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Along with traditional-age high school graduates seeking technical education or affordable general education classes, we see working professionals seeking to improve their professional skills or pursuing a degree, single parents trying to improve their ability to take care of their children, and retirees looking for a new challenge or being pushed into school by their children.

To reach this diverse group of students, I need to establish a conversation with each student and build on it throughout our time together. The specific practice I feel most confident about in my writing classes is the ongoing dialogue between me and each student, a dialogue that takes place in their cover letters for their drafts and my responses. My best teaching occurs in this dia- logue, and through it I build stronger relationships with my stu- dents. Jennifer agreed to help me with this project by writing about her experiences. We traded questions and an- swers and even wrote a draft of this article entirely as a dialogue. These cover letters (which I used to call reflective memos, as many teach- ers still do) are informal notes to the reader explaining what the writer thinks about the draft. When students compile their final port- folios, they are accompanied by cover letters in which the stu- dents evaluate their own work over the semester. A frequent difficulty is getting the students to approach the cover letters seriously yet informally.

I think it is pretty good, but I had some trouble with it. So I tell the students that cover letters are important and should be taken seriously. Although I seldom give firm length require- ments on papers, I sometimes do with cover letters to demon- strate that they must be thorough. So I strive to make clear, through my instructions and someone write my paper samples, that a good cover letter is thorough but informal. I encourage the students to be thoughtful, specific, and honest. Once students give someone write my paper me a draft, the cover letter is central to my reading and my response. I read the cover letter first and last, and my response is directed first to what the cover letter says. I try to answer all the questions raised by the cover letter along with any other concerns I might have. This approach is valuable for alleviating fears, but also for building a conversation and thus a relationship. With one hun- dred or more students a semester, I have limited ability even in conferences to make a strong personal connection with each stu- dent, especially when so many of these students are overworked and rarely on campus.

In their cover letters, I get to hear about - 256 - Building Relationships through Written Dialogue the actual struggles of writing as they happen. In my responses, I can struggle alongside the student. I handle responses with one eye toward practicality and one eye toward building relationships that will help each student. My responses are typed for two reasons: I type 80 wpm and so am more efficient at the keyboard, and my students can actually read what I have to say. Typing also allows me to easily keep a copy of my comments so that I can quickly glance through a student s file with each new draft and be reminded of what we were working on in the past. I even retain comments from previ- ous classes when students might take another class from me. When Jennifer got her first response from me, it surprised her: - I will never forget it because of how scared I was when I saw it.

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Usually the only time that a teacher takes time to write to stu- dents personally is when they did something awful. I began to read it and I mba essay service remember you told me that it was a great start. I was nervous enough to actually have you read it, and with you starting the letter with a compliment it gave me the courage to do the next draft. My mom knew that write my term paper for me I was nervous about turning this paper in to you, so after I got the response note I had to show her.

She was also shocked that a college teacher would take time to write all of his students personal notes like that one. I notice that by telling Jennifer she was off to a great start, I got our relationship off to one too. Both Jennifer and her someone write my paper mother are struck by the personal nature of the response, which also indi- cates that this exercise serves to build a relationship.

In the interest of building a relationship, probably the most important element of my responses is what is not included. Despite this minority opposition, I remain convinced that this decision is crucial to my ability to use my responses to really teach and to build relationships.

Because my comments are not tied directly to a grade, my students are more likely to read what I have said rather than just lumping my comments into a grade category. If there is no grade, someone write my paper however, I can assess freely without wincing.

Cover letters also help me to be freer and more honest in my responses.

When I read in a cover letter that a student is ex- tremely frustrated with a piece and recognizes several specific flaws, I know that what is needed from me is not critique (the student has already done that) but encouragement and coaching about how to deal with these flaws. We should prob- ably get together and talk about your purpose for this piece and who you think the audience is. The conference then lets me build on the relationship already established in our written dialogue (and, of course, in classroom interactions).

As I write my responses, I try to take the ongoing relation- ship with the student into account. In responses to rough drafts, especially early in the semester when the relationship is still new, I tend to limit my comments to praising specific features and asking lots of questions intended to help the student consider other possibilities for the paper.

My purpose in such comments is to appear to the student as an ally who is interested in and able to offer useful suggestions for writing, not as a tyrant or judge who wants to take over the writing. You ask questions about the characters, the story, and the point, which gets me to think. I have found out that my peers can tell me if it makes sense with organization and style, but usually when I am stuck I come to you. With such busy, diverse students and so many students who consider them- selves marginal in the academic world, building relationships with individual students is crucial for student success and retention. As mentioned earlier, nearly all the students at Century are in some sense marginal in the aca- demic world, and many are keenly aware of it.

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