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If instructors wanted their students to be successful in their courses, they needed to share with them what was expected in that discipline in terms of writing. General Writing Expectations An important difference between high school and first-year university is the writing environments in which first-year students find themselves. In secondary schools, the curriculum guides the teacher in planning writing activities and the activities are more or less compatible with each other, even across the disciplines. In post-secondary institutions, there is no set curriculum and the same classes within a discipline will often have different goals and outcomes (Hansen, 2006).

Writing instruction is left to the essay writers for pay individual content area instructor. Bloom (2006) said that for many American colleges and universities, instructors are content to settle for student writing that is of a B level.

In addition, there is no shared foundation among disciplines that could be used to begin teaching first-year students. An essential difference between first-year and secondary school is that writing in secondary schools does not differentiate between domains to the same degree. The differences between the writing situations in high school and those in university or college are significant enough that preparation for one may not result in preparation for the other. Beaufort UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 66 (2007) further suggests that, as high school students make the transition to academic writing in universities, they often have trouble developing the more analytical writing style top essay writing websites that is required. Beaufort came to this conclusion after conducting a case study with an undergraduate student from a major private university in the United States. Another difference between adolescents and first-year students is that writing in universities and colleges is often produced under tight time constraints (Carroll, 2002). According to Carroll, this does not allow first-year students to concentrate on strategy or writing process. High schools students do not operate under the same time deadlines as first- year students and their writing assignments are shorter than those that are expected at the university level (Applebee, 1981). Second, the avenues of communication between high school and college teachers of writing are not nearly as open as they should be. The effect of these two factors is widely differing sets of expectations among students, high school faculty, and college writing teachers, (p. The authors go on to say that UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 68 new articulations of writing development must take into account the profound mismatch in expectations of teachers in secondary and higher education. The goals of the two are often different, and this may well be necessary and right, given the responsibility of higher education to select and prepare people for specialized work and greater responsibilities as citizens. He argues that the place for students to acquire an understanding of university level writing is in university. In addition, he holds that university level writing should be understood to include a broader definition. It may be more effective for instructors to build upon the knowledge structures the students already possess rather than attempting to introduce new structures for the UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 69 same concepts.

This was one of the reasons I felt it was important to gain an understanding of the writing knowledge students bring from high school and the way in which those perceptions might influence their views while learning to write in first- year university. Instructor Expectations One of the principle differences between the writing environment in high school and first-year university is instructor expectations.

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She further stated that differing instructor expectations puts high school teachers at a disadvantage because they do not know the sort of things each college professor will want in terms of writing skill.

Thompson and Gallagher (2010) discovered that students face many challenges when they begin university and that these challenges are compounded by the fact that students who learned to do well in their high school English classes. These top essay writing websites students, who learned to play the high school game by following the high school rules, will find themselves playing a fast custom essay completely different top essay writing websites game in UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 70 college, where the rules may change from professor to professor.

Blau (2010) found that college and university professors expect their undergraduate students to enter into a discourse community and produce the type of scholarly paper that experts in the field produce for scholarly journals. In fact Blau argued that they do not know enough about the discipline to be able to comment on it. They do not speak the same language, and they are unfamiliar with the history of the discourse. Expecting first- year students to be able to write scholarly papers in the various discourses may be an unrealistic expectation for many students.

UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 71 Harris (2010) went further in her assessment of the sorts of things students need to know in order to turn out assignments that will meet the requirements of academic writing. She stressed the need for students to be able to understand the assignments and to figure out what their top essay writing websites instructors want them to do.

Harris further argues that, without the ability to critically read the assignment, students are left wondering what to do. She explains those students often read assignments and interpret them based on their previous experiences with writing assignments. In high school, teacher expectations may not be as high on any particular assignment because it is only one of many assignments. In first-year studies, there tend to be fewer assignments and written work is held to a higher standard. Instructors judge not only the quality of ideas, but also the presentation of those ideas. Their only resort seems to be a hollow imitation of the voices in academic texts, (p. Applebee (1984) also found that instructors in higher education have, as their focus, the reading and criticism of the text, with little time, if any, spent teaching students how to write. Acker and Halasek (2008) reported on a study that paired Ohio State University and two area high schools that send numerous students to the university. This was a program through which high school and university instructors conducted joint research that sought to address K-16 language arts alignment and student success in university. The collaborators invited student authors to write essays and receive feedback from both university and high school writing faculty with an e-portfolio system. Subsequent paragraphs should each present a point that supports this thesis and the essay should end with a logical conclusion. In composition, students are usually unaware of what it takes to write even a four-to-five top essay writing websites page essay every two or three weeks.

Sanoff believes that there is definitely a need for better communication between high customized writing paper schools and colleges in terms of writing expectations for students. The surveys were designed to compare the views of college instructors with those of high school teachers.

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