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On the other hand, certain stars which exceed the sun in volume are his inferiors in mass and density 11. On this principle the dimensions of the Milky Way have been approximately " gauged. If the distance of Sirius be as 1, that of a star at any outskirt of the stratum will be as from 200 to 300. It passes, by any of the three routes, from the centre to the extremities of the Milky Way, in about 3,000 years p. If certain writers on astronomy are to be trusted in their diagnosis of celestial space, we must prepare for a third flight into a third order of distances. The Galaxy itself, they tell us, is but a nebula among nebulae. Of these nearly 4,000 are already the help essay prompts cata- n Lardner, " The Stellar Universe," chap. The elder Herschel (quoted by Lardner) computes 20,000, the younger 2,000, for the passage of light from the centre to an extremity of the Galaxy. It is not only unproved, but it has been the help essay prompts unanswerably disproved, that any cluster of stars looking for someone to write my essay within the field of the telescope is co-ordinate in dimensions or in contents with the Milky Way.

Among the cosmical clusters, the Galaxy is as the Australian continent to custom essay writing help Polynesia — the mainland of the celestial archipelago. The nebulas are its outliers and suffragans, not its peers and equivalents 1 ". It is a law of optics that the the help essay prompts visibility of a luminous object diminishes with the square of increasing distance : the moon three times farther off would yield only a ninth of the light. Place him, however, at the hypothetical distance claimed by some writers for a nebula, — say 1000 times i A scientific friend favours me with the following : — " The state- ments current as to the distance of the nebulse are founded on con- jectural estimates, most diffidently advanced, by Sir W.

Authentic astronomy, overwhelming us by its mea- surements of magnitude and distance, supplies kindred conceptions of cosmical time. Among them and along with them, our sun circulates in a track for one revolution in which Madler s demands no fewer than eighteen millions of years. How often have he and his attendant worlds described this round? How often may they be destined to describe it again? To such questionings the only answer is, that as the universe, however vast, is not infinite, so the universe, however ancient, is not eternal. Law had its seat in "the bosom of God," be- fore it had its expression in the constitution of matter s Quoted by Kurtz, " Bible and Astron. Motion so regulated presupposes manipulation, and therefore a u beginning. If we combine the nebular hypothesis with the doctrine of a resisting medium w , the solar system is now wending through a stage of isolated parts, from a past of vaporous unity to a future of consolidated reunion. That is, all we know of the earth is an interval between ejection from and re-absorption into the parent mass. Now the doctrine of the primitive continuity of matter, with high physical probability v " Illustrations of the law of multiple proportions abound. Let the reader take for example the compounds of nitrogen and oxygen, five in number, containing the proportions of the two elements so described that the quantity of one of them shall remain constant : — Nitrogen.

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With the characteristic credulity of unbelief, he predicts that when all the planets are ensepulchred in the sun, the sun will re-expand into a nebula. Without a the help essay prompts Divine Pilot, how could a mass of nebulosity have steered itself into a solar system or a habitable earth x? And yet He, instead of creating, not only each planet, but each wandering fragment of the system, by a distinct fiat of Omnipotence, may have effected the necessary adaptations in concert with the ministry of His own laws. If matter is eternal, why then is the help essay prompts its appointed race not run ere now? With a resisting medium, why is planetary and even cometary motion still uncon- quered? With an evolution eternally necessary, why is it still in progress? There is no refuge from the gripe of these questions save that which unites science to the first sentence of the Bible. The cosmos ori- ginated, not in physical necessity, but in Divine Will. One such consists in the manifest liability to deceptive extension of the principle of final causes. It is not astronomical science, but a vivacious imagin- ation — not a Newton, but a Fontenelle — that builds earth-resembling worlds in the air. Than unnum- bered masses of dead matter, be it brilliant or opaque, life is intrinsically nobler. All the laws of vital development that obtain on this planet must be, not modified, but reversed, if there be any life in the sun. Comets, compared by Kepler to u fishes in the sea" for multitude, may be peopled by the temerity of the human imagination, but not otherwise.

But there is an enormous and perilous stride from life to intelligence.

If winged creatures cleave our co-planetary atmospheres, and fish replenish co- planetary deeps, does it follow that observatories crown the heights of Jupiter, or that navies sweep the seas of Mars? The distribution of animal life athwart the globe ap- pears to yield a law, which there is no reason for sup- posing peculiar to itself, of gradual deterioration and ultimate extinction as we recede from a medium tem- perature towards assignable extremes of either heat or cold.

He might sus- tain life write my essay help amidst the fires of Etna, or around the chillest pinnacle of the Alps. Life, in like manner, may be unfolded in other regions of the solar system, under physical conditions which are always noxious or fatal to it on the surface of the earth.

But analogy, rightly construed, does not favour the surmise. And he who ponders the incompatibility of all terrestrial life with certain terrestrial locations, will pause before, in idol- atry of mere material vastitude, he imposes on the Deity a speculative task, or disparages the noblest of His works that is known to us — the understanding and the soul of man a. The plurality of worlds is a subject on which it is a The argument of this paragraph coincides with that of the "Plurality of "Worlds.

Similar considerations, I find, suggested themselves to Hugh Miller and to the Rev. That the uni- verse is a lifeless desert, would be a doctrine loaded with improbabilities of which no ingenuity could get rid.

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