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And because I know from teachers in our West Ten- nessee Writing Project the thrill for students of writing to an au- thor — and receiving an answer — I suggested a last alternative: a letter to one of our authors. This writing might not save the world, but it would provide practice cheap term papers for sale with a particular part of the third side of the rhetorical triangle — audience. Finished writings had to identify real problems and letters had what is thesis writing to be sent to real people with real addresses or presented to real campus or other groups with real presidents who called real meetings with real meeting times and places.

I had expected most students to write posi- tion papers, essays that could be printed in guest columns for the student newspaper, and material that could be used for speeches to student groups. But except for three or four pieces, all were letters. Another wrote the president of the Student Government Association with ideas for SGA-spon- sored weekend activities, copies to the vice chancellor for stu- dent affairs. The student who had written about the sizzling hot showerhead in her dorm and had discovered an article about a faucet attachment that could control shower temperature wrote a letter — enclosing a copy of the article about the attachment — to the director of housing. Several students wrote to the head of campus security about the need for more parking. A couple of students wrote to the vice chancellor for student affairs citing their problems with roommates and recommended approaches that could have eliminated some of the problems. One student wrote a short letter about the politeness of college men to college ERIC - 116 - Writing to Save the World women and sent it to Ebony Appeal, a new campus newspaper, which printed it. Another student composed a statement that she read at a meeting of the Student Government Association where she admonished students to study rather than party. A student who had suggested what is thesis writing a more complete menu board for the cafete- ria reported that a menu board was put up after her conversation with the head of food service. Through a combination of all three writing tasks — search and learn, writing to illuminate a topic or solve a problem, and writing to save the world— the students did the work described in the English 112 course description. Students read in new texts, documented from them, drafted and revised, and in various ways combined the personal with the public. Research methods in- cluded interviews, observations, thick description, informal opin- ion polls, and library searching.

All constructed a works consulted list, a requirement for much college writing. All students wrote on topics that mattered to them.

Through the reading — the books were spaced throughout the semester, and we spent a day of class time discussing each — I hoped students would see that research writing could read as interestingly as a good novel.

I wanted them to believe that oth- ers could read their writing with as much interest.

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I had won- dered about the progression of the writing assignments and the success of the culminating Save the World piece. But the voice of 117 WRITING ASSIGNMENTS Deborah Meier (1995) sounded in my head: academic excellence is not the goal of school. Steadily reading and writing our way toward the end assignment — writ- ing to save the world — valued students as thinkers and makers of meaning.

It provided an opportunity for students to draw on what they knew, to argue a position in which they believed strongly, and to send their words off into the world where they might actually make a difference. In the Middle: New Understandings about Writ- ing, Reading, and Learning. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.

The Power of Their Ideas: Lessons for America from a Small School in Harlem. Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. The Writing Room: Keys to the Craft of Fiction and Poetry. A Community of Writ- ers: Teaching Writing in the Junior and Senior High School. The mission of Concordia is to minister to each student as a chosen and redeemed child of God. This Christian mission reflects the background of many students who attend Concordia, a majority of whom graduated from Lutheran elementary schools and attend Lutheran churches. Twenty-two congregations own and operate Concordia.

Minority students constitute 1 1 percent of the student population. Many students at Concordia take col- lege preparatory courses since 90 percent of Concordia gradu- ates continue in postsecondary education. Concordia offers both Advanced Placement and honors courses. Recognized for its aca- demic programs locally and nationally, Concordia has also been noted for its strong athletic, music, and video production pro- grams. In addition, its JROTC, drama, and journalism programs have earned what is thesis writing national recognition. Students at Concordia take English courses all four years. The sopho- more curriculum also includes a semester of speech. Juniors may elect to take creative writing, and seniors may choose to take humani- ties. The senior curriculum includes one semester of expository writing. College preparatory and honors courses in English are available at all grade levels. Through the years, the research paper assignment has been passed on to each new senior teacher.

Having graduated from Concordia, I returned to my alma mater four years later to teach courses I once took as a student. I inherited files of handouts from previ- ous teachers, including handouts I remember receiving as a stu- dent. Research handouts spelled out instructions for note cards, source cards, sentence outlines, parenthetical citations, and the- sis statements. When I first started teaching the research paper, students did what they had always done: found and read eight to ten sources, took notes from these sources, and integrated sum- mary, paraphrase, and quotations into eight to ten pages of care- fully constructed paragraphs.

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