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Monica said: essay help writing For me, personally, I did not do the outline and the draft, I just wrote whatever I felt like, and then revised it, and made that my essay. I did not make any drafts, or make any outline, I just wrote the essay because I am not a person who loves to write a lot, yeah, I just wanted to get it over with. I usually thesis paper help get down what I want to say the first time.

If I do revise, it is just going over the paper, changing a few words here or there. I just never felt the need to go through the stages of writing. We also had rubrics telling us how they would be marked. We had sample essays within the booklet that he gave us.

Having teacher feedback that helps with the process of writing was deemed important by Jason. He said: What we did for our essays is we had to get them peer-reviewed from another person and then we could send them in to her to get checked over if it was before the actual deadline. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 123 Luke also found that his teacher made the effort to provide guidance during the actual writing of the essay: I remember for a couple of assignments in grade 12 she said get your thesis paper help thesis statement down, get your thesis paragraph, and then she took that, and read it over, and she gave us what we could improve, what your strong points are, and your weaknesses. And then we did the same thing for a whole draft and then a final copy. Only four out of the twenty students interviewed reported that they followed the writing process when writing their essays and that they had the time to edit and revise their essays.

The findings of Flower and Hayes, 1981, Keh, 1990, and McCormick, 2006 stressed the importance of having students follow the process approach when writing an essay. However, there are many ways of using a process approach to writing and this study did not make a distinction between the different approaches.

Rather it gave students a very generic definition of the writing process (draft, revise, and re-write) which may explain why the results of the quantitative survey were much higher than the qualitative interviews. Similarly, Alsup and Bernard-Donals (2002) observed that though students had been taught the process model of writing, they were not following the process when completing their papers except in a very superficial way that saw students performing isolated tasks without questioning the process.

In the qualitative interviews the seven students who reported that they followed the process model of writing said that they wrote multiple drafts of their essays in high school, but the same students found that they did not have time to make use of the process approach to writing in first-year university. Beaufort (2006) reported the same finding in her UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 124 study. She determined that university students did not have time to write multiple drafts of their essays due to time constraints.

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Surprisingly, perhaps, the data from the qualitative interviews suggests that students often feel that they have too much time to complete assignments in high school. The consensus from the students (15 of 20) interviewed points to a sense that there is more than enough time to complete assignments in both English Language Arts classes and content areas classes.

In fact, students reported that they were given so much time to complete assignments that they could miss two weeks of classes and still keep pace with their classes. They indicated that teachers often gave them too much time for certain assignments, and not enough time for other assignments. In addition, the writing assignments focused more on short answer questions and fill-in-the -blank assignments than on paragraph type papers. Both Applebee (1981, thesis paper help 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (2006) observed that students were not required to conduct research and for the most part wrote narrative pieces that asked for their opinion on a topic.

Given these results, and taking into account the findings from this study, it is perhaps not surprising that students reported that they had ample time to complete their assignments, since the assignments they were being asked to complete were typically only 2-3 pages in length. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 128 High School Writing This section is broken down into six sub-themes of the writing students had to do in high school. The sub-themes are as follows: (a) the length of writing assignments required in high school (figures 4. Each will be discussed separately using both quantitative survey questions, and qualitative data. The Length of Writing Assignments Required in High School Most of the current literature suggests that high school writing assignments are brief.

Miller, Bender, and Schub (2005) found in their study that high school websites to buy research papers English Language Arts teachers require little writing, and often students can get away with completing assignments the night before they are due. The findings of the current study are consistent with what Applebee (1981, 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (2006) found in their studies of writing instruction in high schools. Both Applebee (1981, 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (2006) characterized the kinds of writing that high school students were expected to do as superficial and reported that students were asked to repeat or relate back information that the teachers had already organized. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 129 Table 4.

Students were asked to report on the length of the writing assignments they were expected to complete in high school both in their English Language Arts classes and their other courses. It was important to ask this question because of the findings of Applebee (1981, 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (2006) who both found that students were not required to write papers of any length in high school.

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