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In this chapter, we address the issue of sustainability using data from both case study and non-case study LPs. In order to answer the overarching sustainability research question (i. Have STC principles penetrated the community deeply enough to be sustainable? What are LPs doing to sustain STC and what could they term paper buy be doing to improve some of these efforts?

What does LP data suggest about systemic changes and the future sustainability of STC?

Data from both case study LPs and non-case study LPs suggest that LPs are pursuing a wide variety of strategies to sustain STC activities. Examples of specific sustainability strategies within these broad categories are summarized in Box VII below and then discussed briefly. In many cases, activities that LPs identify as efforts to sustain STC (e. This thesis assistance writing term paper buy suggests that LPs view such activities as both integral features of STC and. Box VII Examples of LP strategies for sustaining STC Building support for STC and competence in STC implementation among key stakeholders Communicating regularly with key stakeholders about STC Providing STC-related professional development opportunities and resource materials to key stakeholders (e. Most LP work in this arena has focused on educating key stakeholders about STC (what it is and why it is valuable) and communicating regularly with these stakeholders about STC efforts. The general belief seems to be that committed, informed, and competent stakeholders are a necessary ingredient for sustaining STC over time.

Professional development, especially for teachers, and communication based on several media sources have been central to achieving stakeholder participation. I Providing Professional Development Data from both the final reports submitted by the case study LPs and phone interviews with non- case study LP directors indicate that most, if not all, LPs see professional development as a key strategy for sustaining STC efforts over time.

The expectation is that once stakeholders, especially teachers, learn STC-related skills, they will make good use of them over time. While most, if not all, LPs report offering STC-related professional development, it is not clear how many teachers have actually participated in these efforts. It is also not clear whether those teachers who have participated have yet achieved the level of competence necessary to successfully implement various instructional strategies (e.

Findings from the LP case studies indicate that many teachers generally support STC and see its value for students, but may not have in-depth knowledge of implementation practices. It is highly likely that LPs will need additional funding to increase the scope and reach of STC-related professional development efforts so that teachers who have already received some training can continue term paper buy to improve and refine their new skills, and so that new teachers can be introduced to STC concepts and practices.

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Educating teachers that even low- intensity (relatively easy to implement) career awareness activities can make a difference may be helpful.

Assisting them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to connect career development goals and WBL to academic standards will be especially important in the current accountability-focused educational environment. Other promising professional development strategies mentioned by some LPs include: fully integrating STC concepts and practices into teacher preparation programs, and providing opportunities for teachers to meet in industry- specific groups to share best practices and ideas for overcoming challenges associated with STC implementation. Communicating Regularly with Key Stakeholders Many LPs have developed methods for communicating regularly with key stakeholders to update term paper buy them on STC progress and share best practices and success stories, including STC newsletters, STC Web sites, and stories on local news programs and in local newspapers.

Strong support for 86 STC will be necessary for STC implementation to last, especially within an educational environment in the state that is heavily focused on academic standards and accountability. The I challenge will be for LPs to find ways to communicate the STC message with limited funding. While it is clear that many LPs have made a concerted effort to communicate with key stakeholders about STC, data from interviews with employers and labor organization representatives suggest that there is room for improvement. Some employers indicate that they would like to participate more actively in STC, but they require more and better information about how to contribute. I Recruiting Business Partners and Building Solid Working Relationships Between Schools and Employers Many LPs and some individual schools within those LPs have made it a priority to recruit business partners, link them to schools, and nurture the development of productive working relationships between educators and employers. And, some are now working to streamline the processes they use to solicit and manage employer involvement to make them as efficient and effective as possible. Behind these efforts is the recognition of the very important role that employers play in buy custom research paper online STC (e.

The hope is that once educators and employers learn to work together and realize the benefits of their collaborative efforts, they will want to continue those efforts over time and will help find ways to do so. As described in an earlier section, employer involvement in STC is becoming fairly common across the state, and once employers are engaged in STC, they typically want to continue participating and frequently plan to increase their involvement. As a result, many LPs are working to secure additional resources to put toward soliciting and managing employer involvement.

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