I am in class I am super frustrated with her, but when I get out of the class, I am like what should i write my paper about this is reality and I know in university the teacher is not going to be by your side explaining everything. She cares if you show her that you are putting in the effort and you can go and ask her questions and stuff like that. Speaking about the same high school teacher, Marilyn also found that: Another thing she taught us was time management, how to be responsible for our own work which is what we will need in university. The students in this study suggested that the amount of help they received varied depending on the individual teacher. Students reported that some teachers were very helpful while other teachers were not. This is not surprising considering the different learning styles of students and the different teaching styles of teachers.

Some of the students may have needed more direction than other students.

The students in this study expressed frustration with having to assume that independence in high school but realized once they got to university that they needed to be independent. The same students who had complained about the lack of help they received from their teachers admitted that being forced to become independent learners in high school worked to their advantage once they got paraphrasing words and sentences to university. The data for this section were gathered from both quantitative (survey questions) and qualitative (interviews) data. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 116 The writing process. Students responded to a number of statements that asked them about their use of the writing process when composing papers in high school. There are also data from the qualitative what should i write my paper about interviews in which students discussed the ways in which they wrote their essays in high school. The process approach to writing is not a new approach. It has been used in writing instruction since the early 1970s (Keh, 1990). In this approach, students learn how to compose a paper by following specific steps in the writing process. There are many variations to the writing process but most follow a multiple-draft process, which usually consists of first generating ideas or pre- writing, then composing a draft with an emphasis on content, and, finally, revising the text to refine the content. In order for the process approach to be effective in classrooms, feedback is needed at all stages of the process (Keh, 1990). Keh (1990) further states that it is the feedback that pushes the writer through the writing process to the eventual end product.

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McCormick (2006) suggested that students must learn process writing if they are to be successful, saying that it is only through the explicit teaching of the step-by-step process of writing that students can improve their writing ability. McCormick further stated that it is only when students learn how to use the process model of writing that finished custom writing paper they are able to move away from the formulaic writing that they learn in high school (e. He further concluded that the teachers in his study were more concerned with product rather than process. The results from this study indicate that a high percentage of students reported using the process approach to writing. It may be that teachers today provide their students with the time to edit and revise their essays. This is an area that needs to be investigated further. Graves (1983) and Murray (1985) describe revision as a process of discovering what the author wants to say and adapting the text to clarify the message rather than correcting errors. Pritchard and Honeycutt (2006) found that revision instruction was largely neglected before teachers started using the process approach to writing when teaching students how to compose text. In the present study, over half of the students indicated that they had time to go back and edit and revise their English Language Arts papers. It would be beneficial to find out how students define editing and how they define revising.

The literature, noted above, suggests that revision is an important component of the writing process but due to the ambiguity of the question, on the survey, it is not possible to draw conclusions concerning what it was that students did with their papers during the editing and revising stage.

The data presented from this study indicates that over half of the students surveyed reported that they followed the writing process when completing their assignments.

They also reported that they had time to edit and revise their assignments before submitting them. In this study, seven of twenty students reported that they had some instruction in the writing process when they were asked whether their English Language Arts teachers had provided them with direction in how to write their essays. Comments in this section ranged from UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 121 students reporting that they had received a great deal of assistance in learning how to write an essay, including direction in the drafting of outlines, the composition of a rough draft, the process of revising, the process of editing, the process of re-writing, and the composition of the final copy. Four of the seven students observed that they used the writing process when completing papers.

Three of the seven students did not follow the process model, though they acknowledged that they had been instructed in that practice.

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