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Learning Support Learning support has focused on a ujhole-school approach to: o literacy o numeracy o ICT for teaching Literacy Support Literacy support has been coordinated by tuuo literacy aides, Luith assistance from the librarian. Funding for the tuuo aides uuas provided by a local community agency. Students have been encouraged to take more responsibility for their reading and the school has implemented a daily reading time. The school has had a uuell-stocked library and students uuere supported by the librarian to select suitable books.

This has helped to lift the tail of louu performance. The results for the school have shouun a positive trend, uuith a reduction in the numbers of students scoring at belouu-expected levels.

ICT for Learning ICT has been regard as being vital to the school and essential for students in this rural community. ICT processes to support learning have been integrated into studies at all levels.

The school has adopted a uuhole- school approach to ICT learning and recently embarked on a laptop program for all students. It has employed a full-time technician to support this program, although this has been at a cost to other initiatives, and the school has had to reduce teaching load by increasing class size and reducing small group targeted program delivery to accommodate this change in the staff profile. They have also used this shared professional learning strategy to explore the use of restorative approaches for managing discipline problems. Teachers have become more confident in the use of assessment instruments and more able to interpret the results.

Targeted teaching Teachers have also become more confident in their ability to support individual student learning needs in vertically grouped classes. Gifted students have been supported at the school through video best website to get essays conferencing uuith a neighboring secondary school. School-community partnerships The research paper writing service uk school has had strong relationships uuith the community. Work placement UUork placement programs and exit planning for students uuishing to move from school to employment are facilitated through the strong community need help in writing an essay connections that have been fostered by the school. Monitoring and planning The school has used the following data sources for monitoring and planning: o NAPLAN, Years 7 o school performance data for literacy and numeracy o student survey data o parent opinion survey o staff opinion survey o student absence data o student retention data o incoming Year 7 performance data o student exit data for students leaving before completing Year 12 o managed individual plans for senior student choices, including vet and vocational data o Year 12 completion data o destination data for Year 12 2. Literacy and numeracy The school has implemented a whole-school plan for literacy (writing) and numeracy and has continued to link targets from 2007-2010 with targets for the 2011-2014 cycle. Literacy support has been provided with funding from a local community service agency. A numeracy coach has worked across the school to monitor and support student development. Online support tools provided by the state Department of Education have been used to support student learning. The assistant principal has overall responsibility for student welfare in the school. Students belong to a home room that has two supportive teachers who work as a team to monitor and manage student issues. Students have been supported to develop a personal plan for when they exit school. For example, they may attend school part-time as they take on work and vocational study commitments. Leadership The school leadership team has adopted a strategic focus to provide differentiated and integrated support for student learning, student wellbeing and student movement from school to work, vocational pathways or further study.

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The designated responsibility of the Assistant Principal and the support team for student wellbeing, welfare and learning has resulted in the development of an integrated approach to students. Evidence-based practices relating to policies The school has taken a strategic focus on school-wide tracking of student progress, commencing with collection of data from feeder primary schools for incoming Year 7 students. The school has also worked to improve teacher capacity to use data and develop interventionist teaching strategies.

Whole school approaches The school-within-school and the whole-school approach has been adopted to support the different learning and welfare needs of students as they move through the lower, middle, and upper stages of secondary school. A restorative justice approach for discipline and a culture of community partnership has promoted a sense of good citizenship in the school.

In addition a culture of learning has been developed through the systematic and school-wide use of student progress mapping.

Literacy aides and a numeracy coach have provided targeted learning support to students. Current school based diagnostic data and NAPLAN data suggest the approach taken by this school has reduced the number of students performing below the benchmark for literacy and numeracy. Links between home, school and community The school has developed strong community netuuorks uuith local agencies, uuhich have provided support for students seeking employment before completing Year 12. Liaisons uuith neighbouring schools and a TAFE institution have extended study options for students, such as a combined higher school certificate and research paper writing service uk vocational training options. Targeted support has been given to students deemed at risk of becoming disengaged and for transition to uuork is provided in some cases. Resources Although school resources have been limited, local community agency funding has provided much-needed literacy coaching support to the school. Support for numeracy and some study options for Year 12 students have been accessed online.

The school laptop program, implemented to improve the ICT capacity of school, has been achieved at the expense of reducing the number of teaching staff.

Houjever, more teacher-friendly diagnostic tools that link assessment to teaching strategies are needed. Tools to monitor student engagement The school has used various data to monitor student progress, especially in the core areas of literacy and numeracy (see Engagement Initiative number 5). Student absenteeism is monitored, and welfare support is provided to students uuhen needed.

Senior students are given guidance to plan their destination after school. Professional Learning for teachers research paper writing service uk and school leaders Although considerable professional learning for teacher and leaders underpinned the improvement in student academic engagement in this school, the leadership team acknowledged continued training support was needed by to help improve their work with students in the areas welfare, youth engagement and transitions in to work and learning.

Staff at the school would benefit from a supporting youth skills training program. Likewise, the approach the school had developed for student learning support would be paraphrasing helper further improved if the school leaders and teachers had opportunities to improve their knowledge about the use of assessment and how assessment informs teachers about the use of teaching strategies, particularly literacy and numeracy.

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