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Teachers tuere able to benefit from access to improved instruments linked to the learning continua for literacy and numeracy.

Whole school approaches fi strong uuhole of school culture existed for evidence- led teaching using a cyclic approach to link assessment, teaching and learning for literacy and numeracy. The school uuas committed to using differentiated teaching practices designed to target student learning needs.

This uuas part of an overall effort to improve links betuueen home and school, and other measures included the sharing of more detailed information uuith parents and carers through student reports, talks about student learning and articles in the school neuuspaper. LNLSN, Building Capacity and the BER have all provided essential resources for the school The leadership team commented that uuithout these sources of funding the school uuould not have been able to provide the staffing or resources needed to support its intervention programs for literacy and numeracy.

The additional funding has been used to provide specialist teachers for literacy and numeracy support, including in- class support for teachers, additional resources for teaching and assessment, an ICT facility in the school and additional ICT harduuare to enable teachers to implement ICT-mediated learning experiences in classrooms. The leadership team uuas challenged by the uncertainty inherent in the funding processes that had provided the school uuith its much needed resources.

More certain essay on old custom and longer funding periods uuere seen as essential. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available The school has made extensive use of instruments to measure student performance in literacy and numeracy. The NRPLRN assessments and analyses have enhanced the capacity of teachers to use assessment measures to inform their teaching practice, fls indicated in point 5 above, there appears to be a need for more instruments that are designed to link assessment to teaching processes, from the early school years through to the final year of primary school. The teachers in this school mapped student progress from year to year using a number of different instruments, but further instruments to support mapping of student literacy and numeracy across the curriculum uuould help to improve student tracking. Tools to monitor student engagement changes over time This case study demonstrates the cheap essay services need for tools to monitor student academic engagement over time. Rs noted in the point above the teachers at this school commence their assessment and tracking of student literacy and numeracy on entry from preschool. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders The leadership team uuas adept at making submissions to build the funding and resource base of the school, and as a result, the teachers benefited from having access to specialist literacy and numeracy teachers.

The experience reported for this school highlights the need for a vigilant school leadership team that is atuare of the current policies for school funding and is able to put in timely and successful funding applications. School leaders also need to be able to develop a coherent vision for the use of neuu resources, so as to ensure teachers are able to deliver differentiated teaching that meets the needs of all students in the school.

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Improved teacher knotuledge about the use of data has been pivotal in building the cuhole of school strategy. NAPLAN data and analysis have also provided a reliable and comparative source of information to help teachers to assess how uuell students are performing, and to identify the strategies needed to help them make further progress.

The high turnover of thesis binding service students creates a demand on teacher time and expertise, to continually assess and monitor teaching needs.

Conclusion Case Study School 12 presents a small low-fee iouu- ICSEA independent denominational school that has made a difference to student learning outcomes.

The school had already developed a comprehensive support program for literacy and numeracy based on evidence-informed teaching. National initiative funding, including thesis binding service National Partnerships funding, has provided support to refine this tuork.

School Type School system and year levels provided by the school 3. List of initiatives that are considered to contribute to student academic engagement List the program of initiatives being reported for this project 7. Date each initiative started Month and year each initiative began 9. If there is no projected end date indicate initiatives are ongoing Project Support 10.

Have any initiatives been supported by an external organization? Details of support given Details of Initiatives 13. Indicate if specific learning areas addressed: Indication of any special curricular foci 15. Grades impacted Grade levels being impacted by each initiative 16.

Demographics of students Details of age range, gender and proportions, evidence of learning need. Biggest planning challenges and how they were overcome What were the biggest planning challenges? How were particular planning issues and challenges overcome? Biggest implementation thesis binding service challenges and how they were overcome What were the biggest implementation challenges and how did you overcome best website to buy research papers these challenges? Biggest challenge regarding the balance of initiatives in the school What were the biggest challenges in achieving a set of initiatives that suit the needs of the school? How many teachers thesis binding service were directly involved in each initiative, and what role(s) did they play? Details of the number of teachers directly involved what they did and what they achieved 22. How have these initiatives impacted on teachers that were indirectly involved? How have initiatives impacted on teachers who were not directly involved in their development and implementation? Describe how each initiative supported effective teaching approaches. Details of how each initiative affected the students and other participants How did each initiative support effective teaching approaches which impacted students? What sources of information or instruments were used to collect data? Was data used to map individual student needs from year to year — and if so how? How were the findings used in the development of initiatives at the school?

What gains in student achievement have occurred and how have you measured them? Is there any other data that supports the conclusions about project impact?

What differences are attributed to the initiatives?

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