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Future research will undoubtedly connect them together by a what is the best online essay writing service common write my research paper online principle, of which at present we can form no more conception than the predecessors of Newton did of universal gravitation, or than he did of elec- tro-magnetism, or geological epochs.

Not more surely does this happen than it is sooner or later followed by the disclosure of more comprehensive laws. The progress of discovery is as certain as the extent of nature is K 3 102 UNIFORMITY OF NATURE. One main test of its force and extent is the exclusion, in consequence of its admission, of the very notion of chance, or of the possibility of any events in the universe really happening at random. If we take any portion of the natural world, or any class of pheno- mena of which we know least, and which appear most fortuitous, can we correctly say more than that we are ignorant of the laws by which it is regulated? Yet, while in saying that any phenomena appear capricious or fortuitous, we simply admit our igno- rance of the laws by which they are governed, no ESSAY I. To take an example: the apparently irregular Example.

Distribu- mode what is the best online essay writing service of distribution of the fixed stars through the tion of fixed stars. Yet the very fact that these masses at least have the property of transmitting light to us, and consist of matter of some kind, and have been in some instances proved to be subject to the law of gravitation, in- stantaneously asserts for them a sort of claim of kindred with matter around us and with ourselves, and dispels every shadow of doubt that they are disposed according to some physical law, under the influence of some determinate physical forces. Geological Nothing would appear, at first sight, more devoid elevations. Among the ancients we know the proofreading an essay several forms of Fate and chance ex- belief in blind fate or chance were not merely popular excluded - delusions, but deliberate persuasions, which divided philosophical sects : the advocates of the fixed neces- sity and eternal destiny of the world, and the sup- porters of the Epicurean doctrine of the formation of the material universe out of a fortuitous concourse of atoms. But in the age and under the influence of the inductive philosophy, no such dreams can for a moment obtrude themselves. The definite and posi- tive spirit of this system strikes at the root of such vague and unmeaning expressions the mere dis- guises of human ignorance. Pro- foundly adjusted order is utterly inconsistent with blind destiny, mechanical causes with chance. Yet the unknown regions on the frontier of science enjoy at least a twilight from its illumination, and are still brightened by the rays of present conjecture, and the hope of future discovery. We can never say that we have arrived at such a boundary as shall ESSAY I. To the truly inductive philosopher, the notion of limit to inquiry is no more real than the mirage which seems to bound the edge of the desert, yet through which the traveller will continue his march to-morrow, as uninterruptedly as to-day over the plain. A real break in the connection and continuity of physical causes cannot exist in the nature of things. If such breaks often appear, they are due solely to our ignorance. There is no such thing as any class of phenomena really standing out isolated from all others uncon- nected by any analogous principle, and truly ano- malous in regard to the rest of nature.

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In all apparent anomalies, the inductive philo- sopher will fall back on the primary maxim, that it what is the best online essay writing service is always more probable thai events of an unaccount- able and marvellous service to others essay character are parts of some great fixed order of causes unknown to us, than that any real interruption occurs. And further, what may now appear the most mysterious, and at present least ESSAY I. For example : in the present state of science, of instances. If, then, some peculiar manifestations should ap- pear of a more extraordinary character, still less apparently reducible to any known what is the best online essay writing service principles, it could not be doubted by any philosophic mind that they were in reality harmonious and conspiring parts of some higher series of causes as yet undiscovered. Ill claims of order, continuity, and analogy, eventually vindicated. Inductive philosophy has within itself a pro- phetical warrant to foresee that a time will come when those things which seem most obscure will become clear. It is the mere refuge and confession of ignorance and indolence to imagine special inter- ruptions, and to abandon reason for mysticism. The consideration of the uniformity of nature leads directly to a more precise a higher view of the same great conclusion to which we before ad- verted generally. Evidence of All induction begins and ends in the conception a supreme mind. It has been eloquently observed, " Humboldt thought he could show why and how this world, and the universe itself, is a kosmos, a divine whole of life and intellect, namely, by its all-pervading eternal laws. A point which yesterday was invisible is its goal to-day, and will be its starting post to-morrow. Desire to AMONG our various intellectual propensities, there seek causes. But when Hume, in his essay on Necessary Con- But unphi- losophical. Comte, in totally rejecting the idea of causation in physical phenomena, in the sense of efficient power, as a notion wholly beyond our capacities to define or reason upon, and therefore unphilosophical. See also my Essay on Necessary and Contingent Truth, Oxford, Ashmolean Memoirs, 1849. I conceive that all real philosophical analysis of the case must end in an entire repudiation of such fanciful notions, in- volving, as they appear to me to do, a confusion of Distinction ideas, which I think may be completely avoided of physical and moral by the simple distinction between physical causation causation. Rejecting altogether the idea of efficient causation, as wholly inapplicable in relation to phy- Physicai sical effects, however pleasing to the fancy, I con- cause im-. The phenome- non or property assigned as the cause or antecedent has undoubtedly a necessary connexion with the effect or consequent, when it supplies the explanation of it : when the latter is a consequence in reason and Necessary connexion theory from the former, when, in a word, the cause " reason not in the is a more general and better understood class or genus events.

For example : friction is the cause of retarda- Example : Friction and tion of motion. But there are many cases where this kind of connexion is less strong and instructive.

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