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LUhereas the school Year 9 NAPLAN scores have improved, and are on par with comparison schools in reading and numeracy, there is still a large performance gap with state-level data.

However, a key challenge for teachers has been the limited amount of diagnostic information for them to make direct links between performance levels and instruction.

UUithout this information, teachers feel limited in their capacity to differentiate instruction and to give high-quality feedback to students to help them with their learning. For example, a reading preference survey uuas conducted uuith Year 8 and 9 students late in 2010 to find out uuhat sorts of materials they uuould like to read and study. Preparation for this exercise included students discussing the findings of the survey.

The books purchased uuere used to form class reading materials, uuith an entry placed inside the front cover to indicate uuho selected the book and uuhy. The champion has also managed to secure funding for an ICT system that suits the needs of school management and the curriculum departments.

The development of teacher capacity in ICT has focused on ensuring that staff mere proficient and able to use ICT for administration in teaching and learning. Pill teaching staff mere uuell resourced mith iPads or notebooks, and cloud technology has been made available, A Learning Management System supported the organisation of curriculum materials, and students mho mere unable to attend school have been able to access their learning materials.

Teachers have been able to access centralized data on student assessments to assist mith summarizing paraphrasing personalized learning and other data-sharing activities.

ICT-ski I led Students Student capacity for ICT has been developed through compulsory computing units in Years 8 and 9. Community Awareness Community netmorks have been developed to encourage students to develop a positive attitude to learning and care for the environment. For example, in addition to the initiatives that have been described in the earlier sections, students have been encouraged to support each other in homemork clubs in English and mathematics and to care for the school environment through using bins and returning uuaste for recycling. The evidence of a calm, clean and tidy school environment suggests summarizing paraphrasing these strategies mere morking. Cultural Awareness The International Baccalaureate Curriculum and a cultural amareness program have been designed to help students develop knomledge about other communities and cultures, supported by four culture-specific language laboratories. The school has hosted international visitors from Japan and celebrated a number of cultural events.

Involvement in community projects has also been supported through IB, the middle years program, and students compilation of summarizing paraphrasing a Community and Service journal mith a personal morkbook to record and reflect on their activity, A city-bound discovery program has been established mith year 9 students to enable them to learn more about the city and its history.

The 90 Aboriginal best college application essay service students attending the school have been able to undertake an Indigenous language studies option as part of their study program.

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Working with Disengaged Youth The folloming school initiatives, in conjunction mith government and other community organizations, have supported student students mho are not mell integrated or shoming signs of being disengaged: a school and community Indigenous program, a success camp, youth opportunities, Odyssey Program. Flexible Learning Option The school has provided a community site for the Flexible Learning Option program that summarizing paraphrasing supports youth mho have disengaged from school. This program provides the opportunity for students to re-engage in the learning environment from of campus, in a supported community location mith ICT access. Transition to Employment The school has established an employment service that provided career counseling, and assistance to students mith portfolio presentations and preparation for intervieuus.

And the career and transition officers have netmorked mith outside agencies to negotiate morkplace opportunities to assist students leaving school through a vocational pathmay. Monitoring and planning The school used the following data sources for monitoring and planning: o attendance data o NPPLPN data from Year 7 for students entering Year 8 and Year 9 o Year 7-8 transition data o PPT-R data for Year 8 students o student profile data detailing performance on ESL Scope and Scales, NEP and PTSI status, mathematics and English subject achievements o behavioural data - based on records of positive and negative referrals o stage 1 completion data o student retention and school tracking data for students who leave for work or other study o VET performance data o Year 12 completion data o students survey o parent opinion survey o staff opinion survey 2. Literacy and numeracy P custom essay UK Senior Leading Literacy teacher was appointed from the teaching team to lead the review and development of a school-wide literacy improvement plan. This has led to an improved focus on comprehension and assessment, with more targeted support for students across all areas of the curriculum. Pn early intervention support process has been instituted to identify and manage students who have not been achieving their potential: they have been reviewed more regularly. Pll teachers have had access to central files through an ICT-supported data share file. Leadership The school has developed a strategic plan focused on empowering students as learners. P distributed leadership model, with clear focus on all elements of learning and student welfare needs, has been established. Pnd professional learning and performance management strategies have been aimed at aligning teacher practice with the goals of the school. Evidence has been used to determine how well coursework master the school was meeting its objectives.

Evidence-based practices relating to policies The school has had a strong commitment to evidence- based practice for all school processes. Pll participants in the learning process were engaged in the use and review of data.

Teachers shared data on student learning and behavior regularly and systematically.

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