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Each teacher-researcher in our project spent all of last year carefully examining a question or set of questions he or she wanted to address while using collaborative planning with a group of student writers. The papers in this collection present the perspxtives of each project member: our work in progress, our observations, reflections, and discoveries about collaborative planning. Still otners examine issues of pedagogy, transfer of knowledge, and the movement from planning collaboratively to producing texts.

Section Two, Tracing Processes, includes papers which track thesis writing service uk the development of writers in light of a specific issue or issues. We would like to thank all of the members of the Making Thinking Visible Project for writing those papcrsand for alio wingus to place tlicm in this casebook for others, especially those interested in writing and classroom research, to read. And we would like to thank our families for their encouragement and devotion while wc took time this summer and fall to edit this casebook.

Aston Pamela Turlky COLLAUOKAHVI- PLANNING: CONCFJTS, PrCXTESS. The first paper is a preview for those not familiar with collaborative planning or this project— its focus is what this technique is all about and what the goals of the project are. She describes several of the methods used by the project members to conduct their inquiries and highlights the substance and purpose of each of the casebook papers.

Wallace, Linda Norris, Wayne C, Peck, Nancy Nelson Swvey Carnegie Meiwn UsiVERsny The krger implications of making this process teachable go beyond instructional methods, They involve a new way to see and diagnose problems that gets at fundamental difficulties students face in their thinking and writing processes. And they show how we can capitalize on the real abilities of students, including those at risk in the schools,. Collaborative planning is a way to help writers to use planning, at various stages in the writing process, to explore and develop their own plans for writing. Collaborative planning is a loosely structured planning process in which a writer explains and elaboratesa plan to a supporter. The supporter listens, asks questions, and encourages the writer to develop his or her plan. The writer (planner) and supporter may then switch roles, and the second writer has an opportunity to talk out a plan for his or her own paper. Prinqples of Collaborative Planning Collaborative planning takes many forms, from conversations in the hall, to informal sessions in a dorm room or in class, to scheduled meetings or conferences where a planner lays out ideas to a group. For collaborative planning to be effective, students must adapt H to the specific writing task they face.

Students can use collaborative planning before they write, in tbn middle of a draft, or as part of reviewing a tnxt. Collaborative planning is a chance for the writer to talk, think, and explore options. ABORATIVK PhANNLSC: CoNCiaTS, PROCESSES, AND ASSIGKMILVTS 3 Basic Elements of Collaborative Planning Collaborative planning needs only three things: a planner, a supporter, and a tentative plan. You can explain to student writers that they might want best thesis writing to use the following process when they are in the role of the planner. Get a sense of key ideas, main point, purpose, organization, and so on.

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You may want to jot notes or even draft pieces of text. Meet with your partner or supporter when you are ready to talk about your plan. Tellyour supporter how he thesis writing service uk or she might help you most. Do you want to use your collaborative session to brainstorm, to let you try out ideas in a loose and informal way?

Do you need to talk out your understanding of the as- signment? Or do you want your supporter to listen like a reader (or your instructor) might, to spot problems, to notice gaps? Since writers need different kinds of help at dif- ferent times, design this session about what you need most. If your plan is still sketchy, you might want to start by talking over the task as you see it or examining ideas you find interesting and want to in- clude. If your plan is more developed, you might jump right in by explaining your purpose and goals for this paper and zeroing in on key F)oints. But be careful not to let the blackboard become a straitjacket or to let your planning session turn into a rigid question-and-answer session. Although the goal is toexploreyour wholeplan,you may want tofocuson a special area.

Remember that you, as the planner, have to take charge of this session and make it to work for you.

Collaborative planning gives you an exceptional windowonyourplanningpyocessthiatletsyoudiscover strategies that work well for you as well as decisions or strategies that may cause trouble. The best reflection comes when you can actually observe (not just re- member) what you and your supporter said and did. You may want to use a tape recorder (placed unobtrusively) to make a tape of the entire planning session. Just turn it on and ignore it until you are done, as your private, silent scribe. Listening to your tape after the session can help you give a name to some effective "thingsyou have always done without thinking about it. An Example of Collaborative Planning When your students do collaborative planning, you might hear an exchange like this one between two college freshmen planning a paper. Tm gonna have to use a lot of examples to prove, to prove it to them that different writing styles exist, and I want my audience to be able to relate their own experiences tc this and maybe see how it affects them.

Supporter: So, what kind of examples are you gotuia use? Switching from high school scientific paper writing services writing to college writing. Some Benehts of Collaborative Planning One of the most effective ways to get ideas and to improve writing is for the writer to talk over the plan with a good listener. You can explain to students that when they talk about their plan, four important things can happen. You may even have breakthroughs to new ideas thesis writing service uk and see new connections. The Role of the Supporter Supporters play a critical role in making a col- laborative planning session work. Try to figure out how you can encourage your planner to build a better or more developed plan, especially in the key areas of the blackboard.

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