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Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Georgia Council of the International Reading Association, Spring Conference. Multipass is essentially an adaptation of the SQ3R method. SQ3R tends to be more successful with stronger readers. Multipass involves three sub-strategies: Survey, Size-up and Sort-out. This is a previewing pass, the purpose of which is to ascertain "he main idea and organization of the reading material.

The procedure is most appropriately used with a small group. Students are told the name of the story or assignment and asked to predict what they think it is about. Students check their predictions by looking at pictures and graphics, and by actually reading the material. Students read to determine who made the right predictions and why. When the DRTA routine is established, students can use the following guide to work independently and respond in writing: 1. Write your answers to these two questions before you read any of the material. Read the story to verify or refute your speculations. VVrite your answers to those questions before you continue reading. Before you continue reading, answer this question: What do thesis consulting you expect to happen next and why? Read until you determine whether you are right or wrong.

This will set the purpose for reading the section it introduces. The time needed to complete each section should then be estimated (e.

The following procedure is suggested to aid students in tl s step. Skip those questions on the first pass which appear difficult.

When the easy and certain questions are answered, return to those skipped and marked with a symbol, and try again.

R - Read the directions for the entire test and for each test question very carefully. This could have two meanings, according to the type of test question : a. Never leave questions unanswered unless you are penalized for wrong answers. Only change answers if you have a good reason to do so. Make certain that your name is printed on all separate sheets. For permission to reprint copyrighted material, grateful acknowledgment is made to R. Andrews for excerpts from SPELT: A Strategies Program for Effective Learning andThinking, 1987, pp. Usually or Sometimes: In true-false questions, they usually indicate a correct answer. Compare - Look at two or more things and find how they are alike. Look at two or more things and see now they are different. Diagram - Make a drawing ora chart and label all the parts. Discuss - Explain the good and bad points of something. Evaluate - Similar to discussing, but more emphasi. Justify - Prove a personal answer by providing evidence. Review - Examine the major points of the problem critically.

State Write about the main points omitting any details. Trace - Start at the beginning of an event and follow its progress through to the end, describing major points along the way. This activity is designed to review directly, skills in reading a resource.

Students will preview a resource to identify the information and resources contained in it and how these may be helpful. Students will practise skills in locating and organizing information.

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This activity can be extended with a review of, cr instruction in, note-taking methods. Provide students with a checklist of the parts of a resource, such as the following: thesis consulting CHECKLIST FOR PREVIEWING A RESOURCE 1.

What does the title tell you about the kinds of topics this resource will cover? Back of Resource: Which of the following are included? Which of the following are included in each chapter? Discussion should conclude with students identifying several ways in which the resource can help them personally. Students should also offer comments on whether they think the resource is a good choice, explaining their reasons, and whether they think it will be helpful to students. Follow this activity with a review of good note-taking techniques, using the resource as the basis for the notes. Have students list activities and corresponding times for an evening.

Bed 10:00 Have students determine the listed activities that may be inflexible or beyond their control, such as mealtimes and household chores, and those that are flexible, such as watching TV and completing homework. The following table may be used as an example and is based on the above sample schedule. Instruct students to develop a weekly studying schedule. Both homework and studying should be included in their schedules. Some students will study by reviewing the new material from each class on a daily basis, while others may select one subject per evening to study. Remind students that managing time by completing homework and studying daily may decrease the time they will need to spend studying prior to an exam.

I remember things best by: a) watching a movie or TV b) reading c) hearing someone explain d) writing things down (e. Which learning modality do you use most often - auditory " earing)?

Remember, we set learners up for success when we present new material in their preferred mcde.

Have learners visualize how they feel, what they see (colour, texture, size, shapes. Provide opportunity for the learner to use new information within 24 hours. Teaching Through Modality Strengths: Concepts and Practices. Teaching Students Thiough Their Individual Learning Styles: A Practical Approach.

National Association of Secondary School Principals, Reston, Virginia, 1988. National Association of Secondary School Principals, Reston, best thesis writing services Virginia, 1987.

For permission to reprint copyrighted material grateful acknowledgment is made to the Calgary Board of Education for excerpts from Student Centred Education: A Guide to Understanding and Accommodating Learning Styles, 2nd edition, by Margot Gruner and Linda ter Borg, 1986, pp. An external locus of control - that is, a belief that luck, chance, fate, or the thesis consulting whims of "powerful others" determine the outcomes of personal actions - is typically manifested by low achieving students and is significantly related to achievement behaviours, job success and career maturity.

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