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Drafting: At this stage you take your ideas fast custom essay from pre writing and write a rough draft. If so, you may want to go back and do some more prewriting. Editing and Proofreading: Here you concentrate on the finishing touches - things like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The keen eye of a trusted friend can also help you find things you miss.

You may spot other things that need more attention. At the beginning you need to develop a context for writing.

Prewriting activities include a wide variety of possibilities and techniques and can help set up the context you need. Here are a few common prewriting activities along with some examples. Brainstorming Brainstorming: generating as many ideas as possible without restraint or criticism WHALES - big, mammals, on endangered list, eaten by Inuit, swim, blue whale, humpback whale, harpooned, huge, migrate - Buonsong Brainstorming involves putting down all you know about a topic without evaluating it. Exploratory Writing Exploratory writing is simply writing done to see where it goes. Writing may guide you to narrow your topic, to decide which aspect you want to write about, or to make sense of concepts. Styles change so much that my wardrobe has a hard time keeping up. You must decide what you want to say and why the topic is important to you, and thinking can help with both of these.

Jotting Notes Simply jotting down notes as they occur to you is what is a good essay writing service a traditional - and very effective - pre writing strategy. Keeping Journals and Writing Folders Journals and writing folders can be sources of information and inspiration. Your earlier interests and observations serve as jumping-off points. Freewriting: writing nonstop for several minutes and allowing whatever thoughts come to mind to be recorded on paper Freewriting Freewriting is simply writing nonstop for five or ten minutes. This trick forces you usa essay writing services to write - and to keep writing. If you get stuck, you just keep rewriting the last word until ideas start up again. Pick another topic that interests you and try freewriting for five minutes. This may seem strange at first, but it can be amazingly productive in generating ideas. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 5: Activity 2. Did you find some to be more appealing than others?

These will, however, give you some variety with which to experiment. English 20: Module 1 60 After using any prewriting strategy, you might recognize a need for getting specific information. Other decisions about your writing need to be made around this prewriting time.

Sometimes your form is determined by your purpose, as when you write a business letter. Activity 3: Making Your Meaning Clear The Importance of Clarity In Sections 1 and 4 you spent time looking at the need for clarity when you speak and write.

That clarity is often determined by how you develop your ideas. Would any candy work or are hard candies a bad idea? If a simple set of instructions for making a milkshake can be confused this much, think how easy it is to express more complex subjects unclearly.

Developing Your Ideas Once you know what you want to say, you should decide how you can most effectively communicate it to the reader.

Often you know the subject so well that as you read, you automatically fill in any gaps or holes that exist in the words on the page.

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Closely connected to this need to fill in all the gaps as you write is the help on research paper importance of using details. Example A that follows is a simple, undeveloped statement. Example B brings the statement to life with the use of details. Example A: We had a great time at the West Edmonton Mall. Example B: We had a great time at the West Edmonton Mall. We had lunch in the Phase 3 food fair (tacos for me, burgers for Meg) and then we took in the dolphin show. And the rest of the day - you guessed it - the water park.

Develop one into an interesting and informative paragraph through the use of details. Compare your response with the one in the Appendix, Section 5: Activity 3. Organizing Your Material Narrative: a series of events that tell a story In Section 3 you looked at the use of the flashback as an organizing principle in writing. There are, of course, a number of other, more frequently used, principles writers can - and should - use to organize their writing. Narratives, for example, are usually told in simple chronological order. Return to Section 1 : Activity 1 where you listed topics you like what is a good essay writing service to write about. Copy that list now (adding to it if you like) and decide what type of paragraph development seems appropriate for each topic. Compare your response with the one in the Appendix, Section 5: Activity 3. So remember when you write to pay attention to what you want to say, how you want to develop it, and what organizing principle you want to use. Here are some guidelines f creating your own powerful opening paragraphs.

There are many ways of doing this that allow you to exercise your personal style and voice.

When I was four, my uncle Manfred took me to the fair. Revise the opening paragraph of each so as to use one of these techniques. Compare what is a good essay writing service your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 5: Activity 4. Practise writing interesting introductions for your compositions. If you understand the concepts clearly, you should complete the Enrichment. Extra Help The emphasis of Section 5 has been on producing clear, well-organized pieces of writing. Find a friend and write a set of directions for what is a good essay writing service that person to follow, moving from one location to another with at least two scheduled stops along the way. Think of a place you know how to get to from your home but that would be rather difficult for a stranger to your area what is a good essay writing service to find. Write a set of step-by-step instructions telling precisely how to get to the location. If you have trouble writing good introductions to essays and reports, study the techniques suggested in Activity 4 again. Then read what follows here - a few more hints on creating a good introduction. Unless your subject is very complex, requiring a great deal of careful explanation, try for a livelier way of beginning it. Rather, identify the subject of your report or essay in your introduction, as in this example: Construction work is a demanding occupation and not one recommended for the faint-at-heart. Some are reasonably clear and effective, whereas others are not.

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