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This was characterized by a wish to do things in the shortest possible time, Uling strategies of note taking that were geared to getting out the main points of the units for easy revision. When he was interviewed again, John was half way through the course Md had settled into a routine study pattern which summarizing and paraphrasing powerpoint reflected his concern With efficiency. He was enjoying the content of the course and could talk about the concepts he was learning. The overwhelming impression of his approach to study was that it was a strategic one. He had learnt how the IVItem operated and was working through the course in a way which was characterized by the minimum effort necessary to understand the main pointl. I ring various theories as I go through, I possibly go through it and I make a few notes on small cards on what the various theories 180 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING are. What I tend to put down is the main points in each block, what the answers are in the main points of each block.

To be quite fair about the way I am doing it, I suppose I am doing the minimal study to sort of achieve the end result and so from that point of view, my need is to have something which is more succinctly encapsulated and I use the cards in that fashion. John is clearly going about studying in what was described in Chapter 9 as a strategic manner, and seems to be confident in what he is doing.

In terms of deep and surface approaches to studying, he can be described as taking a deep approach. However, he is doing this in a somewhat external, impersonal way or purely in a cognitive manner. This way of studying can be seen as a rational response to the O. For John, his approach was successful in the sense that he was obtaining reasonable assessment grades, however, he was well aware that learning could be a more personal activity in other situations. I think on some of the essay questions you have to go deeper and beyond the definitions in the block and perhaps try and read a bit and become more analytical and critical but this involves time, which is a precious commodity. At the end of the course, in our third interview, we again asked John what learning consisted of. Interviewer: What is involved in understanding something? In our third interview, although John had enjoyed the course, he felt that it was really only the basis for further in-depth studying. I enjoyed it — it took up more time than I thought it would. This attitude appears to be a reflection of his predominantly academic extrinsic orientation — i.

It would be interesting to follow this Student through more years of studying to see if this personal meaning extended into his orientation and conception of learning in future years. His primarily academic extrinsic orienta- tion links to his strategic way of studying, and taking a deep-approach, although in a rather external and impersonal manner. His approach is summarizing and paraphrasing powerpoint Consistent with a conception of learning based on using rules and procedures. The links between concepts exists both logically and, as this CllW-study shows, also empirically. He seems tO be moving towards vocational intrinsic orientation with some academic Intrinsic orientation. The following table summarizes these links and Changes. The impetus to apply to the Open University summarizing and paraphrasing powerpoint had come from her father who was half way through an O.

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Before the course started, Sally talked about her reasons for studying. She had vague concerns that in the future a qualification might be useful to get a job (vocational extrinsic orientation).

Apart from providing me with an interest now it might be useful , to me, sort of later on when the children get older. There was also some indication of a personal extrinsic orientation. But the overwhelming impression Sally gave was of a strong personal intrinsic orientation.

I feel that I need something and hopefully this is going to broaden my outlook... The main reason for doing the course for Sally was to relieve the boredom of being at home all day. She also felt a lack of confidence in herself generally and hoped that the course would change her into a more accomplished and competent person. She had chosen the course, partly through a process of elimination, and partly in the hope that the content would be relevant to her own life.

I thought that, reading through the description of the course, it sounded quite interesting and would teach you more about life in general and the way that things arise. I thought this would be a very useful course to take. At the beginning of the year Sally was very anxious about her own ability to cope with the course and although she wanted to become more competent in social situations, she was rather frightened by the prospect of tutorials and the compulsory residential Summer School. It was clear that the course was going to be a considerable challenge for her. She had no experience of post-compulsory education and appeared to have a somewhat unreflective, taken for granted conception of learning (Conception 1). Interviewer: When you say learning, what do you mean by learning, what do you think of? Solly: Gaining ntw knowledge of different subjects, you know. She appeared to take the question seriously and to say all she was able in response. So on the one hand, Sally had a predominantly personal intrinsic orientation which one might expect to be accompanied by an understanding of personally meaningful learning, but on the other hand she actually gave an unsophisticated response to our question about the nature of summarizing and paraphrasing powerpoint learning itself. When we interviewed Sally about her approach to studying half way through the course, she revealed a slightly confusing picture. Her way of describing her studying sometimes indicated a surface approach. I have got the time, but I find it difficult to concentrate.

I think it is easy to to do them (the multiple choice questions) as you go along,...

Sometimes I underline bits — I underline things that I think are particularly important.

Her problems with study techniques, note-taking for example, and dealing with the vast quantity of printed material supplied by the O.

In other parts of this interview, Sally seemed to be attempting to take a more active and reflective approach to study. You see the differences between them better than ever I could before. Contact with other students and the tutor at tutorials was very important for Sally and she found that just knowing that other people had the same sort of difficulties as she had, gave her the confidence to carry on.

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