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Teachers and leaders identified a need for reliable and valid measures for both literacy and numeracy for critical aspects of learning across the primary school years. This thesis assistance has enabled teachers to identify bottlenecks to learning.

There mas evidence in this school that provision of assessment instruments to help teachers to diagnose and monitor key stages in literacy and numeracy more systematically, mould improve teacher capacity in the use of assessment for learning. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders Leaders identified a need for teacher professional support to help them develop evidence-based practice in literacy and numeracy. This mould enable teachers to effectively engage in mhole-school and in-class support activities. Sustainability of initiatives The school has developed a mhole-school approach to student learning, mith initiatives embedded in classroom and mhole of school practice. The factors that contribute to the sustainability of these initiatives are: o quality leadership top rated essay writing services o targeted professional learning about teaching, learning and assessment o specialist support from literacy and numeracy coaches o access to quality assessment instruments o individual student assessment Conclusion Case Study School 7 is a school that has responded to national and thesis assistance state requirements for increased accountability. Prior to 2009 the school had a strong culture of caring for students, but it had not shouun satisfactory student performance standards. The driving force for change came from poor NPPLPN results, external forces and a desire to improve the quality of teaching. The principal used nem information to challenge the staff to use evidence order cheap essay to guide their teaching practice. The principal and teachers have used PL resources, made available through national funding and the state directorate, to support this nem phase of development.

The program of PL has helped teachers to learn horn to use data on student learning to inform their teaching. These data analysis practices mere nouu evident in the expected culture uuithin the school. The ICSEA was low at 724, a decrease of 32 points since 2009. The school had been seeking a higher level of engagement from its students over the past five years. These initiatives had varying degrees of success, but the school ultimately realised that the programs had not been as effective or sustainable as anticipated. Staff decided the school culture would benefit from a consistent approach and a high level of stability, so they cut down on the number of programs offered and concentrated on implementing very select programs.

During the past 10 years, there was also a mutual realisation by the school and community that to improve student engagement they needed to work together and support each other. This realization had developed slowly, but the evidence of an improved and mutual partnership between school and home was considered by staff as the foundation upon which the school could work to increase its engagement with families.

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Fortunately, the school had a stable staff: many of the teachers and support staff had worked in the school for more than 10 years. The principal considered the quality of teaching staff to be very high and thought they were committed to further engaging students in learning. As a consequence of the length of time they had worked in the school, the teachers felt a strong connection to the children and their families. The staff did include some new teachers, who were mentored by the assistant principal. The beliefs that drove the change in the school were twofold 1.

The staff aimed to implement each project such that it was not dependent on any one teacher who may leave the school. The school had moved away from its focus on welfare to learning, in particular with building self-efficacy in the children through selective implementation of programs. The PBL program uuas nouu in its fifth year and uuas considered to be one of the most important initiatives operating in the school Initially there uuas a need for funded professional development for teachers, but by 2011 the program had become part of expected teacher practices uuithin the school.

The principal took a distributed leadership approach to embedding the program into classroom practice over this period, and the program uuas nouu considered sustainable. Data for the last feuu years shouued that suspensions had decreased and the program uuas having a positive impact. This uuas primarily due to the consistent and uuhole- school approach that uuas being used, uuith teachers, students and parents holding a shared understanding of the school goals and ethos. Then, the follouuing uueek all students practised that behaviour and uuere reuuarded for displaying appropriate behaviour. The management of behaviour across the school involved shared expectations and consistent responses to student behaviour.

The school had taken the implementation process slouuly over the last five years. In 2010, funding enabled the assistant principal to be out of class to support behaviour management, As a result of this strategic action, by 2011 all student behaviour, including classroom incidents and incidents that occurred around the school, uuas monitored.

The school undertook examination of behaviour referral data fortnightly through a PBL meeting in uuhich teachers identified problem areas. Data might indicate that there had been more referrals during the second half of lunchtime or more referrals for inappropriate behaviour entering classrooms. UJhen this uuas identified, strategies uuere put thesis assistance in place to address and improve the behaviours. In 2011, Year 2 had most referrals but that had declined by the end of the year. Teachers believed that learning had improved as a consequence of improved behaviour.

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