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UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 3 Acknowledgements I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Stan Straw, without whose assistance and advice this dissertation would not have been completed. Appreciation is also extended to members of my committee. Wallin for stepping in to serve on my committee when Dr.

Together, we have survived four years of intense hard work. The whole PhD program was much more enjoyable because I had the privilege of working with you. I will be forever grateful for your endless encouragement and continuous support. Thanks for correcting all of my wayward commas and for saving me from my wild leaps of reasoning based on nothing but my intuition. I dedicate this dissertation to my children Heather and Marc for all of their love, support, and encouragement over the past four years. It was a long journey made easier by the help and assistance you both provided in so many ways without even thinking about it. Your pride in my accomplishments provided me with the incentive to continue.

I also want to thank my mom who has always been a champion of mine and who has always made me feel like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. One day students are high school seniors (grade 12) and two months later, many of them enter post-secondary education. Students tend to find that the expectations at university are very different from what they were what are the best essay writing services accustomed to in high school (Carroll, 2002). Changes in the expectations of written work can be particularly challenging. The first challenge that the first-year student faces is in understanding that written assignments at the university level generally demand that students analyze topics rather than simply report on them (Carroll, 2002). This expectation of greater depth in the investigation of topics might be more manageable if it were not for the second challenge. Hartman (1989) discovered that not only are the writing assignments different, but the types of writing activities expected are particular to each discourse community. They concluded that instructors should work to clarify their expectations and correct any misconceptions about the kinds of textual features that are most effective for communicating knowledge in the subject areas. They also observe that first- year instructors commonly assign the analytical, thesis-supported essay. Though writing is a complex cognitive and social what are the best essay writing services activity that develops over a lifetime, Beaufort (2007) notes that students are expected to master all that they need to learn to be successful writers in all disciplines in a twelve week first-year writing course offered in most universities in the United States. Smith (2006) reports that writing instruction in Canadian universities has moved to a more inter-disciplinary approach in which multiple faculties now offer writing courses that are more subject-area specific. First-year is perhaps the only year when students will be asked to write assignments for eight to ten different courses. By second year, students UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 17 have what are the best essay writing services chosen a major, and their writing assignments become more specialized. In addition, not only do first-year instructors appear to operate under the premise that first- year students cannot write academically but so does the institution.

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In writing my candidacy exam, I researched the writing environment in high school, and compared it to the writing environment in first-year university to determine whether the writing strategies that Graham and Perin (2007) had found to be successful with students in grades 4-12 might be applied to first-year writing students.

The differences I found, in the research, regarding the types of writing that were expected of students in high school, and those that were expected of first-year students in university appeared to be a contributing factor to the difficulties first-year students report in university. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 18 In addition, one of my colleagues and I have, over the course of our PhD studies, taken an interest in first- year students and the struggles they encounter when they write academic essays for the various courses in which they engage. We have conducted research to see if first- year students are aware of the repertoire of strategies they need if they are to be successful writers in university. They appear to operate on the assumption that all strategies are equally important, rather than trying to pinpoint the strategies that will prove the most useful in any given writing assignment. They regale me with stories about the struggles they, or their children, had in trying to make sense out of the expectations of first-year instructors what are the best essay writing services in terms of writing essays or assignments. In addition, business people tell me that new employees often cannot write a proper report. From my limited data, it appears that writing ability is a continuing concern for first-year students and their parents.

When my children began university, they had come from a high school that I considered a very good one in terms of literacy education. Students were expected to write, and write often, not only in English classes but across the curriculum. Even with this preparation, my daughter and my son both struggled when it came time to write their first university essay. It appeared to them that their instructors wanted a different kind of writing than to what they were accustomed. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 19 Upon closer examination, and after consultation with their instructors, they determined that the difference between the writing they had done in high school was not as great as they had supposed, but rather that there was a difference in the ways in which instructors articulated their expectations. It was this disconnect, from the known to the unknown, which initially gave them trouble. At the time, I wondered why first-year instructors did not give more guidance to their students, rather than responding to questions on an individual basis when asked.

Therefore, my research grew out of an interest in the writing demands that universities place on first-year students. First-year students are often expected to be successful in courses whose content is unfamiliar, adapt to demands that are new and different, familiarize themselves with the varied expectations of a number of different instructors, learn new vocabulary and discourse knowledge, interact with a new set of peers, and learn how to write an academic essay in multiple discourses.

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