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This type of writing generally calls for using higher- level thinking skills. As always, the opening of the prompt is very important. You might also want to read the beginning of a few classic novels when teaching this type of writing. I sometimes kill common beginnings in the hope that students will be forced to think of better ones.

When students hand in a good prompt with a poor beginning, I give it back. Students often want to link them only with opinion. This is a good time to give a lesson about the difference between fact and opinion. Of course, students must use their opinions, but they must learn to back their opinions with fact. If you get papers laden with opinion and light on fact, suggest that students include some facts to prove the correctness of their opinions. In the prompts included here, I ask students to write about changes in their lives. Middle school students find this type of writing very demanding.

They can also be rather provincial and unable to think globally. As the teacher, you have to work hard to give students permission to think differently. They need to feel free to express themselves without the fear of being shot down for being different. These prompts often produce the most interesting papers from students. In the prewriting organizer, students are asked to focus in on this characteristic. Students need to be sure they have a clear speculation and some idea of where they want to go with it. The three circles in the graphic organizer will help them determine either causes or effects. They need to finish their thoughts with the results of their speculations and the causes and effects in the rectangle at the bottom. In this case, they will need to talk with classmates who have received a detention in the past. They will need to work hard at starting their essays in unique ways. In the octagons below, note the best essay writing services your ideas of what might be different because of your "what if" statement. Each octagon should contain thoughts about only one difference. You have engaged your reader with purpose and conviction. You link the cause and its effects with purpose and logic. This type of writing generally calls for using higher-level thinking skills.

As always, the opening of your piece of writing is very important. It can be hard to think of original ways to begin writing.

Think about the difference between fact and opinion.

Of course, you must use your opinions, but you must learn to back your opinions with fact. As you write your first draft, make sure you include some facts to prove the correctness of your opinions. Another challenge in this kind of writing is learning how to think differently. Graphic Organizer The prewriting organizer for this kind of writing focuses on the importance of your speculation. Your teacher will grade this essay on how well you show this change in your writing. You should fully explain the effects of this change on the people around you. You will want to give several proofs that this change took place. Writing Situation You walk in the door one day, the best essay writing services and your social life ends.

You have to serve your sentence without protest, thinking about what you have done.

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Directions for Writing Write an essay for your English teacher telling about a time when you were grounded. Your English teacher will want to know why you were grounded, but more than that, your teacher will want you to focus on the grounding and the cause.

Tell and show your feelings, thoughts, attitude, and the effects of the grounding. You should have an exciting introduction and a conclusion that completes your paper. Make sure you use your best spelling and your best grammar. Your grades are often the best essay writing services excellent, and you feel good about yourself. When it comes to tests, they spend their time looking at the people sitting near them for the answers. When they get their results, they never seem as excited as you do. They seem to feel somewhat abased, or demeaned, by their actions. Tell your friend about someone in your class who cheats. To answer this prompt properly, you will need to show how the cheater has been abased, or demeaned, by cheating. Explain the possible consequences of this behavior. Your grade will also depend on the thoroughness of your discussion of the causes of cheating and its effects on the entire class. Directions for Writing Write an essay for your English teacher describing a time when you were given detention. Your teacher will want to know all the details of how this detention was assigned: who else was there to observe the incident, what was the behavior that caused it. Your teacher will also want to know all the effects of the detention. The first paragraph should be an introduction and the last a conclusion. The books, articles, and stories I like to read are mostly about.

Pick one of these three aspects of yourself to write about. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 1 : Activity 1. Learning to trust your own response and to express it clearly is an important part of becoming an effective communicator. Communicating with a Purpose Why do you communicate with others? There are, of course, many reasons for communicating. You may wish to share with others your ideas, insights, emotions, and attitudes.

You may also want to learn the ideas, insights, emotions, and attitudes of others. You can carry out this sharing process by reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Writing is one of the principal methods of communicating. You might want to write to communicate details about yourself. These are some of the common goals that writers fulfil in setting their thoughts down on paper. If you want to communicate effectively, you must have a clear idea of just what it is the best essay writing services you want to say and why you want to say it. Compare your response with the one in the Appendix, Section 1 : Activity 1. You probably already have access to a dictionary and are no doubt familiar with how to use it. A good handbook, however, gives writers a lot more help than this, offering all sorts of advice on things like paragraph construction, sentence structure, writing research papers, editing and proofreading, and so on.

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