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Just as it has been commonplace to consider lecturers and teaching in isolation from students and learning, so are there customary but unwarranted bound- aries which separate discussion of curriculum from discussion of assessment and discussion of teaching.

This compartmentalization is apparent not only in the literature of education, but also in the procedures which colleges and universities follow in designing and administering courses. Marking and assessment schemes may be devised or modified without reference to the possible consequences for what or how students learn , or without regard to any ensuing tensions between assessment as feedback and assessment as evaluation of student achievement. How many academic share the view of Elton (1982, p. Where conflicts do arise between assessment and teaching strategies, a holistic view can help to resolve them, as a recent Australian study shows (Newbie and Jaeger, 1983 ). But the effect of the reform was in precisely the opposite direction. Once it became apparent to students that the risk of failing the new ward-based clinical assessment was low, they began to spend little time in the wards and made studying for the much more hazardous theoretical component of Anal assessment a priority. A consideration of the J situation in the round therefore made it possible to restore equilibrium J without abandoning the desire to innovate which had prompted the J earlier reforms. When students then press for more j individual help, tutors may be driven to plead, and with justification, that J their formal teaching load and their marking commitments make this 1 impractical. A more unified view, weighing the respective custom papers for college needs and J perspectives of lecturers and students, could provide the basis for a more J balanced strategy.

An Australian survey of coursework assignments in a range of disciplines J (Roe, 1974) revealed similar shortcomings. One step which was therefore taken was to identify the skills required for independent learning (see Panel 11. But it was also seen as crucial to plan a curricular und teaching strategy which systematically fostered the growth of independent learning: From the first day of the first term students are encouraged to identify what they need to learn in order to solve and manage problems. The main thrust of this approach is centred, but by no means exclusively, on problem-based learning. Here the students are helped to ask themselves questions in a logical order, so that the resultant sequence of learning will lead to the answers that can be applied to the problem in hand. This approach is reflected in the way in which each first problem-solving group meeting is organized and the way in which the related learning material is planned. The materials are very specific during the early part of the undergraduate Course to enable students to become accustomed to the new way of Organizing their studies, and there is close monitoring of achievement and Itrong tutorial support.

Often participants in our discussions had not had other opportunities of what can i write my essay on discussing their teaching with colleagues, and only in a very few cases had teachers discussed their intentions or methods with their students.

More specifically, we have tried to demonstrate how academics can ally their own experiences and perspectives to an understanding of those of their students, and thus learn from an experiential conception of teaching.

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We have indicated directions which fresh initiatives what can i write my essay on might follow, but without prescribing fixed routes forward. Since every teaching-learning situation is in its own way unique, academics must be their own helmsmen, devising courses of action tailored to their discipline, their local circumstances and their own particular purposes. Reflective teaching and the quality of learning go hand in hand. Acknowledgements The author would like to express his sincere thanks to the Swedish I Institute and to the Department of Education, University of Gothenburg. Their generous support made the preparation of this chapter what can i write my essay on possible. In particular, we identified varying perspectives held by lecturers, psychologists, and educational researchers and pointed the way towards an alternative perspective — that of the student. Each of the succeeding chapters has introduced evidence on how students themselves have experienced different aspects of learning and studying. In the process the reader has been introduced to a potentially confusing range of terms introduced in the various studies, together with descriptions of variations in qualitative methodologies. In this final chapter we aim to provide a conceptual and methodological integration of the work presented in earlier chapters in a way which will point up the defining characteristics of this perspective on learning, and of the research methodology that has been used to explore it. In the previous chapter the research findings were used to challenge lecturers to reconceptualize the role of teaching in graduate school essay writing service the teaching-learning process.

Our ideas about study skills also demanded a radical reappraisal. We were calling for a fundamental shift in emphasis away from the more mechanical aspects of study skills. Students can be helped to take more conscious control of their study activities, to be more aware of their own purposes in studying, and to relate these to the explicit and implicit demands of the courses they were taking. The results of our research introduce a way of thinking about teaching and learning which provides guidelines for lecturers apd Itudents. It does not produce detailed prescriptions because we have ihown how learning and teaching need to be considered in relation to both content and context. Teachers or students have, instead, to reflect On their own individual needs and circumstances in the light of our findings — and then decide what action is implied. This reinterpretation of the research findings to fit individual require- ments carries with it an added necessity to reach a full understanding of the main concepts and categories used to describe student learning. We have therefore tried in this chapter to bring together the previous attempts to ahOW the relationships between these concepts. Thus time sequence, and previous) research interests, affect the findings obtained.

The) research group in Gothenburg has always put great emphasis on analysing) study processes in relation to the content of what is being learned. Each of these four research groups has developed j, its own distinctive interpretative framework in investigating different aspects of student learning. This idea was rooted in the earlier research on motivation and study methods.

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