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This corresponds with the development of Sensing - using physical tools of observation: e. It gave me a better insight into the topic of leadership.

Concluding Observations "Holmes put his finger to his lips, replaced his hand in his breast pocket, and burst out laughing as we turned down the street. The comments written by the students in response to this survey are very gratifying: "I take my writing more seriously now I have been introduced to many new strategics of writing this year so when I start writing I can take several different approaches to it. I would not be so presumptuous as to assume that a single class in World Cultures is totally responsible for such positive results. However, it is gratifying to note that considerable improvement in writing and critical thinking have been hallmarks of the last two years in which collaborative planning has been utilized in my classroom. Collaborative planning immerses students in the critical thinking process and thereby establishes the habit of applying tiie skills outlined by Dr.

If the collaborative process provokes students into an awareness of themselves as critical thinkers, then it can be a dynamic force for personal discovery and intellec- tual growth. Appendix: SpEanc Thinking Skills (as outuned by Rachel M. Being aware of using different levels of abstraction, e.

Eliminating "either- or" thinking (law of the excluded middle). Or the gas tank is empty because the gauge reads zero. Or, the probabilities are that the crying baby is hungry. Recognizingand using varioussourcesof power or change agency, distinguishing among primitive and scientific causologies. Planning ways of structuring the present and future. Recognizing that even the questions people raise are filtered through perceptual and judgmental processes. Benedict fox Chapel Area High School Talking about a planning session would allow writers to see the strengths and weaknesses of their planning and allow them to understand the relationship that a planner and supporter need to nurture. This concept of metaphor is what attracted me to the working of The Center for the Study of Writing at Carnegie Mellon University. In analyzing the work I did this past year with collaborative planning, I began to see some things about writing and the planning of writing that I was not aware of before.

When we write, we make many decisions based on what we know or do no t know. If we are writing for a particular audience, in a particular genre, or with a certain purpose, we make decisions which are pertinent to these areas. If I am writing for a particular audience, I need to be aware of what they might know and might not know about my subject matter. To add to this confusion a little, I might not be totally aware myself of what they know or do not know. I would then make some decisions based on false assumptions. The study of metacomprehension addresses these various levels of awareness. While metacomprehension looks at learning in general, I would like to apply it to planning a piece of writing. Looking at Figure 1, we need to think about what we COLLABORAnVE PLANNING: CoNCEITS, PROCESSES, AND ASSIGNMENTS 49 erIc Comprohonsion High Low Figure 1. Metacomprehension Diagram I know or do not know about writing and the teaching of writing, about what we know or do not know about a topic under consideration for writing, and about what we might know or do not know about an audience. As writers, we need to move ourselves into Windows 1 and 2 as we develop a plan for writing or as we revise a piece of writing.

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With the aid of a good planning session and a good supporter, this movement is more readily accomplished. Too often when writers operate in Window Three and Four their papers become stilted and constrained.

If we can help top ten essay writing services them move to Windows One and Two, they can increase the knowledge base needed to write better papers. This applies not only to their knowledge about the parameters of the assignment, but also to their knowledge about the writing process itself and about their own particular writing processes. Collabo- rative planning is one way to help writers attain a higher level of awareness about two concerns: their piece of writing and their writing process. There are usually four questions that plague writers as they begin to write a piece: 1) What am I going to write about?

These four questions are at the core of collabora- tive planning. For each question there is a correspond- ing Planning Blackboard with its own set of explor- atory questions. In attempting to answer this question, the writer must come to terms with the chosen writing genre such as newspaper article, brochure, and so on, and must consider the parameters of that genre. Too often writing assignments do not alert the writer to the audience who will read the writing. As we have seen through research, a writer needs to know this information in order to make certain rhetorical decisions.

The Blackboard area "Audience" helps the planner do this.

Planning Blackboard Planning Blackboard Question: What am I going to write?

Planning Area: Text Conventions 1 Know and j are aware 1 that they i know Do not know and realize they do not know 1 Know but think they 1 do not 1 know Do not know j but think they do know Planning Blackboard Question: Why should I write it? Unconsciously or consciously, a classroom writer assumes that he or she is writing for a grade and a grade only. By working with the "Purpose and Key Point" Blackboard, the writer would be able to move away from that limited purpose and find more intrinsic purposes and key points to stress in the writing.

The questions in the respective Planning Black- boards will enable the planner to move from Windows 3 top ten essay writing services and 4 to Windows 1 and 2, The assistance of a good supporter facilitates this movement. The supporter, through questioning, active listening, and re-question- ing is able to help the writer focus on various design and rhetorical elements in planning writing. In talking with the supporter, the top ten essay writing services planner has to verbalize his or her thoughts and this can lead to nuiking other connec- tions and generate other thoughts and directions. It might, then, be helpful for both the planner and the supporter to understand the metacomprehension diagram in Figure 2 as they plan. They would begin to get a picture of their respective levels of understanding of both the assignment and of their own processes. Such an understanding would layer another level of dimen- sionality on the planning session and ultimately on the piece of writing itself. Talking about the texture of a piece of writing is more than just a pun.

The texture of writing comes from the interweaving of idea, form, purpose, and convention. This lamination occurs as the text is passed from writer to reader, with each adding his or her own respective layers.

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