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Remember this whenever you write a business letter and remember, too, that you may spend most of your life in the business world. One example will serve to show some of the basic principles all of these should follow.

What follows is an example of a letter set up in full-block format.

Note the seven fundamental parts of any business letter (in bolded letters). Section 4: Communicating Clearly 47 11811 - 111 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5L 0H7 —Heading July 10, 19.

Please send me a list of the English courses you offer along with an application form. Your name, typed, showing how you wish to be addressed There are a number of fundamental rules governing the writing of all business communications. Remember, though, that all the fundamental rules hold true for any sort of business letter. The letter that follows violates most of the principles of business-letter writing. Me and my kid brother (his name is Joey) were playing your new game "Blow the World to Smithereens" for the first time last thursday (or maybe it was friday) and the dumb thing just quit on us after an hour or 45 mins, or so.

Compare your letter with the one in the Appendix, Section 4: Activity 3. Remember always to keep in mind your purpose and your audience when you communicate.

Follow-up Activities If you found the activities difficult, you should complete the Extra Help. If you understand the concepts clearly, you should complete the Enrichment. One of the things you looked at was the importance of body language in communications. To increase your awareness of how much we use gestures - and perhaps to have some fun - round up two friends or family members and try the experiment that follows. Have the two friends turn their backs to each other so that neither one can see the other. Now ask the friend with the drawing to describe it so accurately the other one can draw a duplicate of it. Another topic covered in this section was the importance of producing properly written business communications. In Activity 3 you rewrote a letter of complaint to correct its errors. Imagine that you live in the residential section of a medium-sized town and are concerned at the speed at which traffic moves along your street. Babiuk, Mayor, Middletown, Alberta, Box 1, Middletown, Alberta, SOS 0S0. Your salutation should read Dear Mayor Babiuk: Try to structure us essay writing service your letter according to the full-block format illustrated in activity 4. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 4: Extra Help. If you get the chance, try watching an old silent film. Note how much actors were able to convey without the use of words. Why do you suppose there were all those exaggerated expressions and gestures that people find so funny today? Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 4: Enrichment. Section 4 Assignment: Communicating Clearly us essay writing service Review the Evaluation information found in the introductory pages of this module. Leave a wide left margin and number all of your pages.

The focus for marking of this talk will be on the clarity of your expression.

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Be sure to label your audiotape or videotape carefully. Your job is to write a letter to the manager aimed at persuading him to rent you the hall. Remember to be specific (dates, times, and so on), polite, and persuasive in your letter. Set up your letter according to the full-block form illustrated in Section 4, Activity 4. Think about the process you like to essay writer service review use when you write. Do you basically write the piece in your head before custom law essays you put pen to paper?

Do you use the same process all the time, or do you vary how you work? Have you ever thought about how you actually write? Some of your compositions have been of a personal, expressive, or even poetic nature and others, especially in the last section, have been of a functional sort. Have you found yourself comparing these two types of writing? Go to your Writing Folder and take out us essay writing service a favourite piece of prose writing in which you express personal thoughts or feelings. Review what you learned in the us essay writing service last section about functional writing and what you know about personal writing. Then construct and complete a larger version of the chart that follows. Types of Writing Functional Writing Personal Writing Purpose Purpose Audience Audience Length Length Style Style Form Form Compare your completed chart with the one in the Appendix, Section 5: Activity 1. English 20: Module 1 54 Genre: a particular category of literature characterized by a certain form or style - for example, poetiy, fables, or novels Essay: a short piece of nonfictional writing in which an author presents a viewpoint on a subject in a personal way Your chart should remind you that there are differences between personal, or creative, writing and explanatory, or functional, writing. People do, after all, express themselves very differently when having a friendly chat, for example, than they do when making a dental appointment. The fact is that you can still be friendly and lively while making that dental appointment or writing an inter-office memo, and you should certainly strive for clarity when talking with friends or writing a personal essay. The piece of personal prose writing you chose from your folder probably came closest to the sort of writing typical of the genre called the essay.

Reflect on the wisdom of the ancient Chinese proverb to the left. If you take this proverb to heart, it should become clear to you that the best way to come to understand the essay is to write a few. Staring at a blank page can be a rather intimidating experience. Would you like some tips and secrets about how to overcome that awful feeling?

The Writing Process Good writers seem instinctively to follow a specific process when us essay writing service they write.

The whole process might be represented as in the following diagram. Note that the process as diagrammed spirals upward, so the explanation begins by discussing the bottom stage first.

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