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This segment starts as a window exchange as Anje mentions her concerns about getting a better grade than the last time. It then becomes mirror ex- change as she is led to think about her audience. The inference I make here is that she will use a more staid reader for a less than risky approach. This is a case, as I mentioned earlier, where a window can open for the supporter as well as for the planner.

Segment 5 Todd: What things docs your reader need to know?

Again, what starts as a nrdrror exchange moves to a window exchange. It becomes more and more evi- dent that Anje is allowing her concern over the bad showing she did on the last paper to put constraints on her planning. Todd: Is that approach appropriate for your key point? I think if I can be creative in at least one element of. The concern about risk-taking again surfaces and Todd taunts Anje about it.

In this segment, she h its on the possibility of changing her reader and then allows herself some latitude to take a risk. She tests out the idea of writing a short story, rejects it, and reaffirms her initial decision thesis writing services uk to write a traditional essay. She leaves open the possibil- ity of risk taking within this framework, however. She was a dynamic writer who wa s not afraid to take risks with her writing when she felt comfortable with it. One thing that must be noted, however, is the way he chose his questions to keep a direction going with thesis writing services uk Anje until he felt it was time to move on. Collaborative Planning: Conceits, Processes, and Assicnmenis 57 Todd was also a dynamic writer who took risks. During the school year he went custom writing essays services through a self-percep- tion change.

He had some setbacks with a few papers and changed this image of himself. Towards the end of the year, he realized that if he wanted to write he would have to take those setbacks and grow from them. Throughout theyear, then,hemoved into Window 1 of Figure 1 regardinghisperceptionof himself asa writer. As I mentioned earlier, I i need help writing a essay was attracted to the Making Thinking Visible project because it resonated a chord I had from my reading in the field of physics. In an article I wrote for Bridges, the journal for the Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English, I said: We maintain that writing and thinking are one and the same thing. Writing, however, presents a schema of thinking much the same way a bubble chamber in physics presents a schema of pion collisions instead ofthe actual collisions. A finished musical score, a pai niing, or a sculpture also present such schemata. Because of this schema, I can no wbetter diagnose the problems writers are having in thinking about their paper and help to prescribe before they write rather than try to remedy matters after they have written. I now have a working model of the relationship of the planner and supporter, I also have a better concept of the earmarks of a good planning session. What essentially happens in a good planning session is a dynamic and, in a sense, an organic process. I said earlier that the successful use of these plan- ning tools or any other planning tool is dependent on the attitude that writers bring to a planning session and noton the planning tools themselves. I feel that if I did this debrieflng consistently, I would lead the writers to understand the seriousness of purpose that is necessary for a good planning session. Talking about a planning session would allow writers to see the strengths and weakness of their planning and allow them to understand the relationship that a plan- ner and supporter need to nurture.

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In A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking says: In order to talk about the nature of the universe and to discuss questions such as whether it has a beginning or an end, you have to be clear about what a scientific thesis writing services uk theory is.

I shall take the simple- minded view that a theory is just a model of the universe, or a restricted part of it, and a set of rules that relate quantities in the model to the observations that we make.

It exists only in our minds and does not haveany other reality (whatever that might mean).

A theory is a good theory if it satisfies two requirements: It must accurately describe a large class of observations on the basis of a model thai contains only a few arbitrary elements, and it must make definite predictions about the results of future observations. With that model, I can then start making some assump- tions and start drawing some conclusions.

As a general statement, I would say that the quality of the planning session depends on the quality of the supporter. Leonard Donaldson, a history teacher at Peabody High School and a member of the Making Thinking Visible project, said this at one of our eariier meetings. I tucked that information away, not fully appreciating what he meant. With my own work this year, I now see the ramifications of his remarks.

A good supporterisabletohelptheplanner work with design and rhetorical concerns through questioning, active listening, and re-questioning. These skills, however, need to be modelled for the writers until they become proficient in using them. By using the metacomprehension diagram, I can show writers how their planning sessions can help one another gain the knowledge they need for their writing. They should, then, come to an understanding of what they know, what they do not know and how to rectify this.

It is one thing to look at a finished product and to second guess the thinking behind it. It is quite another to watch that thinking in action and realize how it will affect the final product. Planning, to me now, is one of the more important parts of the writing process. It allows me to recognize which window of metacomprehension I was operating in this past year and how to tell where my writers might be. Western Pennsylvania Council of thesis writing services uk Teachers of English, 1987. Helping inexperienced writers see writing as a complex process that begins with something that is inchoate and results in a tangible product can challenge us as writing instructors— and we are not always successful when we try to illustrate this process for our studen ts.

Tor many students, what occurs between the inchoate and the tangible remains an enigma. However, many inexperienced writers are unaccustomed to thinking about writing in this mindful manner and attending to what often seems like an overwhelming number of time-consuming consider- ations. If we look at the process experio r ed writers engage in as exemplifying a paradigm, we begin to discover some useful activities and strategies that can be shared with inexperienced writers. An important question, then, is how does a writing instructor set about portraying the subtleties and nuances of planning a paper?

Although the shadent-teacher conference frequently occurs between drafts of a text, this same sort of collaborative arrangement could offer perhaps one of the most effective methods of providing an inexperienced writer with a fruitful plan- ning session.

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