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For students in science classes, it appeared that the direction was not geared toward writing instruction, though teachers provided some guidance in how to structure the lab reports.

Page said: In science classes it was basically an outline and what they expected. Fill in sections, you did the first format, and then they would tell you, this is good.

We had to basically put in summaries and what we understood about the lab. Jason expressed a similar view: In science class he gave us a set of instructions and most of the time we did not get a set diagram that we could look at but we were able to ask him for help and he was happy to help.

Luke also found: In grade 10 chemistry, we had so many lab reports. I just found that harder because we did not get as much guidance for lab reports essay editing service reviews and I remember we had a page with a hundred common mistakes, thesis abstracts online common UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 140 mistakes, but a hundred of them. So, it was like trying to look through them, but they were helpful in writing up a lab report. The number of assignments students were expected to complete varied by teacher, as did the kinds of writing. Students felt that their teachers did not provide the necessary direction that would have made completing their assignments more successful. The findings of the present study indicate that it was the perception of the high school students (15 of 20) that they participated in various writing assignments in their content area classes with no clear sense of purpose for the various thesis abstracts online tasks. It is not enough, however, to merely increase the number and length of writing assignments. Though Applebee (1984b) concluded from his studies on the nature of writing instruction that school writing tasks are often limited and unrewarding, he cautioned against teachers increasing the amount of writing that students are expected to do without addressing the levels of reasoning and kinds of knowledge that students need in thesis abstracts online their respective content area classes. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 141 The number of different writing assignments identified by the students in high school was consistent with what Hillocks (2006) discovered in his research when he concluded that the teaching of writing was little more than the making of assignments. Applebee (1981) found that the kinds of writing assignments students were expected to do in high school were designed to test previous knowledge rather than to explore new ideas. Students were expected to arrive at a right answer. Applebee concluded that students were expected to produce a product based on what the teacher had taught. They were not required to analyze or evaluate the information. When prompted in the interviews, the students listed all the kinds of writing they were expected to do in their high school English Language Arts classes. These ranged from short answer questions to essays.

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I did research papers, essays, exam questions, poems, and all the variety of papers. The data from the quantitative survey was consistent with this finding. On the survey, students reported that they had to write essays, research papers, short answer questions, poems, short stories, newspaper articles, and journals thesis abstracts online in high school. Though the sheer number of writing assignments increased the volume of the writing the students were required to produce, it also led to a number of the participants (6 of 20) expressing dissatisfaction or confusion.

They reported frustration at having to write so many different kinds of assignments.

They were particularly unhappy with the lack of clear direction given for the assignments. The students (1 1 of 20) talked of getting high marks on their English Language Arts assignments but they also reported that the marks they received did not have any meaning for them.

They felt that they could turn in work of any quality and still get a good mark. They also reported that they did not often bother to try to incorporate the teacher comments they received on their papers because the comments were often not helpful. In addition, if they did read the comments the students (6 of 20) did not always see ways in which they could UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 143 incorporate the teacher comments into their next paper because they perceived each assignment to be a stand-alone assignment.

For example, if they wrote a poem, they wrote thesis abstracts online a single poem and did not write another until the next year when the annual poetry unit came around. Similarly, if they were asked to write a journal, it was not handed in until the unit was completed with no opportunity to incorporate the feedback. Thus, the comments they received after the fact were not helpful for improving their journal writing. For the students who participated in this study, they reported that these kinds of assignments made writing haphazard and disjointed.

The lack of clear direction in high school English Language Arts classes caused students to become frustrated when completing assignments. Linnenbrink and Pintrich (2003) reported that if students see that their teachers have an interest in student performance, medical school essay service students are more likely to be involved, engaged, and motivated for schoolwork. A supportive teacher can make a difference in student motivation as Linnenbrink and Pintrich (2003) point out.

Such teachers can assist their students to see themselves as capable and able to navigate assignments successfully. Similarly, in their study of two hundred and fifty second- year students from a small Canadian university, Brady and Allingham (2007) found that there was a relationship between the success of students and their perception of the degree of support they received from their instructors.

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