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And this seeming discrepancy may easily be reconciled. I will not quote any English critic in behalf of this assertion. But an eminent German writer, who has never been supposed to be credulous, thus speaks : — " Jehoiakim is said to have died in peace (2 Kings xxiv.

This cir- cumstance ought never to be forgotten by those who comment on the prophecy of Jeremiah. Let us now turn to another prophecy quoted by the Essayist as presenting an instance of failure, Amos vii. It is a message of Amaziah the priest of Bethel, in which he falsely attributes to Amos words he had not spoken. Our answer is, We have seen that the sceptical writer to whom we have referred quotes precisely the same prophecy of Amos, and also asserts that it failed. It seems most probable that our Essayist borrowed his examples of supposed failure from that or some other similar work, but did not stop to examine them. And thus it has come to pass, that he has confounded an idolatrous priest of a golden calf with a true prophet of Jehovah! The article in the latter has been reprinted by the author, the Rev.

He suddenly shifts his ground, and rejects a prophecy because it has been fulfilled! He thus writes 2 : — " The mention of a name a later than the supposed age of the prophet is not allowed, as in other writings, to be taken in evidence of the date, (Isaiah xlv. Because God, who sees all things from the beginning, enabled Isaiah the pro- phet to do what uninspired writers cannot do, and to foretel the future, and to name beforehand the deli- verer of His people, therefore the prophecy of Isaiah is to be rejected! He complains of some prophecies term paper writing help because they have failed, and of others because they have been fulfilled! On the same grounds the Essayist must reject 1 Kings xiii.

Is not this the true account of the matter, — that he will have no prophecies at all? The Essayist does not believe in the Inspiration of Holy Scripture, according to the ordinary accepta- tion of the term.

He asserts that there is no "foundation in the Gos- pels or Epistles for any of the higher or supernatural views of inspiration.

It is perfectly true that the Apostles do not lead us to suppose that " they were free from error or infirmity. Paul because he walked not uprightly g - But what is all this to the purpose? ISTow when we recollect by whom this assertion was made, namely by St.

Paul to Timothy, that " Every Scripture is given by inspiration of God p.

The Essayist tells us that the Apostles and Evangelists were not free " from error or infirmity. But how does this affect the question of Inspiration? Here is another charac- teristic of this Essay, which makes it the more danger- ous. The author begins with asserting a truth, and then he joins an error with it, which, if the reader is not on his guard, he may be tempted to receive to- gether with the truth which introduces it.

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The Essayist confounds two things which ought to be kept separate.

But let him distinguish the writings dictated by the Holy Spirit inspiring the Apostles and Evangelists to write Scripture, from the practice of those by whose instrumentality Scripture was written. The men were liable to human infirmities, but the writings are divine q. We mean that it was written by His inspiration, " for onr learn- ing," and "to make ns wise nnto salvation," and that it is worthy of its Divine Author, and is the word of the living God.

This confusion of ideas, which is too frequent in the work, has produced a confu- sion of writing. There is an ambiguity of language — may we not call it an amphibiousness of style — in this Essay, which is very embarrassing to the reader. In perusing it we hardly know sometimes whether we are treading on a solid, or floating in a fluid. We cannot tell whether we are on terra fir ma, or at sea. For instance, in one place the Essayist expresses a hope that after " siueejnng the term paper writing help house" he may have " found the pearl of great price V To say nothing of the confusion here made in two divine parables, we have in the former part of the sentence the writer compar- ing himself to a woman term paper writing help sweeping the house, and in the latter he has suddenly become a merchantman, trading for pearls at sea. In another term paper writing help place he speaks of persons who, having chosen " the path of practical 8 Lectures on Inspiration, p. Paul " was corrected by the course of events in his expectation of the coming of Christ z. Paul, therefore, was in error when he wrote his first Epistle to the Thessalonians a , — for to that doubtless the Essayist alludes, — in which the Apostle says that " we, who are alive and remain till the Coming of the Lord, shall not prevent them that are asleep. This also is no new objection : it has been urged by the same sceptical writer already cited b , and unhap- pily it has derived undue importance from the name of a celebrated person , who, if his life had been spared, would probably have regretted and retracted some of his rash and unsound assertions on such mat- ters as these. May God in His mercy grant that this may be the case with the author of the present Essay! Paul is manifestly and admittedly in error in 1 Thess. Paul, in this instance, entertained and expressed a belief which the event did not justify. He declares that he writes by the inspiration of God. Paul here assert that he himself will he alive when Christ comes again? The Essayist says that he does, and that his error in this respect was " corrected by the course of events.

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