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This may explain why Content appropriateness could be ensured, Organization of ideas in logical sequential order could be sustained, grammaticality in Expression could be perfected, and mastering the use and usage of Writing-Mechanics could be ascertained.

It exposes learners to a pool of ideas and the the best custom essay writing service teacher as the facilitator or the moderator is always in the position to steer the students towards correction.

The Process approach treats all writing as a creative act which requires time and positive feedback to be done well.

In process writing, the teacher moves away from being someone who sets students a writing topic and receives the finished product for correction without any intervention in the writing process itself. The changing roles of teacher and students may also be of great assistance in the development of the writing skill. The teacher needs to move away from being a marker to a reader, responding to the content of student writing more than the form. Students should be encouraged to think about audience: Who is the writing for? Students also need to realize that what they put down on paper can be changed: Things can be deleted, added, restructured, reorganized, adjusted and improved upon.

Finally, the act of composing and generating ideas strengthen originality. Originality berates plagiarism hence the Process Approach which favors the the best custom essay writing service ability to generate ideas may do a lot to sustain academic good essay writing company integrity. Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education 23 www. Implications Based on the outcomes of this research work, there appeared to be some observable implications for the following stake-holders. School administrators could see through the Process approach advocated for in this research work that practicing the skill of writing would extend beyond the usual time allotted in the school time table. It might become necessary to find ways of incorporating this in the school time table. Curriculum planners might find it necessary to see how the multi-draft nature of this approach could be planned and made fit into our serialized educational system. Course writers and Task designers would come to the realizations that the learner-centeredness of this approach might call for different orientations and new approach in the planning of the course work as well as designing workable tasks that promote independent writings. The targeting and pursuit of better performance essay writer software by teachers and students through the adoption of the the best custom essay writing service new approach might pose a serious concern to the textbook publishers.

There might be the need to publish new course books and encourage the writing of books that employ the Process approach in the writing skill development. Finally, the classroom teachers could see the issue of knowledge updating as a necessity in the bid to achieving the desirable goals. Recommendations The following recommendations were drawn with respect to this study. Competence in Written English: A Review of Studies by Two Scholars. Ibadan the Education Research and Studies Group Institute of Education University of Ibadan.

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An Investigation into the Methodological Approaches to Composition Instruction In Ondo State. Unpublished Med Thesis Submitted to University of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.

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An International Approach to the teaching of writing. The t-test analysis on the pre-test scores of the Control and Experimental groups for all the variables Variables Groups N X SD df t-cal t- table Content Control 40 1. The mean scores of the Control group bear no significant difference with the mean scores of the Experimental group. That is, there was no significant difference between the pre-test scores of students in both control and experimental groups. This established the homogeneity of the two groups. The t-test analysis on the post-test scores of the Control and Experimental groups Variables Group N X SD t cal t-table Content Control 40 1. The mean scores of the Experimental group are greater than the mean scores of the control group in all the variables. For example, the mean score for Content relevance for experimental group is 5. The implication of this is that, the Experimental group has better performance in all the variables than the Control group.

This can be traced to the positive effect of the treatment given to the Experimental group. The t-test analysis of the Post-test scores on the overall performance of the Control and Experimental groups in all the variables Group N — X - SD df t-cal t-table Control 40 6.

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