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A basic premise underlying the creation of academy programs is that encouraging students to have a career focus will ultimately enhance engagement in learning.

California Partnership Academies, in particular, target an at-risk population. Currently there are 260 California Partnership Academies, many of which are in the case study LPs. Despite the belief in the value of academies for at-risk students, the academy concept has broadened in reCent years. Now, academies attract a wide range of students, many of whom are high academic performers who are motivated to attend postsecondary institutions. Proponents of academies agree that these educational research methodology thesis programs can serve many different groups of students. Just choosing a vocational, occupational, or technical course is not equivalent to choosing a career major pathway. Tech Prep Tech Prep is an important STC strategy focused on helping students make the connection between school and employment.

Tech Prep is the name given to programs that offer at least four years of sequential course work at the secondary and postsecondary levels to prepare students for technical careers. Other Tech Prep combinations are also available, depending on local consortium arrangements. Tech Prep is designed to build student competency in academic subjects and to provide broad technical preparation in a career area. Course work integrates academic and career-technical subject matter and may provide opportunities for dual enrollment in academic and career-technical courses at secondary and postsecondary institutions. The number of high schools offering career academies varies dramatically across LPs and ranges from a low of 1 (in 3 LPs) to a high of 32 (in 1 LP). While 9 LPs have fewer than 10 high schools with academies, 4 LPs report that academies are available in at least 1 6 high schools in their region. While 9 LPs have fewer than 10 high schools with California Partnership Academies, 4 LPs report having at least 19 of these programs. Moreover, data indicate where to buy research papers online that these intensive programs are only available in about one-third of high schools completing the Administrator reviews for essay writing services Survey. Sierra Regional 1 2 1 4 Sonoma 1 1 1 10 UNITE-LA 32 81 32 32 Ventura 8 13 6 17 Verdugo 5.

California Partnership Academies are career academies funded by state grants and have specific funding and student selection requirements. While these data may be informative, a caveat is necessary. Although administrators completing the survey were asked to provide the numbers of students participating in each career development activity, LP evaluators consistently reported in their case studies that reviews for essay writing services these numbers were highly suspect due to the fact that few schools have accurate tracking systems that enable administrators to provide specific information about participation rates. This lack of a tracking system makes it difficult to determine to what extent career development activities and programs are reaching all students, an important goal of STC in California. However, data from the Senior Survey, representing 14,412 students across the state, show some consistent trends related to the frequency of student participation in votous career development activities and programs (see Table 8). Participation in apprenticeships was clearly far lower than participation in either kind of internship. The Relationship Between Student and School Characteristics AND Level OF Participation IN Career Development Activities and Programs Unlike career-technical education, which for many years: was considered as an option almost exclusively for non-college bound students, STC is meant to serve all students, regardless of their postsecondary plans or their racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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In addition, in interviews at CORE high schools, LP evaluators sought to determine if schools are targeting certain types of students for STC activities. Overall, an analysis of Administrator Survey and interview data show that few consistent discernible or statistically significant patterns exist when examining the relationship between school or student characteristics and the prevalence of career development Formerly referred to as vocational education. While consistent trends across all LPs were not apparent, a number of observations related to school and student characteristics were reported. While this finding was not consistent across all LPs, it is perhaps an indication of the types of schools to which large urban LPs direct resources and funding. California Partnership Academies, in particular, target an at-risk population. However, given the relatively small sample size of rural schools, these observations cannot be generalized across sites.

Tests of statistical significance are conducted to determine the likelihood that a relationship between variables (e. However, while few LPs appear to explicitly target certain groups of students for these activities, LPs report that this practice does occasionally occur. Five case study LPs, for example, indicated that STC strategies were often used to engage students who had become disinterested in school. Generally, teachers have not fully embraced STC at these schools, viewing it as detrimental ta academic programs. Consequently, higher achieving students at these schools were not as likely to be encouraged to participate in STC. In a few LPs, students reporting B and C grades were more likely to participate than both higher- and lower-achieving students. Some LPs said that there are accountability issues related to some careCT development programs that make it more likely that STC programs will involve only the most motivated students. For example, one LP reported that since continued funding is performance-based, there may be disincentives for California Partnership Academies to serve lower-achieving students. Some educators and supporters of STC consider this rather ironic, since many believe that STC courses may actually motivate students, possibly keeping them in school, while an increased focus on remedial classes may actually increase the likelihood that students wiU drop out. About half of the LPs in this study report that lower parental education levels may be associated with higher student participation rates in WBL.

For the most part, students whose parents attained nothing higher than a high school diploma were more reviews for essay writing services likely to participate in intense WBL experiences such as internships related to school.

This LP reports that this correlation is consistent with the fact that most of the academies in this LP are 99 housed in the poorest schools. Only one LP reports that males were significantly more likely than females to have participated in career development activities and programs. The way data were reported in case study reports by LPs was not consistent. In addition, LPs reported that minority students were participating in intensive opportunities such as internships related to school at greater levels than White students. However, these differences were not statistically significant.

The Progression of Career Development Activities and Programs across Grade Levels Underlying STC initiatives is the premise that students will experienced smooth progression Of career development activities and programs as they move through their education. While large numbers of schools report offering career development activities and programs, there is little evidence that coordination occurs across K-12 school levels.

Data indicate, however, that there is a high degree of coordination between high schools and postsecondary institutions in many LPs.

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