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But when it is shewn to be a part of a great interpretation, which is immediately followed by the words "But the sense according to the LXX is entirely different," what shall we say of such a quotation? Williams has given a true interpretation of the words he has quoted? Any competent Hebrew and Latin scholar, on reading these words, " De Chal- daeis nullus ambigit quin Daemones term papers sale sonent," would be directed by the words Chaldcei and sonent to a paro- nomasia or play on words between the Hebrew name for the Chaldaeans and the word for Demons 1 ".

The unlearned would understand from the account in the Essay that Jerome meant to lay down as a rule of interpretation, that wherever Chaldeans are men- tioned, Demons are intended, whereas all that Jerome does say is this, viz. Q2 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, mologically speaking. He immediately adds that the sense is entirely different according to the LXX. I invite all those who have the requisite acquirements to study this portion of Jerome, and to test the ac- count which I have given of his meaning with the utmost severity.

I now ask, if this account be true, can any reader trust the author of this Essay for a faithful portrait of one of the Fathers s? But this is by no means all the retribution due from the author of the Essay to the memory of this eminent Father. So far from being anxious to interpret Scripture thus mystically, and to make out the Chaldeans to be Demons, Jerome actually reproves Origen for this very fault on more occasion than one. Any person who desires to judge more fairly of Jerome, after this paltry attack of Dr. Williams, may consult, among other passages, his commentary on Isaiah xiii. He will there see how carefully he research paper outline help rejects the spiritual interpretation of Eusebius, who was not a person commonly run away with term papers sale by his imagination, and cleaves to the simple historical view of the passage, and how he repudiates the allegorizing spirit of Origen. Origen) " here s I must not be misunderstood, however. I quite acknowledge that this etymology is farfetched, and that this is au unsound mode of interpretation. But to charge Jerome with flagrant ab- surdity for a single expression like this is simply ridiculous and unworthy. Origen) " interprets this passage about the heavenly Jerusalem, because the inhabitants of that city are to descend into Babylon, that is, the confusion of this world, which is in the wicked one, and to serve the king of Babylon, that is without doubt the devil. Williams really knows term papers sale much about Jerome, — a pay for essay cheap question I do not presume to answer, although I may have formed an opinion upon it, — it is quite clear that he does not intend his readers to benefit by his knowledge.

He may be capable of giving them a term papers sale just notion of this Father, but he is quite determined to thrust upon them an unjust view, and depreciate Jerome in order to term papers sale libel modern writers who differ from the rationalists. The specimens already adduced of the method of this author in dealing with general questions, such as the interpretation of prophecy and the character of great patristic authorities, are sufficient to shew that no confidence whatever can be placed in his state- ments.

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But perhaps it may be thought that he is 94 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, more happy in his exegesis or explanation of particu- lar passages of Scripture. Williams has ventured, fortunately for us, and as we deem unfortunately for himself, to give us his opinion on certain difficult passages of Holy Writ. All Hebrew scholars are well aware that some diver- sity of opinion has existed, especially in Germany, as to the interpretation of that portion of the prophecy of Jacob in Gen. The English reader who is not acquainted with Hebrew and German is, of course, unable to refute any mis- representation of the state of the question, and if Dr. Williams writes for them, he is bound to state it fairly.

If he writes for the learned I need scarcely say that they will only smile at the presumption of a scholar who, in regard to a passage on which there has been a division of opinion, considers himself qua- lified to overturn the decision of the best authorities and the tradition of more than two thousand years, and to declare that except for doctrinal perversions this view would never be maintained. Let us now examine the passage and the authorities for the two divergent views. The words as translated in our version are, " The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver AND DR. And of this his reviewer remarks : — " The famous Shiloh (Gen. In the NizzacJion Vetus, in the same volume, there is another attack on the Christian interpretation, p. Vater, a man entirely free from any bigoted prepossessions in favour of theological tenets.

After enumerating the different views, and giving that - in which Shiloh is taken for the sanctuary a very complete examination, he adds, — " All this would be very suitable under the supposition that this song was sung at a time in which Shiloh was the centre of the theocracy The possibility of such a sup- position cannot be denied. Williams quietly tells us that nobody would maintain our translation except from " doctrinal perversions.

Williams, really en- tails a series of difficulties, which nothing but very strong " perversions," whether doctrinal or not, could enable a competent scholar to overlook. What era did the fixing of the tabernacle at Shiloh commence?

What historical importance, except in the religious history of the people, does it possess? And- could the tribe of Judah be said then to exercise any pre- eminence when the leader of the people of Israel was Joshua of the tribe of Ephraim x? If this song, x It has been well observed that in the time of the Judges, Oth- niel alone was certainly of the tribe of Judah. The man who swallows this camel may well strain out the few gnats which he finds in the Authorized Version. All that can be said is, that in a passage of some difficulty, Dr. Williams has taken the side which has not only an overwhelming weight of authority against it, but has very little in its favour, and, not content with this, he denounces all who differ from him, very much in the style of a person who is wholly ignorant of the strength of the case of his opponents y. Such is the impression which this first essay of Dr. But we have several other passages despatched in almost as summary a manner, and with about as much regard to the real circumstances of the case. Take for example his view of the second Psalm, or rather one expression in it.

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